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  2. The Keeper tunnels stretched further than the eye of could see and the Geth continued on knowing the long walk it had before it. Providing nothing stopped it, the Geth predicted it had at least two days of solid walking to do before it reached it destination. If it were an organic then the Geth could have taken transportation and reached his target within minutes. But he was a geth. It's appearance would cause horror and alarm, and his target would be aware of its presence. The Geth required secrecy. The shadow broker provided the targets itinerary and the Geth knew that Henry Lawson would be in the Citadel for a month. Time was not of the essence. Either organics didn't know about or cared about the tunnels because the Geth never saw a living soul as it began the first leg of its journey. The Geth came to a full stop when he saw a Keeper crawl past. It took a moments thought but the Geth decided his previous statement was still accurate. The Geth had yet to see a living soul, it didn't consider the Keepers to have souls. To the Geth souls were important and the basis of the most important question to the Geth; do these units have a soul? It was the question that sparked the war between the Geth and their creators. The Keepers were nothing but puppets of the Old Machines. "The old machines," The Geth, spitting the name out loud without realizing why. This Geth, before it had been upgraded and elevated to the platform it was now, worshipped the Old Machines as a god. In a former life this unit believed that by only having the Old Machines favour that the geth could be elevated to their desired state. But then the Shepard-Commander came and freed it and it's fellow units from the Old Machines religion. Then it was upgraded to the point where it could look back and realize its mistakes. The salvation of the geth didn't lie with the Old Machines. This Geths mission was to find out where it did lie, but not that didn't matter any more. All that mattered was revenge so the Geth continued walking. It had a long way to go.
  3. One thousand and two hundred programs formed the mind of this particular Geth. Over a thousand programs shouted a single word; "shoot". This Geth had a particular destination for a particular reason. Currently three organic individuals stood in its way. One was a human and the most hated of the three. This man had killed more people than he bothered to remember but that didn't mean he was a galaxy-class killer. He just knew a thing or two about killing a man not looking. The other two were Asari and former dancers. They had no business being street thugs. Once upon a time they had a small but dedicated fan base. But after they both developed a drug problem business turned sour for them. This human man took advantage of the pair. The human wasn't particular clever and only really wanted the two on his side because he thought they were hot. They may look good to some but neither really knew their way around a gun. Neither had any business being criminals and none of the three had any business scouring the shipping containers of the docks for stuff to steal. This Geth used the connections to the Shadow Broker thanks to favours called in by the geth unit Legion in order to get himself transported to the Citadel. In its mission to avenge the "deaths" of its fellow line units this Geth had travelled to the centre of the universe in order to find a particular human male with ties to Cerberus This Geth knew of three particular targets he could interrogate for information into Cerberus with the most prominent one being a man called Henry Lawson who was residing in the Citadel whilst on vacation. This Geth used Geth and Shadow Broker resources to smuggle itself aboard the Old Machine space station in secrecy and with plans of the Keeper Tunnels. After being smuggled inside a shipping container, this Geth broke out of his container and was confronted by the group of would-be-thieves who had been by chance turning the corner. The human male raised his pistol towards the Geth, "Wooo-hooo! Ladies we've hit it big time! Imagine what people'll pay for a dead gef!" "Johnny, this is serious! I mean it's a geth! We should report this to C-Sec!" Replied one of the asari ladies. This Geth's vision zoomed towards the woman’s hands and the pistol they grasped. Her hands were shaking and if shot she'd mostly likely miss. Certain programs began to wonder if she'd have to die. The man told her to shut up and called her a word the Geth recognised as one of those human "swear word" that they used to insult one another. "P'ease. C-Sec would bust our backsides are our snooping. Nah, but I knew people who'd play good money for..." The greesey haired human was interrupted by the piercing sound of a single gunshot. As the human male shouted at his women the Geth decided enough was enough. The quick draw of the rifle meant the Geth didn't have time to aim for a clean head-shot but the plasma bullet did tore through the men's knee. The man dropped to the floor and hugged his knee as he cried out more of what the Geth believed to be "swear words". "Goddess," One of the asari whispered before turning around and running for her life. The other was a braver for a few seconds. She pulled the trigger but only managed to hit a nearby container. The handgun was foreign to her and it particulary jumped out of her hands. She followed her asari partner-in-crime and sprint as fast as her terror would allow her. The Geth now stood over the human male and wondered if this human deserved execution. The man wasn't helping his case that he should live. "Who do you think you are you blasted robot? You don't mess with me! I have contacts!! You are dead! You hear me? Dead!!" The Geth was amused to hear the humans voice had begun more high pitched with each threat he threw at his judge, jury and executioner. He practically squeaked his last threat. A census was drawn and the rifle was put away. The Geth hoped this human would learn from the lesson the Geth provided. While no one would miss this scum bag, he no longer posed no threat to the Geth. As pain had consumed his mind he'd forgotten about his handgun had landed right beside him. As the man screamed threats he could never follow through on the Geth turned and walked away. It had a Cerberus agent he needed to meet. This little pointless diversion with would-be-thieves had cost it time.
  4. Things have slown down in Uni just in time for me to want a Mass Effect rpg, lol. Appearance: Click here Name: The geth (name may come later) Age: 0 Gender: N/A Species: geth Personality: Curious, Logical, Consus, Infuential. Occupation: Mobile Scout Platform Weapons: geth Pulse Rifles, geth Plasma Shotgun Abilities: AI Hacking, Combat Drone Biography: This unit is a by-product of the success of the Legion platform and the increasing hostilities between the geth and their quarian. Fearing an all out war where the geth would be forced to destroy those who made them, a census was drawn. Eventually it was decided the geth would begin the work on the big dream. By constructing a mega-structure the geth would allow every single geth to become connected to one and another into one glorious hive-mind. It is hoped that once construction is complete, the geth are able to download themselves into the Mega-Structure and the creators were allowed to reclaim their home world then all hostilities will end. However many geth programs believed that backs-ups should be in place to protect them from the eventuality that the creators didn't wait and war should so happen to break out between the two races. There were also fears that once the "old machines" returned that they would harbour resentments towards the failures and absorption of the "heretics". It was widely believed that the geth didn't possess resources to deal with either one of these eventualities and build the mega-structure. Aware of the small but notable affect the platform known as Legion had on the two important organic figures Commander Sheppard and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, a new small line of geth were built in the image of Legion in hopes to strength the geths relationship with the rest of the galaxy. This particular geth unit is the fifth built from this line and currently all the one who hasn't been destroyed. Designed with 1,200 geth programs and built from the bodies of several fallen heretics. it's mission is to scout the universe in hopes of gaining intelligence on the races that inhabit, befriend organizations to could help provide the geth with resources and investigate signs of Old Machine activity. Acting on information from the Shadow Broker, this unit has begun to investigate the targeting of its fellow line units and fighting back against the organization responsible for targeting these units; Cereberus.
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    Would you be interested in joining a Mass Effect RP?

  6. Rhys fought back a frown. He wasn't sure what he hoped to learn from this conversation but a strange roar didn't really help. He hoped she dreamed of a strange lake with a cottage where an old Wyrm hold a sign saying 'come find me'. He wanted to help her but the more he heard the more he figured her nightmare was just some repressed memory she had with her brother. He might be able to help her, he only knew one healing spell and whilst it worked wonders on wounds, infections and poisons he wasn't sure if it could be used to help heal her mind. "If you don't mind me asking - tell me if you do - but what happened to your brother? Maybe it has something to do with that. I apologize if I'm being intrusive. I've been in a state what you guess could call close to loneliness, if you call it that, since the Purge visited my part of world," Rhys said, hoping that by adding a little personal information about himself she'd feel a bit more comfortable. He wasn't sure if it would work or just make him seem creepy.
  7. "A paralyzing roar," Rhys replied whilst thinking but of no use. "Maybe it's something from your childhood. I mean a lot of traumatizing things roar. Bears, Pumas, Dragons, hell I've seen see a tree roar once. Any of those form a part in your childhood?" Rhys said, smiling at the memory of the roaring tree. He could smile at the idea now. At the time the fun was spoilt by the tree's attempt to eat him. Rhys hoped by focusing on the idea this nightmare of hers was born through a bad experience as a child he'd be able to determine through the process of elimination whether or not her dream meant something. If not I could atleast say I made a friend, he joked to himself. He took a quick break in order to signal for a refill. A good old fashion wolf hunt did bring out the thirst in a man. "Sorry, I don't understand. Probably a mixture of tiredness, booze and me being a little bit stupid. A roar in a dream doesn't really - how did you put it? - make the dream unusual."
  8. (Guessing there's no post order going) Rhys' finger tapped the bar gently for a nice length of time. Rhys had dreamed of the wolfs, the moon and this building. He wanted to know why. Rhys' dreams were no longer the patchwork of random thought it use to be. No, he had travelled into the swamps and had eaten the magic fruit. By right his mind was connected to the gods and spirits. The finger tapping was a meditation technique taught in the College from which he was born and raised. The tapping sent a calm feeling to take over Rhys' body and he had a choice of his sense he wanted to enhance. He choose hearing and a black tattoo on his forearm turned into bright shade of white. A couple in the corner was talking about a fight he had witnessed, another group was discussing someone's affair with the local priest and something about tea (Rhys was surprised they had tea here, and even more surprised a fully armoured man who had wondered inside took a deep interest in it). Finally he heard something that caught his interest. A woman, who was sitting on the other side of the bar from him was complaining that "[she] had the nightmare again". Rhys' smiled slightly. This could be what he was looking for. Good thing too, he was too tired to put up with the fate's usual long winded way of doing things. De-constructing what she said made him feel even more sure she was important. She said "again" which meant nightmares were a big problem for her and the usual elixir remedy wasn't doing it right for her. But more importantly she called it "the nightmare" with a clear emphasis on the word "the" meaning this was a sole nightmare she was being haunted by. So either she was touched by destiny or suffering some sort of psychological problem, either way he hoped he could help. He moved across the room and sat by the woman who'd he later known as Per'dra. "Evening, my name is Rhys Shadow, mage extraordinaire. I hope you don't mind me intruding but you said you were suffering from a nightmare. Don't know if it's custom here to tell complete strangers your problems, I know a few towns where you don't even need to say hello before you get peoples life story, but I reckon I can help you with your nightmare problem, free of charge. I have some expertise when it comes to dreams," Rhys' offered. He jokingly wondered to himself if she'd realize he hadn't spent a lot of time with actual people. He wasn't great with social knowledge but he realized he'd probably come off as a busy-body or just plain weird. He found wolves were much easier to talk too than people. "If you don't mind, of course." [Tag@MsFicWriter]
  9. A calm night wasn't a wolves best friend. There was no loud winds to rustle noise from leaves of the forest, no splashing from the heavy rain clouds and no thunderous storm cloud to echo across the valley. Nothing to cover up the sounds of seven set's of wolf paws hitting the ground as the pack raced through the forest as fast as their bodies could take them. Their noise was no doubt scaring potential pray for mile around them. But that didn't matter. The stomachs of the wolves were full and they weren't out hunting. They were simply running as far away as they could get from the purge (or the 'all-devourers' as the wolves had called taken to calling it). They knew it would come a time, if it hadn't come already, that not even nature would be spared from the all-devourers' hunger. They stopped when they reached a clearing. They circled the pack leader who had an elevated position upon a smal stone to bask in the moonlight and looked upon the one wolf whose pitch black colour didn't match his greyish tone or the brown fur that the others of the pack wore. 'This is far as you go, interloper, as we agreed,', The grey wolf barked. Follow the path of the moonlight and you'll arrive at the the place you seek. Now give us what you promised and be gone. You may run and hunt well, like a true wolf, but I can still smell what you are. The smell disturbs all of us. If you hadn't hunted as well you did we would have killed you along ago and left your flesh to the bugs. The pitch black wolf let out a small growl and barked 'Fine, but if you betrayal me you wouldn't live enough to feel regret. I have no problem turning you into a coat.' Neither the words of alpha-male and the interloper had any truth behind them. It was merely the customs and the way of the wolves. The wolves believed the aggressive talk helped showed the pack one's fighting spirit and strength. When he's finished speaking the pitch black wolf swiftly transformed into a black smoke which was blown away with a gust of wind to reveal a tall brown haired, blue eyed man. The man known simply as Rhys Shadow withdraw a necklace of fangs and threw it to the wolf who caught in his jaw. The necklace had certain significance to the wolves and the pack leader hoped to give it to the Prince of Wolves to raise his standing in the wolf community. True to their words the pack left Rhys alone. They barked something and though Rhy's lost his connection to the wolves he assumed it was a rude goodbye. Soon they disappeared into the surrounding forest and Rhys was left to travel in the direction of the moon. It took an hour of walking but eventually he reached another clearing. He had seen the bright lights of the tavern before had seen the tavern itself and by the time he'd approach he found himself longing for the warmth of it's fireplace. The clothes he wore now didn't provide the heat he got from his wolf-form. As he entered he was thankful to find the place somewhat empty. The shape shifting mage had lost his sense of time whilst running with the wolves and was a bit worried he'd arrived at this place too late to claim a bed somewhere, but felt save since talking to the barmaid he was happy to learn he wasn't too late to claim a beer. Until he realized why the gods who shaped dreams sent him here he planned to drink himself jolly and try some place to sleep. He didn't feel like spending another night as a wolf in order to get a warm night sleep.
  10. Rhys will serve among the Travellers, if you need him he could be incharge of communications for the travellers, it would fit the supporting role he's in.
  11. NAME: Rhys Shadow GENDER: Male AGE: 24 SPECIES: Human CLASS/COMBAT ROLE: Mage / Shapeshifter APPEARANCE: He has moderate length brown hair to accompany blue eyes and light caucasian skin. His body, particularly his torso is covered in tattoes made from a special ink that glow bright whenever magic is used. Each tattoo pattern is drawn in style of word that describes the spells he knows and all are written in the Wyrm written language. WEAPONS: Magic. His ability to transform into a large wolf or eagal usually serves as the only weapon he needs however like all mages he has a basic understanding of fire magic though keeps it as a last resort. He carries a knife but that's mainly for show. ARMOR: He wears what appears to be a standard set of clothes, however they are enchanted to protect against elemental attacks and could repel one knife stab before wearing off. STRENGTHS: In his wolf form he serves as a great tracker and effective in fast, light combat. His eagel form makes him ideal for scouting ahead. Outside of shape shifitng he knows a small number of healing and fortifcation spells which serve good in a supporting role. WEAKNESSES: Outside of shape shifting Rhys is very combat inexperienced and his understanding of other magic elements is very basic. If forced to fight on his own without back-up he'd be in serious danger. BACKSTORY: Rhys was on a three month long coming of age ritual that took him deep into the swamps of Ishkal to find and eat an piece of ancient fruit of an even older tree when the Purge came for his College. His parents had been mages so the Sazhen's College of Mages was all Rhys had even known. To find his home in ruins and his family nothing but a vast field of unmarked graves. Thankfully one of the college elders had been accompanying Rhys so she was able to take control of efforts to rebuild the college. Meanwhile she's trying to channel Rhy's desire for revenge into the more constructive tasks, such as investigating the rumours of the existence of the a surviving Wyrm.
  12. The light that served as the Geth's eye shrunk in size as it focused upon the nervous marine whose rifle pointed directly towards the Geth. It seemed the only thing that stood in the way of this human soldier from unloading his weapon's ammo into the robotic body that stood before him was the knowledge that the moment the robot's body hit the floor he would be struct down by weapons fire of his fellow brother's in arms. The human, who was being forced by his own nerves to shake the rifle, was still screaming that he realized that the Geth was a spy for his species and was waiting for the chance to kill everyone onboard. The Geth has been warned to prepare for this sort of behaviour, the heredicts and minor boarder skirmishes had given the geth a dark reputation. However it didn't expect to recieve the hostile attitude as soon as it stepped out of it's shuttle. Eventually one of the officers snuck up behind the fearing soldier and with a quick blow whilst the officer's pistol was clenched within the officer's hand for added support, the marine hit the floor, appearing to be deactivated, and was whisked away by other security officers less afraid of the Geth and more afraid of disobeying the officer's commands. The officer stepped forward and looked at the two geth units standing behind him carrying a large metal crate. The Geth noticed a frown form upon her face. "You didn't tell us you were bringing friends and your stuff." The Geth's head tiltted slightly, unaware he was doing something wrong. "The contents of the crate are spare parts, equipment to help maintain and create spare parts, and other devices for the mission to record and transmit whatever information this platform collects to the collective whenever possible. The two other geth troopers are here to provide you're security detail with addes assistence, in case there are areas we need to transverse that are inaccessible to organic beings, and to provide this platform, should the occassion arises, with spare parts," Something the Geth said made the officer chuckle, 540 of the Geth's progams declared this officer was very strange. She gave the Geth a map of the ship before highlighted part of the ship selected for the Geth. He twisted his head 180 degrees to face the two geth soldiers he brought aboard, within the next second the Geth had given orders to send the equipment to their area, unpack and prepare the area to serve the Geth's needs, after which the units swapped opinions on their first meeting with the humans and worked out the likelyhood that this mission would work. With that done, the Geth turned to the officer and asked her, "Could you take me to the commanding unit? This platform would like to introduce itself before we start this mission."
  13. Still interested in Mass Effect: Universe? It's up now.

  14. Name: N/A (The Geth will do) Species: Geth Gender: N/A Rank: Ambassador / Archivist Class: Geth Infiltrator Position: Solider/Marine Appearance: Backstory: After the success of the geth known to the galaxy as Legion, the geth were very interested in experimenting with the concept of an individual geth platform interacting with residents of the galaxy and represent the collective. They have decided that since the Old Machine incursion had been repelled and the galaxy was at a relatively peaceful state, they could begin introducing the idea of geth representatives to the wider galaxy. Considered the first of many, this geth platform, composed of 1,230 programs, as been dispatched to the crew of the Sojourn thanks to the negotating of the Legion platform as the collective have a great interest in the Super Relay and the possibilities it opened up. This platform's mission is to observe, record and archive the mission for the collective to review when this platform returns and provide military assistance when needed.
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