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  1. Hi Silveredge9, I was wondering if your Patterned Robes ever made it to KotOR II.

  2. Ah yes, remember you mentioning that. For my own archives could you send me the patch? Cheers
  3. Now this is sorta amusing but does anybody have a copy of the 1.1 patch for Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge aswell as any other mods that I may have developed? What with KoTOR files down I'm struggling to reacquire all of my mods, haha. Hoping to reupload these to Deadlystream once I get a hold of everything.
  4. Hey there, don't have a prob with this. Where would it be reuploaded?

  5. Your mod is awesome and great news I have managed to get it working on the android version of kotor


    But I wish to re upload it so it's easier for us android players to install so can I ask your permission please

  6. Hey, SilverEdge 9. I was doing some walkmesh-work for LDR, and we brought up the subject of Korriban.


    He mentioned that bos_wastes2 and bos_wastes4 have the grass sounds when you walk over them, due to the walkmesh setting. I can easily change this, but I wanted your permission before I release it to the public. Is it okay?

  7. I hope I can leave this message here, becaus I got a question regarding Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge. Somehow it wont show me the missions name or even the content of the mission. I did a clean install and only the mod + the patch. still nothing even in the provided save. How can this happen? Also I did once get the game to show me the mission name when I replaced the global file, but even that wont help now. No other mods are installed

  8. Ok, I see what the issue was. When you use the the link in kotorfiles it send you to a page that has no Download button. (if it's there the webpage is way to busy to see)

    But if you type in "Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge" into Game Front's -Search- then you will get a page with a list of the files with the download button present.


    Basically Game Front need to place a download button on the page which you are directed too when clicking the kotorfile's link or they need to send to the page with the list since this does have the download button.


    EDIT: Of I have to answer some survey questions to get the link


    Hope everything is going well with you

  9. KoTORfiles? Just tried to download and it seems to be working fine

  10. Hey, wanted to let you know that your mod's download links are not working.

    You might want to upload it to


  11. If you can do this then go for it! I don't have the time for this sort of thing anymore (wish I did haha) so I'm going to have to sit it out. It's not going to be easy though, I wrote so much dialogue for her. There's the original BoS, Solomon's Revenge and let's not forget the character dialogue whilst on the Ebon Hawk and the associated flashbacks. That reminds me, I still have the scripts for the BoS comic book series I was planning on creating a few years ago. The plan was to export character models and backgrounds and create an actual comic book in the vein of this, but sadly due to various limitations I eventually had to abandon it. Story wise though it was pretty fun, and had the Orion getting mixed up in many KoTOR2-esc events like visiting Nar Shaddaa and bumping into Mira, the abandoned Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Sera meeting Traya and Sion on Malachor V and so on. It sounds hokey but it all worked rather well. There were around 200 pages or nearly 18 issue scripts complete! :/
  12. Hey, how have you been?

  13. Glad you liked it!

  14. Finished BoS:SR for the second time today. KFiles should create a new subsection called, "DLC Packs" for your mod; it was fantastic! I breezed through the actual game with the Super Skip Taris mod in about 2 hours, then spent the next 6 hours in BoS.

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