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  1. Are pop-ups really that big of a pain the the rear end? I even think I saw a pop-up for a "pop-up blocker!!" I jus think that is stupid....
  2. Well, I am a Star Wars "Phreak" (freak) as my name shows, and I know a heckofalot of sta wars since I basically worship it... I dont think they could make a civ with the Chiss. yes they have Claw Crafts, and other things but I still think very little is known about them. A Hapans civ could be pulled off, but if it was a choice between Hapans and Yuuzhan Vong, Vong all the way. Mon Cal civ? Why. They are already a part of the Rebels. it's like that Kamino civ thread or whatever. The Kaminos are in the Republic. it would be pointless to make them. IMO
  3. In BF1942, the whole oint of it is to kill anything you see and take control f as many baes as you can. I think it'd be really hard to make it he storyline yall want but it would be really cool. Also,, you'd have to spawn. Or else people will hat eit. No one wants to die and not be able to play anymore. They'll jus leave and goto another game room or whatever. It could jus be after you die, you respawn at a place after 20 secs. Oh, and about the Arcade gaame. I think it's called Star Wars Arcade or something like that. It's based opn the Trilogy, and there are like 5 of them at my local Dave & Busters. And about every 3 hotels I've been to has like 1 of them.
  4. Why cant they have all 8 of the original civs and add 2 more from EU? The EU civs can be the Yuuzhan Vong and some other EU civ. I really doubt the Chiss will be in it simply because LA would have to make them up. And Hapans. . They could be in, but again, LA would have to do some more work to create stuff. I think they could add more civs if they wanted too. They already have they 8 civs in their databanks or whatever. *All they'd have to do is like enhance them or something and tada they're finished with the movie civs. They can make more civs. *I am not sure if they could do it that way, I'm jus trying to make a point.
  5. Well, Boba Fett has like 3 books. Everyone loves Boba Fett. Now back on topic ------------------------------- I can see a little bit of difference between the Rebs and NR. New Air units and other units. Maybe different workers, and they would defeinatley have high Jedi. The Emp and IR would be a lil diferent too, but I dont seee that much. They would still have the TIEs, and maybe they could have the Preybirds as a bonus like the rebels have the A-Wing. The Spider Walker would be a new mech unit. And Sith for them would be kinda low. Depending on the Civ limit, I'd take the NR and IR over the Rebs and Emps. And they better add the Yuuzhan Vong. The Shamed Ones will be the workers. The Warrior Caste will be the troopers, and many of the land creatures in the books can be mechs. Air will be a piece of cake. And for the Air Cruiser they could use the Gungan's AC and get rid of the seaweed dangling down from it and change the color. And of course they would be strong against jedi, but they wont have any.
  6. Yes, believe me I know about RGs. i wanna at least ind their amor, or a very close look alike. If I dont find any cool armor, I will have an armor making guy do it.
  7. I like that list, but I think the Smuggler's Union ad the Hutt Cartell would be the same. And... I could careless about the ewoks being a civ. U wanna play as them. Go make a map and add in a bunch of ewoks and storm troops and kick their butts. About the NR and ER, I think it would be cool to have them, but they would be really close to the Rebs and Emps. I'd take one or the other. And the Yuuzhan Vong a civ. Yes. That's all I'm gonna say.
  8. Would you rather be callled Bantha Poodoo? Anywho... I wanna be an RG too, but I'm now thinking it might be kinda boring. So when the game comes out, I think I will be like a Bounty Hunter and also hire myself out as a body guard.
  9. Would you rather be callled Bantha Poodoo? Anywho... I wanna be an RG too, but I'm now thinking it might be kinda boring. So when the game comes out, I think I will be like a Bounty Hunter and also hire myself out as a body guard.
  10. You are referring to that tree-like alien on Ossus right? He's not a Jedi that can turn into trees. He is the old Jedi Master Ood Bnar.And the Eu still r00lz for me. Actually, all of Star Wars r00lz.
  11. I have a Sony Vaio and I got a GeForce 4 ti 4600 Card recently.
  12. I picked Trade Fed. But they are bad too. Yes, the no Prefab r00lz. But They lose some on the Carbon gathering and the really crappy Air units
  13. LOL, ya. Jus let the page load completely. Then click on a lobby. You'll know when the page is finished loading when your ZoneFriends thing loads up.
  14. The EU r00lz! and so do the Movies. I think they need to have at least an EU Xpac, or like a big patch to download so we can add it as a civ. The current civs are fine for GB2. Jus add the Vong and an Ep 3 civ with the current civs and I', happy. I personally dont think there will be an Ep 3 civ cuz I believe it is basically the Republic, Confederacy, and maybe the Empire. What else could there be?
  15. Mine are: 1. republic 2. confederacy 3. rebels 4. naboo 5. wookies 6. trade feds 7. empire 8. gungans 9. yuuzhan vong <-- biggie for me 10. ep 3 civ 11. Chiss <-- i know probably not happen. lil is know about them
  16. Hey, what's better? Bantha Fodder OR Bantha Poodoo? I'd rather be Bantha fodder
  17. why, I think Ep 3 is basically the same. The Separatists and Republic and maybe the Empire is in it. They are already in the game. If there is any civ that has to be added, it is the Yuzzhan Vong civ. It would be cool to be their civ or kil them. Sorry if yall ended the discussion about civs long ago, but I was busy. I'm jus a big NJO fan, and I want to see the Vong as a civ.
  18. A game like Battlefield 1942 would be cool. Drive the AT-ST or the *drool* AT-AT. Fly the X-Wing. . . . I jus hope the controls for Flying would be better. But pesonally, I'd rather have a RTS game like Homeworld: Cataclysm, but for Star Wars. Build SDs and crushing the enemy. If not like that, I'd like to see a game like Star Trek Armada 2, but with (again) Star Wars. I know they have Mods for both games, but I want a ral thing. The Mods arn't perfect.
  19. ok, it is like the 5th time it has happened ever since I got GB. The game always crashes when I'm editing. Like every other time I edit, I'll click on the menu button or another button in the Scenario Editor and the game will crash. I have the CC 1.1 patch and it still crashes. Does anybody else have the same problem? It makes editing a real pain in the ***.
  20. That would work too. I think the zone sucks now. With all those hacks and stuff. They need a server thing like AoM. You go through the game menus and get to Multiplayer.
  21. I voted for Berserker cuz I think they look cool. With their 2 sword thingies.... besides, i like Destroyer Droids/Dark Troopers better.
  22. I believe they are the same person.... the fact that: Played by same actor, both on Dark Side, I can see a resemblence, I think I have heard subliminal hints from people in Docs that they are the same, how else can you get to power if you dont have emergency powes? He can now conquer the galaxy basically. With at least a million clone troopers on the way..... I wanna know who voted no......
  23. that's not a bad idea (the city thing). And maybe they can come up with like a "super air transport" that can carry more ubits....... I'd be ok with AoM graphics, but I really dont like AoM engine. All this tech to get this unit. And I think that whole worship your god to get those god points are annoying. Also, if they can make it so you'd have to play in the righht rooms at the Zone. (RMers in RM room, DMers in DM room, Scenarios in Scenario Room) And more Civs. Not what there already is.
  24. I would love to see a GB2, but what would the storyline be? What new civs and units will there be? All the civs are taken. Unless they go into the EU (which I doubt) I think it will be pointless. I could really care less about 3-D or 2-D. The graphics are fine for me. Personally, I think it would be awesome if they made another xpac for the EU. They can have more planets, and a couple more civs (like Yuuzhan Vong <- a biggy for me; maybe a pirate civ), and others. Of course I'm just dreaming.... and rambling.
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