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  1. If you can do this then go for it! I don't have the time for this sort of thing anymore (wish I did haha) so I'm going to have to sit it out. It's not going to be easy though, I wrote so much dialogue for her. There's the original BoS, Solomon's Revenge and let's not forget the character dialogue whilst on the Ebon Hawk and the associated flashbacks.


    That reminds me, I still have the scripts for the BoS comic book series I was planning on creating a few years ago. The plan was to export character models and backgrounds and create an actual comic book in the vein of this, but sadly due to various limitations I eventually had to abandon it.


    Story wise though it was pretty fun, and had the Orion getting mixed up in many KoTOR2-esc events like visiting Nar Shaddaa and bumping into Mira, the abandoned Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Sera meeting Traya and Sion on Malachor V and so on. It sounds hokey but it all worked rather well. There were around 200 pages or nearly 18 issue scripts complete! :/

  2. I've been trying (and failing) to get a hold of some Mass Effect 2 save game files for a project of mine (I need to record footage of the Jacob loyalty mission), and I'm wondering if anybody could be so kind to email (for my email, add @hotmail.com to my username :p) some of theirs?


    Generally the closer to the mission the better. Just before would be brilliant! :)

  3. Psh, only 3/4 through it? Jeff and I finished it in 2 days on Veteran mode for our first run on the weekend it was released.

    I would have completed it ages ago had the game been able to keep my attention, but what with all it's problems, I tend to get bored and annoyed with it really quickly. :p


    Get a friend if you have any :p play online co-op.
    Traditionally, Resident Evil is a single player experience, and even though the developers have tried they're very best to mess that single player experience up up, I'll still play it as a single player game. ;)


    And if I want a great multiplayer experience, I'll go play Left 4 Dead. :D

  4. Secured my copy a few days before release, and so far have played through about 3/4 of the game. Being a huge fan of Resident Evil 4, I naturally had high expectations despite the fact that the development team had changed rather dramatically between the two games.


    Overall, I'm disappointed. Not quite as disappointed as I was with MGS4, but disappointed non the less.


    - The pacing is all over the place.

    - The inventory system is broken.

    - Why do I have to complete a chapter, quit the game, or die before I can buy/upgrade weapons and view documents? The merchant system was perfect in RE4.

    - The enemy animations appear to have been recycled from RE4.

    - Not a fan of this forced CO-OP, especially given Sheva's terrible AI.


    Though on the plus side, the storyline seems interesting, as do the characters facial animations. Anyways, I'm done. I'm off to play Left 4 Dead, a masterful game which reminded me why I'm a fan of the survival horror genre. ;)

  5. Thanks for the responses so far guys and gals. Keep 'em coming.


    And this is for a research assignment centered in part around player influenced narratives within video games. KOTOR was the best example I could think of; given my familiarity with it. I take a media related course at Uni, so I get to do stuff like this and get graded for it. :p

  6. Hey guys, I'm conducting a study for some University work, part of which requires input from gamers concerning their preferences for RPG's.


    I would be greatly appreciative if you answered the 3 questions below:


    1) Do you feel more involved as a player within a video game's storyline if the game in question presents you with choices which can influence the outcome of that storyline? (Think KOTOR, Mass Effect, Fallout)


    2) In some games you play pre-determined characters with pre-determined personalities (Think Master Chief, Solid Snake, Cloud Strife), whilst in others you as a player shape the character from the ground up by choosing a gender, name, appearance, and to some degree through dialogue options, a personality. Which do you prefer as a gamer and why?


    3) Do you think Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic would have been better or worse had the developers not chosen to implement a character creation and a interactive dialogue feature and instead had you play a pre-defined character (Think Carth or Bastila) with predetermined non-interactive dialogue (Think of cutscenes in other games where you don't do anything but watch)


    Thanks in advance to everyone who answers, you will be a big help! :)

  7. Nothing aces Brotherhood of Shadow. A new sidequest, a recruitment mod, flashbacks to Revan's previous life, subtle and explicit ties to K2...There is nothing that comes close in terms of exhibiting the power of a first-class modder.
    The writing was bad, there were too many spelling and grammatical errors, the implementation was sloppy and there were too many bugs upon release!


    Anyways, the only mod I've ever really enjoyed playing was an old Jedi Knight 2 mod named the Ladder. The one with the Smack My Bitch Up for background music. :p

  8. I admit I find it funny to see how some of you genuinely believe that the Player character has died before the events in the 2nd chapter of a trilogy of games which themselves draw so much inspiration from Hollywood action movies based on the events of a single small teaser trailer. Especially given the fact that Bioware Dev's in the past have stated that you will have the ability to transfer your character from the first game to the second. :p


    2 words; marketing hype. Or if you prefer; Good marketing. :)

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