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  1. Heard this and thought of you. ;)

  2. Actually, mim encouraged me to look at it and has helped me out a bit. Just curious as to what you thought of it. ;) First mmo I've played. Part fun and frustrating, but the learning curve from the first toon has helped a bit w/the others (have 4 going simultaneously atm).

  3. Haven't really played it much apart from the beta. Was going to try and get into it but I've been sidetracked by other things. From what I have played (only about 5 hours total) it seems like an enjoyable enough standard fare mmo. You would be better asking Lynk or Mimartin as they play it alot. :)

  4. You try SWTOR? DLed it for F2P about 2 weeks ago. If nothing else.....it proved my PC needed serious upgrading. May try a short term sub. Just wondering if you had any thought on game.

  5. Sounds practical. The ME franchise was a flawed masterpiece of sorts, with its best feature being relationships and its weakest being plot issues and some missed opportunities (in both categories even).

  6. Thanks my friend. I've decided to wait until it goes on sale. I'm the same as you, I've got all the other story DLC's as its my favourite series, and having a complete package has always been important to me including all the books and comics too. I need to finish my Insanity playthrough at some point anyway, but I'm in no hurry. :)

  7. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. :D

  8. I recall you liked Tomb Raider. Not sure if you like Street Fighter but at 22 Seconds, I think you'll like the mod. ;) Never thought about it but Cammy was a perfect choice. Accent, physique, hair, attitude and all.


  9. aww, garsh, golly, gee whiz... hehehe. :D

    No prob luv, I was astonished to see so many Swampies return in one fell swoop! Almost as spectacular as spotting Haley's comet :lol:

  10. Thank you my lovely Chainz *kiss kiss*. I would of done it myself if I remembered how, but I'm old and have no memory. :D

  11. No, only Big Ben, and of course the iconic red phone boxes were a nice touch.

  12. So, did you recognize any landmarks besides Big Ben? I figured they'd catch crap if they dropped it from the game after featuring it so prominently in the trailer/s. The ending notwithstanding, I thought the level of humor and camraderie on the ship was a big improvement over the previous 2.

  13. The same people that are moaning about the ending and Tali are the same ones that think Aliens vs. Predator is a better movie than Alien because you get to see the creature.



    Would have said, Aliens, but I like it better than Alien too.


  14. Same, I'm glad they decided not to, I cant help but feel I would of been disappointed with whatever they did. I applaud them for holding out against all the fan pressure. ;)

  15. Nope, unlike 99.9999% of the bioware fanboys I actually have an imagination. Some things I would rather be left unseen or unknown rather than have someone ruin it. :) Blurry picture was good enough for me.

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