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  1. I thought it might. The people working on OJK have been very diligently trying to make sure that they don't interfere with existing code mods.
  2. jkhub.org is the most active site for modders now. They have a tutorials section for everyone. Basically you pull out a texture you want to modify. Change it, and then put it back in game. I'm an animator so that's not really my area of knowledge.
  3. How you been Razorace! Before you get too far you may want to see how the Open Jedi Knight mod is going. Since it is a source code mod it may solve some problems already.
  4. Good to hear. It's been years since I played that mod.
  5. Lots of modding is easy. To do the .sab file editing you only need notepad. There are lots of tutorials on the site jkhub.org That is also where most of the modders are.
  6. I don't know about a way to do this. You could do something similar with the .sab files if you wanted to try that.
  7. jkhub.org I can't link you directly because the site is blocked at work.
  8. helpusobi 1 is what you should use to get cheats in single player. Not sure why it wouldn't work for you. I can't help with multiplayer. Are you running the server or is someone else? Which commands are you using to add the Tavion and Desann styles? I have a key bind setup to give them to me. It looks like: bind ] "setsaberstyle medium; addsaberstyle tavion; addsaberstyle desann"
  9. Ok. So what operating system, memory and video card do you have? I'm not familiar with the mac version but I know someone who is. I'll contact them for you.
  10. Probably because it is a cracked version. Simple fix though: 1. go to Steam 2. search for Star Wars Jedi Academy 3. purchase 4. install If the problem still persists after that we'll try to help you with specs and settings.
  11. You may be able to put that command in your config file. I have a key on my keyboard with all my favorite commands bound to it. I use the minus key on my keypad. I think that is listed as MINUS_KP in the config. You can use any key you like though. My favorite commands are: helpusobi 1 (enable cheats), g_saberautoaim 0, g_saberanimspeed 1.1 (speeds up the swings a little bit), g_speed 200 (to make the running slower). So my bound command looks like this. bind MINUS_KP "helpusobi 1; g_saberautoaim 0; g_saberanimspeed 1.1; g_speed 200"
  12. I play with saber auto aim off so I still have to press the whole combo. (g_saberautoaim 0) Wierd about can't be laying down. Are you using the latest version/patch?
  13. Nope to all of that. It is just the animations I can do. The rest takes coding. You can use any shield that is made for JA.
  14. Hey Mizore, the shield style is being packaged together and set up for release. I'm still wanting more styles added to the game. After x-mas I'll be getting a new computer to run the programs neccessary to do so. So far the plan is Makashi, Jar'Kai, and a staff version of Djem So.
  15. I don't know but someone over on jkhub.org probably does. That is the active mod site for JK series.
  16. No one can stand up to that rebuttal! All subjective opinions are now moot. All board members must IMMEDIATLY uninstall both JO and JA! If you have the disk version break it. If you have the Steam version break your hd.
  17. The Imperial Outpost missions pt 1, 2, and 3 are on jkhub.org now.
  18. Good guy Kurgan. Wait that statement doesn't make any sense...
  19. 1. I only played JO SP. So the updates never bothered me. 2. All Jedi Knights are better than the Unleashed games. 3. I'd play it with the JA game so I could use more force powers, saber styles, and playermodel cheats. 4. JO came out in 2002 right? 20 or there abouts. 5. I guess. Never played online. Not even once. 6. Nope. The code is free to use, but the assests (models, maps, animations, etc) are not. Someone would have to buy the disk to get those.
  20. Yes and no. There is a way to make animations either apply to all characters, or only one specific character. As far as being a 'lefty': that would be one HUGE undertaking! One saber style alone has ~2000 frames of animations in over 70 different animation sequences. You'd also have to redo all the movement animations, force animations, and gun animations. *edit You'd also need someone to code the weapons into the left hand or figure out some work arounds. I can think of two, but they are not very practical.
  21. There is, but this board is mostly inactive. You'll meet more people on jkhub.org
  22. It's not a big deal. OpenJK has the files cleaned up and already working on them.
  23. The texture files are in one of the assests.pk3 files. You'll have to look around in there for them.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6R5UNdF9Ig http://jediknight3.filefront.com/info/Tutorials http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/98-getting-started-with-mapping/ These are the three top results from google when I type in 'jedi academy mapping tutorials.' jkhub.org is more active with modders. So go there. Foreword, the people there will answer specific questions, but if you say something like "I have a project how do I start?" you'll get the same type of answers as what I've given. As far as animations go I'm the animator that made the sword and shield style as well as the two backhand fighting styles. I've also made movement, force, and gun animations. I'm trying to figure out a new program that will be easier for animations.
  25. Tutorials. You'll want to look up tutorials. I don't know any off hand because I'm an animator and not a mapper.
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