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  1. 2 of the nicest days Boston has seen in a while... spent inside with a stage crowded with Bollywood players from India. Very long days... so far. The show is predicted to be 3 hours long. Which seems optimistic. I'm guessing much longer. Last night, I was supposed to be on my way home before 8 after the rehearsal... but I didn't leave until after 10:30. We'll see. Getting my fill of Indian pop this weekend. Yay.
  2. Long weekend at work ahead. School kids tonight... some rich guy's wife's Bollywood ego-trip all day Saturday and Sunday. Had a huge panic attack at work yesterday... first time plugging a mic in after all the upgrades, and every channel we tried sounded absolutely horrible. Like it was running through a cheap fuzz-box into a phase-shifter, then a ring-modulator. Completely unusable. When I called Yamaha support, they were on lunch break. So we dug through menus and settings we rarely if ever touch. Turns out, the latency setting was off. How and why that changed during the setup, I have no idea, but putting it back to the correct setting fixed it. WHEW!!! I wasn't sure how we were going to do the next 3 days of events without a P.A. system...
  3. Organic chemical based computers are such a bad idea... Do we really want the device that does our Google searches capable of getting depressed? What would those results start to look like? Or would an organic computer that lived in a house of stoners get a contact high, and start to develop a habit of it's own? And just think about all the circuits out there being used to look at porn... There's no way that could possibly end well. Allergy season has finally arrived to kick my ass. Miserable.
  4. I have a charger at home, at my desk at work, and at my girlfriend's place. I'll probably get a car charger for it soon. If I'm not actually on the road, it's usually plugged in somewhere anyway. I rarely ever go more than a couple of hours without recharging. The biggest draw on battery life on my old one was turn-by-turn GPS navigation. I haven't tried that on this one yet. That would be what the car charger would be for... if it turns out I need it. Is it me, or have all the old "Ford vs. Chevy" "PC vs. Mac" "xBox vs. Playstation" arguments now migrated over to "which smartphone do you use?" I didn't give it a whole lot of thought... I had an iPhone for over 5 years which I liked, always worked great, and had a number of apps that I bought for it and didn't want to have to purchase all over again, so I got a new one, and had it all set up the same afternoon. I didn't expect a Spanish Inquisition, as the Pythons were apt to say...
  5. BEFORE you walked out of the store? Without doing anything but typing the email address for the Apple Store? I've used the Droids... some of them are nice, but I don't want one. This battery seems pretty good so far, anyway. Besides: EVERYTHING where I work is Apple-based. Interfacing is just that much easier.
  6. Eh... After having and using the last one for half a decade, I think I know what I'm in for. Plus the fact that all the music and apps I paid for actually work on this one, and they and all my contacts just showed up when I activated the new one. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen if I switched to Android.
  7. I bought an iPhone 6 yesterday. It's pretty awesome. It is replacing the iPhone 3Gs that I bought just prior to visiting D.C. that time... early 2010, was it? When I met Keyan. It was pretty elderly for a cell phone. I also got this laptop PC that same year... for my 40th birthday. I'm turning 45 next month. That might explain some of the headaches it's been giving me lately... but I think it has a few more years of service left in it, before it gets sent out to pasture as a Linux-driven backup machine. The old phone?... not so much.
  8. This show was a bitch. I've been here since 7:30am, and don't expect to leave until well after 1am. And every second of the day was like having teeth pulled, while also having your genitals tattooed, and simultaneous eye surgery... all with out anesthesia, and against your will. Oh well... it's almost over. Time to do it all in reverse, and get ready for tomorrow's pain and suffering fest.
  9. Not much here either... Work. Walking when I can. Spending time with the lady whenever possible. Thinking about the home-improvement project that I want to have done this year. Probably involves plumbing and shower fixtures... of which the current ones date back to the 50's. I'm probably taking today off. I have an 8am till 1am work shift tomorrow... and it promises to be a brutal one. I have no real reason to go in today... so I'm thinking I won't. Saturday isn't quite as long, but could be as hectic. Yeah... day off today...
  10. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  11. Funny that... *(Smacks Bunny in the knee with a crowbar, Nancy Kerrigan style...)* It has meant spending a lot of time taking pressure off her leg, laying in bed... for hours... trying to think of things that we could do there to stay busy... and take our minds off things... Hmmm...
  12. I'm sure in a few weeks I will also be bitching about the heat and humidity... but for now, as long as it's something I don't have to shovel, the weather can do whatever it wants. I've been walking after work the last couple of days. I am somewhat determined to get into some kind of shape again this year. Other than the shape of "blob" that is... I spent the weekend with my lady friend... which was nice, except that she really injured her knee a few months back, and her mobility is still really reduced, so we really couldn't get out and enjoy the nice weather. I hope it finally starts to feel better for her before the summer ends...
  13. An entire weekend off for me... will wonders never cease? I've spent the last couple of days trying very hard to get any chores and tasks out of the way (around my work schedule) so I can spend both days just relaxing. That's the hope, anyway...
  14. Cool new toy, Crak! My life is pretty boring and kinda rut-like at the moment. Nothing bad... but also very little exciting about it either. Having a steady lady friend is about the only thing I currently have that is any fun. And we only get to see each other every other weekend on average. Classes end this week, and graduation is next week, so hopefully that will give me more free time to kick my life back up a notch or two. Getting out and getting a little fresh air and exercise and try to get back into shape after this brutal season and feel better is the first thing on the agenda. Then maybe I'll tackle doing something with all these guitars. Not being able to move around in my own house certainly helps contribute to my general claustrophobia and angst...
  15. Hmm... I think no. I prefer to keep my job. You'd see more on a Victoria's Secret runway show anyway.
  16. I'm at work. Doing (my favorite...) musical theater. This one isn't too terrible or insane... so far. And they are doing "Cabaret"... which should, if I know anything about this show, involve a large cast of attractive college co-eds prancing around in lingerie for a few hours. Also, not terrible.
  17. We both had flu shots this year... so hopefully that acts as a shield of sorts. Dad gets pneumonia often. Even in Florida. I'm feeling better today... but then I haven't tried to eat anything yet. Yesterday things weren't bad until I put solid food down there. Then it was "move back into the bathroom" time again.
  18. Still blah. I got someone to cover my shift today. I probably could have forced myself through the shift... but since mom now has all the symptoms I had yesterday, I might still be contagious... and since I haven't eaten anything since Thursday other than some tea, some juice, a cup of broth, and a couple of pieces of dry toast, I'm not exactly at fighting strength.
  19. Ill. Ick. Stomach bug. I woke up at 4 am last night... and was in the bathroom until after 5. The first time that is... Then the chills, cold sweats, and body aches began. Hooray.
  20. Gave myself a serious skinned thumb tonight. Ow. Ow. Owowowowowowow... Other than that, the day actually went pretty well.
  21. Work has been easy so far this week. (Let us hope that this is a trend that continues...) The weather has been fantastic so far this week. (Ditto...) I have managed to get almost enough sleep. (Let's go for the trifecta on this one...)
  22. Is it a PS4 exclusive? That's the impression I got... and I still don't want one.
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