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  1. The stage is too small. The back 2/3rds of the stage are completely taken up by a 3-foot tall, 8-foot deep, 24-foot wide riser, upon which several scenes take place, and also on which are the 25 choir members, the 5 strings with the electric cello and all his pedals, and the 3 flutes and clarinet and oboe, with the drums and amps taking about another 6 or so feet deep in front of that. Our stage is only 30-feet wide, and less than 24-feet deep, with a tiny bit more in front of the proscenium. I'm going to try to put plexiglas in front of the drums today... but that will direct all the sound back into the choir and string and wind mics... so any way you slice it, something is going to lose.
  2. It's rough... but if I can work out the technical details, it might actually be somewhat interesting. It's about the story of Queen Boudicca. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boudica And the lead actress is the daughter of the guy who wrote the piece... but she's a professional actress, and pretty hot. https://www.berklee.edu/events/queen-boudicca-metal-opera It was a very, very long day yesterday... and I suspect a longer one today. I think I'm going to have to lose the body mics on the actors, and give them all wireless 58s. It will be a little less theatrical, but audible. Play down the opera in favor of the METAL!!!!! I've no idea what to do about getting the choir and the strings and woodwinds heard though. That's probably a lost cause.
  3. Working a Heavy Metal Opera tonight and tomorrow. Metal and opera. Yeah. 2 great tastes that... well... really don't go together that well at all. Not if you actually want to hear what the singers are saying, anyhow. Or the strings. Or the choir. Or the oboe. Or anything but the drumset that makes Metallica's look restrained, and the several Marshall and Mesa half-stacks on stage... directly behind the vocalists. Every day it seems my life becomes more challenging. I hate the fact that the **** I bitched about 5 years ago has now become like a vacation day for me.
  4. They say he has a lot of serious head injuries... but to a studio publicist, who's paychecks kinda depend on the success of the giant sequels hinging around him (Star Wars, Blade Runner...) a bloody nose probably looks like "Critical Condition!!!" There's a lot of studio execs with sticky brown trousers tonight... I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Because... Damn, he's every major movie character of almost all of my favorite film series. Han... Indy... Deckard... Jack Ryan... Jeez... A plane crash cant stop him!
  5. There's a tiny part of me that thinks I should have tried to keep some of dad's guns. Maybe just the handguns... Of course, I'm much probably better off NOT trying to bring them into Massachusetts and register them without any paperwork. Oh, and mom would completely flip out if I tried to bring a gun into the house... so there's that... And at the time I sold them I had no idea that I was going to have access to a rental truck to bring all those guitars back up North anyway.
  6. I really wish I knew a rabbit who enjoys the wacky tobacky to ask if this is true... http://www.ifyouonlynews.com/weird-news/stoned-bunnies-dea-matt-fairbanks-edible-cannabis-utah/
  7. Happy Birthday! For what it's worth, I didn't enjoy the day much either. I just looked outside, and SURPRISE! It's snowing for a change... and now I have to drive home in it. Yippee...
  8. After hearing the same Disney music for several days straight, you start to hear dirty things in them... "Someday my Prince will come..." (This one should be self explanatory...) "You've got a friend in me..." (Not a text you want to get from your wife... Well, I just hope he's wearing a condom...) "Darling it's better/ Down where it's wetter/ Take it from me..." (From "Under The Sea"... Ahem. That line smells a bit fishy...) And of course, while they rehearsed "Let It Go" endlessly, guess who had to take a pee. Dear God... I hope I never get a job at Disney Land or World. I'll die.
  9. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) For my money, this is the most profoundly emotional sequence to ever appear in any sci-fi movie. Certainly in any Trek story. It tore me up when I was 12 or 13 when I first saw it... and still chokes me up today.
  10. First full week of work without a snow cancellation. Blah. The salt in the wound is working long hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Where's a blizzard when you really need one?
  11. Pull your pants up next time. (Sorry... that was way too easy.) It's pretty chilly here right now, single digits, but there's no crazy wind, so it's actually tolerable.
  12. I tried dividing by zero. The universe imploded around me. Math... Not even once
  13. Hmm... maybe my abacus needs calibrating. I really thought I could count on it.
  14. 6. I got 6 for an answer. What does that mean? Do I have to show my work? Because I really just copied the answer out of the back of the book. Maybe the answer is Pi. Or Ω. Can you see Russia from your house? How about when you are high? Like, really , REALLY high?
  15. My last battery lasted 10 years. That was about 5 years ago... My mom's got about 10 years as well. I had an Audi that simply wouldn't start in sub-freezing temperatures. I tried everything... new battery, dry-gas, engine block heater... whatever it was wouldn't allow it to start until after the temp crossed 32F... or the sun had been shining on the car for a while. It was way too costly to leave at an Audi specialist to diagnose... and I couldn't live with a car that wouldn't start 4-6 months of the year... so I ended up with the car I have now.
  16. Weird. I can see them, both in my post and your quote. What's really weird is that those pics are hosted right here on Lucasforums. They're in an album on my profile. Maybe here: http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=86 If that doesn't work, just look up any current news about the Boston area, and you'll get the idea.
  17. Yes, I am. It's reached the point of ridiculousness however... And these were taken after last week's storm... before the foot-and-a-half we got this weekend.
  18. I went out and did some pre-blizzard shopping today. It sucked. Traffic was brutal, the stores were crowded, and the shelves were empty. So I got fed up, stopped at Barnes and Noble, and bought all 3 of the D&D 5e core manuals. And I also got Chinese food. Valentine's Day? Say what?!?? #JustAnotherDay...ToBeAGeek
  19. Hmmm... I could actually have plans this Valentine's Day... But I expect the giant blizzard that is supposed to start tomorrow afternoon here will probably put a damper on things. Another 12-16 inches of snow... because why not?
  20. My walkway is about 10 feet long, and the end of my driveway empties right into the street. I've never believed I actually needed a snowblower before. 6 inches of snow takes me about half an hour to clear at most with a shovel. Anything less is 15-20 minutes at most. A foot of snow, maybe an hour, depending on how big a bank the plows have left at the end of the driveway. This took close to 4 hours today... but then it was over 4 feet deep in spots. I'm starting to rethink the blower... though for less than 20 feet of step, walk, and driveway snow clearing it still seems like overkill... unless of course all of our winters are going to look like this and this is now the new normal.
  21. Well, when I was out of town, we got a dusting, maybe an inch or two... and my mom called a neighbor to clean it up. He charged 50 bucks for about 15-20 minutes work. Easy work at that... This took over 4 hours today... And none of it was easy. At that rate... I'd feel fortunate to get away with a bill for $300-400. Probably closer to $600-$800 though. No... I'd rather do it myself, get the workout, and use the cash to buy a new iPhone... and XBox... And PS4... and iPad.
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