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  1. Christmas music. I sang with the York Symphony Chorus this season, and we sang this with the orchestra along with a lot of other music. We had a good time. "Dry Your Eyes, Afrika" was one of the pieces, along with more traditional songs. A Gospel choir joined us for some of the concert, and we got to sing some really fun stuff like "O Happy Day" and a gospel versions of the Hallelujah Chorus with them. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Oh, and the latest albums from Kamelot and Within Temptation. I didn't think anyone would be able to replace Roy Khan as lead singer in Kamelot, but Tommy Karevik is doing a terrific job. By the way, Tommy Youngblood plays lead guitar just as well live as on the video. I had the chance to get to one of their concerts and had a fantastic time. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  2. I hate the stupid saber, too, having actually wielded REAL swords. I'm still excited, however, and I'm not sad at all that the Vong are gone.
  3. I get in trouble walking into a Best Buy. I'd be in serious trouble walking into Fry's! Oh, Sears may go under as well. They're going through really rocky times right now.
  4. I don't think Disney is going to prevent EU material from being produced. It simply won't have an impact on what happens in the movies. I expect we'll see a lot more as the next trilogy gets released. As for dumping the EU, I'm VERY glad that the Vong are out of it. Worst. Enemy. Ever.
  5. For those searching, these talks may be quite helpful. Top Five Questions Part 1 Top Five Questions Part 2 Top Five Questions Part 3
  6. Hope things work out for you! As for Radio Shack--I went to go buy a part to repair a headset that I really liked. They didn't have what I needed, didn't know what I needed, and tried to sell me an overpriced headset of lesser quality (I wanted to repair the headset I had because it was a well made one that would have survived a lot longer if my daughter hadn't rolled the chair over the cord a half dozen times). Their inventory sucked, what they did have was not what I needed, and their employees' knowledge base had dropped like a rock. I bought the part I needed at amazon or newegg or something.
  7. I'm alive. Just not active. I got burned out on SWTOR really badly and started hanging out in Gaiscioch guild for GW2. That being said, I read the threads here from time to time. And I miss you all!!
  8. Can't say I blame ya for getting out. :)


    Well... It's been really weird weather in the sierra nevadas. Used to be indecisive until it decided to snow mercilessly. You could count on it. This is the 4th "nothing" winter for the sierra nevadas. This last one was basically nothing. A couple teeny storms at most. Didn't get brutally cold this past winter like the 3 before it... For those we had record lows from -14 to -22, and just moderate to severe winds if a bit long in duration. Right now? ...it's 43 out, and it's getting to be 60-70 in the daytime.


    But the wind is what is really worrisome. Extended periods of high winds. We're 30-72 hour periods of winds over 110+ mph. Trees are snapping, falling over, and uprooting around here. Some of these massive trunks are even flying a short distance, too. Hitting cars, buildings, even people, yet I hear this pales in comparison to other parts of the country. So I figured ask someone whose been in the windy city and seen worse.

  9. Geez, 10 years already? Where has the time gone!
  10. I love GOG.com. I picked up an entire D&D pack there. This is a great option since my KOTOR disks have disappeared in the house somewhere.
  11. Well, I'm living in PA, now, so I'm not sure! My family says it's brutally cold, however. Better them than us!

  12. Hey there Jae.


    Question: How windy was it in Chicago? How cold did it get?


    It was probably still worse than what I've been going through.

  13. Just wanted to say I read The Adventures of Jolee Bindo and I enjoyed it very much. You really outdid yourself with that.

  14. Jae, do you know what's wrong with the Star Wars Knights site? I haven't been able to post my column there

  15. A delayed reply--this was a fascinating article! I had read a book that Patricia Cornwell had written awhile back theorizing (incorrectly now) that Walter Sickert was the killer, but that was before this particular DNA could be extracted and studied, and perhaps before the shawl's existence was known. Writing the murder dates on the shawl was very creepy, too. Eww.
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