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  1. Hey there, don't have a prob with this. Where would it be reuploaded?

  2. KoTORfiles? Just tried to download and it seems to be working fine

  3. Glad you liked it!

  4. Yeah, I wrote everything on BoS:SR. I'm happy to provide a few pointers here and there but beyond that I don't really have the time anymore to go beyond that. :/

  5. I can't complain! How about you?

  6. Thanks!


    Yes, the struggle to find free time is always difficult, haha. I'm fortunate in that my hobbies and my career intersect quite a bit so any stuff I do in my free time always has at least some use.

  7. Aye, long time no see indeed! And yeah silveredge9.com is no more, I think some random company has since bought the domain. I just keep my own portfolio website now over at lukedidit.com for web design stuff which I update from time to time. How are things your end? :)

  8. Hey Q, I heard what happened. Hope things are going well. I think sometimes experiencing the worst of times can be made to help in the long run because you can look back when things are cool again and say “Yeah, I was in that dark place, but I got out, and learned a few things about myself in the process”


    Anyhow, take it easy. I'm sure you'll be back up and kicking ass in no time at all! :)

  9. Still writing the script at the moment. Although progress is slow, there's still progress. :p

  10. Yeah, it's definitely an interesting project to work on. I pretty much have free rein to do what the hell I like story wise, which is always a good thing. I have no doubt that some will be dissapointed I'm not returning to the mod scene with this, but I just don't find the technical side of it interesting anymore. It's a been there, done that kind of thing.

  11. I can't say I remember exactly. It's been ages since I've done anything DNS related. Generally you have to change the domain settings on the website you bought it from and then mess around with settings in the control panel at your host.

  12. Work is work, simply put. I gotta get money somehow. :p

  13. Not too bad, thanks!

  14. It's been a long time since I touched anything KoTOR mod related, but I think it was mostly just trial and error. There was a formula to work out all the different numbers and whatever, but I've long since forgotten it. It will be on the forum somewhere though, if you search well enough. :p

  15. Thanks! My summers going pretty great. Just finished university with top grades and now I'm working full time as a web designer. Sorry I didn't respond to your PM from a month or so ago, I haven't been active at all recently. In an answer to your question, I'd rather keep BoS:SR's characters within BoS.

  16. I'm pretty good! Busy busy busy, but I still find the time to check this place out from time to time, and see how the modding scene is progressing and all.

  17. You're mistaken, I didn't voice that character or any other in BoS:SR.

  18. I'm retired now. Sorry.

  19. Royale with cheese?

  20. You change avatars too often. I've used the same avatar on message boards for the past 5 years, changing it now would be unthinkable. :p

  21. *Gives Emperor Devon a naive & wide eyed look* Are you an angel?

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