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    CEC's "Momerator"
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    Writing fiction and blogging, spending way too much time on Guild Wars and Kotor
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    Dark Lady of the Sith
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  1. Can't say I blame ya for getting out. :)


    Well... It's been really weird weather in the sierra nevadas. Used to be indecisive until it decided to snow mercilessly. You could count on it. This is the 4th "nothing" winter for the sierra nevadas. This last one was basically nothing. A couple teeny storms at most. Didn't get brutally cold this past winter like the 3 before it... For those we had record lows from -14 to -22, and just moderate to severe winds if a bit long in duration. Right now? ...it's 43 out, and it's getting to be 60-70 in the daytime.


    But the wind is what is really worrisome. Extended periods of high winds. We're 30-72 hour periods of winds over 110+ mph. Trees are snapping, falling over, and uprooting around here. Some of these massive trunks are even flying a short distance, too. Hitting cars, buildings, even people, yet I hear this pales in comparison to other parts of the country. So I figured ask someone whose been in the windy city and seen worse.

  2. Well, I'm living in PA, now, so I'm not sure! My family says it's brutally cold, however. Better them than us!

  3. Hey there Jae.


    Question: How windy was it in Chicago? How cold did it get?


    It was probably still worse than what I've been going through.

  4. Just wanted to say I read The Adventures of Jolee Bindo and I enjoyed it very much. You really outdid yourself with that.

  5. Jae, do you know what's wrong with the Star Wars Knights site? I haven't been able to post my column there

  6. The eternal question, Jae. The. eternal. question.

  7. Okay, thanks Jae! Also, did I get his actual Facebook, or is it the wrong Travis Krumsich? I'll PM you the link, rather than blab it in public if it's the wrong guy...

  8. Now if I could remember which was meaningful and witty, my life would be more complete. :D

  9. He's a cool guy--he won't mind if you're adding an autosave feature. :)


  11. Me again, Jae. I know what the answer will probably be, but could you ask Tk102 if I could release a new version of DLG Editor? The only new feature is an autosave option...

  12. Hmm. Thanks, Jae. I appreciate it a lot. Mind telling/linking me to his facebook?


    I appreciate having his physical permission, as I was afraid it'd come back to bite me otherwise.

  13. Hi! I messaged him on Facebook and got this answer: "Sure if he wants to release a new KSE, no problem. I'm surprised he was able to find all the perl modules. I released them a long time ago but they were buried somewhere in the KSE thread." So, go for it--please give him credit for the original work, though! :)

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