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  1. Have you been on a commercial flight lately? We already have shoe control... at least in airports. Thanks, attempted shoe-bomber guy. But I guess it's better than the government having nuts control...
  2. Well... everything I ever ran on WINE was from the W95/ W98 era. Some of them were buggy... but no worse than running in compatibility mode on W7.
  3. WINE works well, if not totally perfectly with a lot of Windows games, especially the older ones. But you could always dual boot, or run virtual desktop. I haven't gamed on a computer for years. I barely play on my consoles these days as is.
  4. Apple started it. The last couple of OSX upgrades have been free downloads. Well... Actually, Linux really started it. Many of the distros have been free for years, and a lot of them are now streamlined to the point where my 85 year old mom could get around on them easily. If anything had gone wrong with the upgrade to 10, I was completely prepared to say the hell with it and install Ubuntu instead. If you are going to charge hundreds of dollars when all your major competitors are giving their comparable products away for free, you are going to find yourself without customers. It's the main reason Microsoft has now branched into being a hardware maker. Computer companies still have to pay them a license for pre-installing Windows on all their machines, though, from what I understand. They are in no danger of going out of business any time soon.
  5. It works fine. I found how to get most of my tweaks back, and now my firewall and antivirus are reinstalled. It's faster on a few things, slower on a couple. But it seems to not have the nasty memory leak that 7 had. 10 minutes after booting up, with nothing running, I'd be up to 60+% RAM usage, until I shut all the background programs off and restarted them one at a time. And my internal fan would be spinning full blast... So far, with a bunch of stuff running I haven't gone north of 40% So... Aesthetics aside, it's better in that way.
  6. I think it had downloaded the files as part of Windows Update, and my options were to install it now, or install it later. And I think I had clicked the wrong button trying to make the window go away. I probably could have canceled out of it, but I was eventually going to make the move anyway... It's not horrible. Seems less resource-hoggy so far. A bunch of my custom tweaks disappeared though, and a lot of my security software is incompatible, and will need to be updated and reinstalled... I'm not used to the interface yet... but I go through that with every OS update. Why they choose to move the most used menu items around for the sake of "newness" and aesthetic-changes for the sake of chages is still beyond me.
  7. My computer upgraded to Windows 10. I didn't really want it to... but it started this morning, and I decided to give in and run with it. Not sure what I think yet. I'll keep you posted...
  8. Right. Same here. I probably saw this posted on FB months ago and skipped it because of all the same reasons. It came up today when I was sitting half awake, sipping my tea, and started autoplaying. I thought "Why not..?" and gave it the chance. The production values blew me away,
  9. Eh... I've been busy. I'm usually on the 2nd or 3rd wave of anything viral. Usually when people are sick of it and posting backlash and parody vids, I'm just seeing it for the first time when I start wondering what the fuss is about. I also figure that if I haven't seen it, there's probably a few others who haven't either.
  10. Saw this today... ridiculously well done. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  11. Well... looks like my schedule is full up for the next couple of days... Turkey day... Girlfriend's birthday... Our 1-year anniversary... I suspect I'll be too swamped to check in and wish y'all: "Happy Thanksgiving... you turkeys!" I have to run out today and get a birthday gift, and a cake, and something for dinner... and fill my tank, and get something to bring to family T-Day dinner... as well as get some laundry done, and get to the bank to withdraw some cash. I'll probably clock hundreds of miles on my car in the next couple of days... It's an hour drive northeast from my place to my girlfriend's... and an hour drive southwest to my cousin's place where I'm going for Thanksgiving from here. If I leave from her place, it's going to be at least 2 hours... IF it's smooth sailing and I don't encounter traffic. That's a very big and unrealistic if... 5 days off from work, and I'll probably return to it completely exhausted. Ahh... the holiday season!
  12. I'm just praying that guitars will become the accepted form of currency... because it will be me and maybe Slash ruling the wastelands if that is the case. But I propose a XWA bunker... where we all pool our talents and resources together, and become the heroes the remnants of America needs, if not necessarily the ones it wants. We will conquer, and then breed a new civilization... one based on sarcastic, mildly self-pitying, and occasionally insightful internet comments. It cannot fail.
  13. We've stepped up our security here... although that typically means a 20-something college student work-study kid making minimum wage, doing his homework by the stage door with a walkie-talkie to campus security, who are typically unarmed. That will surely stop battle-hardened suicide attackers with grenades and Kalashnikovs.
  14. Rough day at work. Grr... Giant band. No time to set up and check it properly. All new crew. College President hanging around all day. Perfect storm of concert disaster.
  15. No... I got all that. It's just the selling of Anakin as the super Force user to end all Force users all during the prequels... only to see him NOT do anything even the slightest bit Jedi-like in order to dispatch the Sith Lord who has been messing up the Galaxy for 50 or 60 years.
  16. Recently finished watching the entire 6 episodes of Star Wars again... In preparation of the new film... And the fact that my girlfriend had never seen either the prequel trilogy, or all the Special Edition DVDs and wondered what all the hubbub was about... So I showed her. She was kinder and more forgiving than I am to both... Though she did hate Jar-Jar in ep. 1. After seeing ROTJ last night, something struck me: The final scene with the Emperor was really kinda lame. All that build-up about being the "Chosen One" and the most powerful Force user in the galaxy... And his solution in the end is picking up the really bad guy, and throwing him down an open hole like a sack of potatoes. No Force Push... No Choke... No Saber play. Other than his cyber-enhanced strength, it doesn't seem like there was that much that being Darth Vader helped him in this. Chewbacca could have easily done the same thing if he was there... And probably survived the lightning attack. I'm not sure exactly where having the universe's highest Midichlorian count came into play. When I think about it, it really was more than a little anticlimactic. Before the prequels, it never bothered me...
  17. I wonder how accurate it is... If you find a small house near the water, with a weirdo mutant in a ball cap and vest, hoarding a bunch of vintage guitars, let me know. Just don't kill him... It would be funny if I played the game on my TV in the basement, went to my address in the game, went in, headed down to the basement, and saw myself playing the game, who was watching myself on screen playing the game, etc... *Universe Implodes...*
  18. Saw it this morning. Then spent the rest of the morning watching videos off the new Rush concert DVD.
  19. The one suggestion I have is to not define "Star Wars Gamer" too narrowly. There are currently quite a few table-top miniature combat-sim/ wargames as well as a number of variations of the traditional 'paper/ pencil/ dice' RPGs out there set in the SW universe. (Also some board-games and card games...) And their fans tend to be passionate, as well as often active in online communities. If we can encourage them to enter the fold and frequent some forums set up for their specific interests it could get this place hopping again.
  20. Welp... I've posted your announcement to the both the FB XWA.net and LF group pages. Hopefully that inspires a few arthritic finger clicks and a few pairs of crusty old eyeballs to return to their spawning site to check out the visions of the future.
  21. Another thing I could do is change the name of the group at some point, to reflect the new reality. That way new folks coming to SWGamer will be able to find the group on FB as well. Or just start a new one.
  22. Wildstar is an admin of the group as well, he could also help keep folks up to date. Groovy was... but he seems to have disappeared. But I can cut-and-paste a few of the update announcements from here and post links to the new pages if you wish.
  23. Meh. I'm really in the "Whatevs..." camp. I doubt it matters much if I check in every day on this thread at this URL, or a slightly different one. I'll probably miss our unique and exclusive "XWA-ness" for a hot second or two... but that was something I had to deal with and get over quick in the merging way back when. Speaking of Facebook Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/18468824200/ I have rounded up a bunch of the old-timers there. Feel free to make announcements there, Lynk, about all the updates. You might get a few to wander back in...
  24. Change frightens and angers me. I've become Grandpa Simpson in that regard.
  25. I believe the farm is in mid-Georgia. But it probably was not a winter-time trimming. Or are you referring to the possibility of a careless and potentially severe ankle-biting without better trousers on? Because in that case... I believe the farm is in mid-Georgia.
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