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  1. Waiting on word to see if we are setting up and rehearsing for tomorrow night's show at work tonight. Somehow I doubt the concert will happen tomorrow. Call me crazy, but... In fact, I seriously doubt I'll be getting back to work before Thursday. And since I barely slept last night, I really wouldn't mind not going in today if possible. Not to mention that the commute home is likely to be crappy if I do.
  2. Winter has finally returned to my area. Yep... I still hate it. Looks like I might get a day or two off from work this week though... if the next storm predicted measures up half as strong as they are saying.
  3. I'm home. And tired. And freezing. Mostly freezing. Tell me again why we choose to live in areas where the air temperature actually make your skin hurt and can possibly kill you? Of course, outside the weather, south eastern Florida does mostly suck.
  4. Flying to Florida this morning. Looking forward to some warm weather, getting a bit of rest in a nice big hotel bed, and being on my own schedule for a couple of days. It's not really a vacation... but it's the closest thing I have had to one in a couple of years.
  5. Sort of... yeah. I'm still having pretty mixed feelings about rushing headlong and this quickly into a hot and heavy exclusive relationship. I made that mistake with my ex... and this whole thing feels a bit like a carbon copy of that experience... which is setting alarms and red-flags and warning lights off in all the circuitry. I do really like her... but I can't help but feel a bit uneasy about her desire to lock things down right now. There are a few other qualms I'm having too... but those tend to get a bit overlooked when we are together... since she can't seem to keep any of her clothes on when I'm around. Ditto.
  6. Early mornings at work all this week... then a morning flight to Florida on Friday. Ugh. I'll be a basket case by the weekend, I'm sure. Removed my profile from the dating site. I needed a break, and I won't have time in the next couple of weeks to do anything with it anyway. Plus... I may be concentrating my focus on one lady from now on.
  7. Riiiigghhhttt... Cleanup in aisle 5. Someone spilled Spam everywhere. Booked a flight for next weekend to visit dad. It is a lot more expensive to go down there this time of year, let me tell ya. A few days away will feel good though. And the warmth and sunshine won't be too hard to take.
  8. So cold and dry and staticy. I have a nice sexy new cable/ phone modem... on the grounds that my old one was a couple of generations out-of-date... but mainly that it was randomly calling 911 all on it's own, and we kept getting increasingly impatient visits from police officers at our door wondering what the hell was going on.
  9. We hung speakers all day yesterday. We were supposed to be finished by 5... yet somehow not only did we not leave until close to 10, but we have several hours of work today before we finish.
  10. I'm just going by the date on his now seemingly abandoned Facebook profile. Last day off before work again. Ugh... but mixed feelings about it. I've been so busy these last two weeks that a dull week at work without a zillion social obligations might be just the ticket. I had my car looked at yesterday. It ended up being pretty simple and cheap... but I DO need a valve-cover gasket replacement... which is neither.
  11. It always felt to me like he was using the old movies as test-beds for all the CGI stuff he wanted to use in the prequels, but wanted to get it right before shooting the new films, and really didn't care if he actually ruined the older movies in the process. I'm so happy modern film-making technology didn't exist when he made the old trilogy... It forced him to keep his ideas simple, practical, and better. If CGI existed in 1977, I'm pretty sure the first film would have also been the only one made... and probably utterly unwatchable.
  12. I do not Bow-Chika-Wow-Wow and tell. But this was not the first time I have been over there... just the first time I actually slept over there.
  13. Happy 2015... so far. Nice thread title! Let's make it worthy of the epicness it foreshadows... Went to a party after work last night. Ended up crashing at a friend's place... A lady friend's place. Stuck around there most of the day. Just got home.
  14. This may be the last chance I get to post in 2014... so Happy Newt Ears everybody! Good riddance 2014... Bring it on, 2015! Make it epic, me laddies!
  15. I'm working tonight, then heading to a party after work. Where I'm going to meet someone I've been seeing. Some of her family is going to be there too... That's a little nerve-racking. This will be our 5th date. Meeting a bunch of her family at this stage feels weird. I'm not sure about it, but I already agreed...
  16. 2012 started out OK... then my girlfriend left the country with her kids, and it got pretty miserable quickly after that. 2013 I was still dealing with that aftermath when my car got rear-ended, and I was without it most of the summer... but it didn't matter, since my co-worker was out on maternity leave all summer I ended up working the whole thing anyways. So... my last decent year was probably 2011. I'm well overdue for a good year.
  17. Well the dates have been nice... but it doesn't erase the months I was working 7-day weeks for weeks on end, my step-mom passing away, and my dad going through a pile of health problems, all while I was sorting out all his finances, selling his trailer, planning a funeral, and trying to get him into a nursing home all from Boston while being worked harder than I have ever been before in my life at the same time I was dealing with car problems. No... this year sucked.
  18. Kill it before it escapes!!! Yes. Another year of XWA awesome has been documented. Except of course, for the month or so of downtime blackouts. The thread might have easily broke through 2,000 posts if not for all of those. Maybe... Hopefully we clear 1,900 at least. Either way, still my most successful thread ever. Documenting one of my worst years ever.
  19. I'm feeling kinda blah this morning. Too much holiday cheer all at once. I was supposed to go out on a date, but I'm not sure I'm going to feel well enough for that. Maybe I'll watch them today if I don't go out...
  20. Heh... I haven't thought about that series in years. I'll have to re-watch it all sometime when I have spare hours to kill.
  21. It hasn't been the norm on most of my dates so far, other than maybe a quick peck on the cheek, or a quick, closed mouth smack goodnight. But I'm lonely and physical contact deprived enough not to refuse it when it happens.
  22. I've had 2 first dates that have ended with french kisses. I'm thinking of finding one lady and working towards making it exclusive. This is fun, but too much for me. I'm overwhelmed...
  23. Good luck on your date! I'm hoping 2015 is a better year for all the XWA regulars. My boss is supposed to stop by today to pick up the old coal stove I never use. Then I'll probably be heading out to meet up with somebody myself. I hope everybody's Christmas was spectacular!
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