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  1. I'm just cross-posting this with my thread at SomethingAwful, since I think it's fascinating and exciting:


    The original thread can be found here


    Some back-story:

    I live in Tromsø, which is a rather small town in the north of Norway. About an hour and a half ago this morning, at 07:45, I was awoken by my flatmate raving on about something "you just have to see!". Dizzy and confused I walked to the door, and peeking out at the sky I saw one of the most spectacular things I've ever been witness to. Now keep in mind that this far north, we barely have any sunlight at all this time of year, so it was still pitch dark outside. There was a spiral of light in the sky, expanding like some kind of green laser.

    Now, in my town we see the Aurora Borealis every winter, so green lights in the sky is not a new phenomenon. Never the less, in my 20 years here I've never seen anything like this, and for a second I thought it looked like a huge explosion in the distance.

    We returned inside with much speculation as to what this could be, and I scoured the internet for explanations. Now, at 09:00 the phenomenon has started popping up in articles on local northern news-sites, and appears to just have gone national.


    From the article, loosely translated:


    A mysterious phenomenen of light on the nightsky shocked citizens of northern and mid-Norway on wednesday morning....


    ...It spun around and exploded in the sky...


    ...It looked like it came over a mountain. First it followed a path, until it disintegrated. Then it suddenly became a huge sphere, so large that it covered the entire sky.


    Meteorologists in Tromsø have no idea what caused the light:


    "We don't know what it is. I don't want to assume anything about it, but it appears to have been very spectacular"


    "People describe the moving light as overwhelming, extremely beautiful, and partially frightening. They describe it as a new years rocket that looks like a spinning spiral."


    The phenomenon lasted for a few minutes, just before eight on Wednesday morning. The meteorologist says the light apparently has come from the east.


    Some photos of the incident (not mine):









    I've also read experts saying that this has nothing to do with the Aurora Borealis, and that it might have been a failed rocket launching in Russia. Has anyone else here seen anything like it, and can someone possibly shed some light (hurr) on what might have caused this?



    A video has been uploaded by one of the nation's leading newspapers.

  2. One of the few truly scary movies I've seen was Jacob's Ladder, and that's not strictly a horror movie. As for recent flicks, [rec] was pretty freaky. I watched Paranormal Activity last night, and was practically laughing the whole way through. That movie sucked profoundly.


    And yeah, I'd like people to recommend me some actually scary horror. I love watching gore-movies (Italian stuff mainly), but that's not scary. Show me something that makes me look over my shoulder after I've seen it. And I love the Evil Dead flicks, but other than the first one, there is practically nothing scary about them.


    [edit] I realized that it looks like I'm having a dick-measuring contest with CapN. That's not the case though, I just watch horror for entertainment rather than for real scares. I mean, how many people get scared by Hammer-flicks? They still kick ass though.

  3. How many times have you seen them? I swear I've read this many times before. :p


    I saw Slipknot last night. All I can say that it was ****ing sick. Next week, I'm going to see All That Remains with Lacuna Coil.


    It was the third time, but it was ****ing awesome to see them with Pest on vocals. Brilliant concert, less than decent crowd though. The emo and hardcore-people of Trondheim by far outweighed the metalheads, starting a moshpit at the first song. Who the hell starts a moshpit at a black metal concert? :confused:

    My mind might change once I sober up, but the new songs slayed.

  4. On Halloween I will probably be stumbling around piss-drunk in a ridiculous costume, but if I watch any movies beforehand it'll probably be one of my Vincent Price-movies. The Witchfinder General (The Conqueror Worm in the US) is a great classic British horror movie, not really scary but with atmosphere by the bucketload.

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