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    Unknown World
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    I'm interested in everything and nothing at the same time.
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    To learn as much as I can about this life...
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    KOTOR 1&2
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  1. Hey there! I'm just another concerned well-wisher trying to badger you into releasing your NPC Modification Pack :D Cheers mate! :)

  2. I'm going to add one more K1 comment on here. Are you planning on releasing it?

  3. Might you finally either release your K1 stuff or officially kill the project? It's about time, isn't it?

  4. Do you still plan on releasing your K1 Enhancement Pack or have you given up on it?

  5. Hey, SUP? Sorry for not responding earlier; I've been... away. ;)


    Anyway, I may still finish my KotOR mod, but right now I indeed want to get my DA mod done first, at least. :) Time runs too fast - sometimes I wish I could stop it, but had little luck so far. I don't give up that easy, though. :D

  6. Hey SA, how're you doing? What'cha working on these days? Are you making Dragon Age or Mass Effect mods? Are you still working on your K1 Enhancement mod?

  7. Happy New Year to you too!! I have a problem you maybe able to help with! Trying to make a new character in TSL, for a disguise item... A Sith Assassin based of Jolee's model, but having added the row to appearance.2da and the model etc, the game crashes whenever I try and equip the item with the disguise... Any ideas?? GB j7

  8. Every day is a holiday for me (well, except maybe when I have to listen to people who think everyone and everything is bad, corrupt, evil, or whatever :xp:), silly.


    Anyway, since Christmas is already over, I will wish you a Happy New Year!!! :D

  9. Belated Merry Christmas!! Hows you? You hava good holiday? Still haven't seen you on Skype for a catch up :xp: GB j7

  10. Just saw that you're on. Any chance your K1 pack might ever get released?

  11. Will do. Been busy, so there wasn't much time to spend on Skype.

  12. Not all that excited, really. ME2 was indeed better (story-wise) than ME1. but that huge chunk of human-like metal at the end made me go LOL. A curious thought occurred to me when I saw *that* "masterpiece". Well, it seems to me that when the Reapers were deciding on what kind of a machine to build, human movies from the 20th century era were their main source of inspiration. Their favorite movies, by far, were the Godzilla and The Terminator series. In them, they saw people scared and running for their lives. Many were killed, but at the end, the humans always prevailed. They obviously didn't like this, and thought the reason lies in the fact that neither Godzilla nor The Terminator were perfect in their constructions. Godzilla was big and strong, but still organic (a big minus for them, I reckon); and whilst The Terminator was a machine, it was way too small. So, they came up with this brilliant plan of combining the two together, and the result was... Still love Mordin and Legion, though. They were pretty awesome.
  13. How you doing SA? You should sign onto Skype sometime for a catchup! Hope your doing well bud! GB j7

  14. Yea. I do too. Been too lazy lol.

  15. Sup? I'm good, though I really should finish *certain* projects that I set out to do. :D

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