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  1. Hey, SUP? Sorry for not responding earlier; I've been... away. ;)


    Anyway, I may still finish my KotOR mod, but right now I indeed want to get my DA mod done first, at least. :) Time runs too fast - sometimes I wish I could stop it, but had little luck so far. I don't give up that easy, though. :D

  2. Every day is a holiday for me (well, except maybe when I have to listen to people who think everyone and everything is bad, corrupt, evil, or whatever :xp:), silly.


    Anyway, since Christmas is already over, I will wish you a Happy New Year!!! :D

  3. Will do. Been busy, so there wasn't much time to spend on Skype.

  4. Not all that excited, really. ME2 was indeed better (story-wise) than ME1. but that huge chunk of human-like metal at the end made me go LOL. A curious thought occurred to me when I saw *that* "masterpiece". Well, it seems to me that when the Reapers were deciding on what kind of a machine to build, human movies from the 20th century era were their main source of inspiration. Their favorite movies, by far, were the Godzilla and The Terminator series. In them, they saw people scared and running for their lives. Many were killed, but at the end, the humans always prevailed. They obviously didn't like this, and thought the reason lies in the fact that neither Godzilla nor The Terminator were perfect in their constructions. Godzilla was big and strong, but still organic (a big minus for them, I reckon); and whilst The Terminator was a machine, it was way too small. So, they came up with this brilliant plan of combining the two together, and the result was... Still love Mordin and Legion, though. They were pretty awesome.
  5. Sup? I'm good, though I really should finish *certain* projects that I set out to do. :D

  6. I couldn't answer certain questions accurately because I either wasn't given the right answers or I wasn't able to choose "both of the above (depending on what kinda day I'm having or the situation I'm in)" when I had to pick one or the other.
  7. Where "around here" is that exactly? Anyway, it is possible that they fill those soda cans with that filthy water of yours (for better flavor, haha). How could you tell? Those pretty colors will make you blind soon enough.
  8. I call it... poison. Water FTW!
  9. They could've, at least, composed some new music.
  10. F3 was pretty terrible... both story and gameplay wise. This better be much better. If they're gonna fill more than half of the explorable land with mindless AI drones who attack you on sight, I'm not even going to bother (it's like hell for a completionist like myself), good story or no.
  11. Hey!


    Yeah, I really should finish that up one of these days. It's basically done - just needs some final finishing touches. All I need to do is find some time for it, which is the hardest part. :D


    Anyway, unless you can cast a "finalize mod" magic spell on the mod, I'm afraid there's nothing you can do. :( Thanks for the offer, though. :)

  12. Not sure if this has been posted already, but AP team hosted an event back in February regarding choices in games. Video is now available online. They talk a lot about AP, so I believe this belongs here. Clicky!
  13. After I learnt about the stuff they put into those things, it wasn't hard to find something else to eat.
  14. We must always think of the children! The littlest ones always suffer the most. I approve of this post.
  15. Nah, I'm doing a bit of everything.

  16. Thanks. We'll see how things go. ;)

  17. People are claiming this patch breaks mods. Also, pickpocketing is apparently broken. Oh, and the game is more prone to crash, as well..
  18. Hmm, yes, they say that if you travel through Napoli and the areas around it (Sicily included), you're not safe even in the air. A plane might work, but don't stick your hand out of the window if you're wearing a watch because there's a very high chance it will mysteriously disappear. This is, of course, exaggerated, but that's the whole point. I live no more than 80km away from Italy, so I hear about these things without even wanting to. P.S. All the stories you may have heard about mafia on Sicily are true. If you ever go there, don't be surprised if you encounter a bunch of Mafiosos shooting each other with machine guns.
  19. Yeah, modding is more fun nowadays than playing. Maybe I need to find a new hobby. :eek:

  20. I found the first ME pretty damn boring and lifeless, but I can't get myself to stop playing the second one. While I'm not done yet (and won't be for a while, for I'm worse than a snail when it comes to playing games ), I can without reservation say that ME2 is a far better game. The scanning planets mini-game is not the best, but I think it's better than what we had in ME1. It's about as boring as driving around in the Mako, but takes far less time; so yes, it's better. If it were up to me though, I'd ditch it completely, and focus on making the areas you can actually visit even better.
  21. The Exile would probably pick Malacor, so I'm going with that.
  22. I've gotten over the prequels a very long time ago. No reason to start beating this dead horse again.
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