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    No one likes me :(
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    Doesn't matter. The question u
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    I like cheese.. Cheese is good
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    I work in a chicken factory

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  1. LDR

    Happy Easter! :)

  2. LDR

    Would you be interested in joining a Mass Effect RP?

  3. Still interested in Mass Effect: Universe? It's up now.

  4. Again, want to return to the Sith Resurrection Series for Part VIII?

  5. Could you be persuaded to return to my RP series for Part VI? The casting call's up now.

  6. Fear, War, Empire is itching for your input! XD

  7. Hello Steven! I was just going to ask about your Dar character in the Threefold War RP, would it be alright if I took over the character if your done with him? Just wondering.

  8. Think you could start posting in The Threefold War again? We need to make up for Corinthian getting himself banned and Xbx_Inthusiast disappearing.

  9. I know we've never met, but you win the award for best avatar ever.


    Keep rockin' the McKay.

  10. Any chance you'd be interested in my RP Heroes of Nentir Vale? I could do with a few more people before I start it up.

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