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  1. Congratulations on (nearly) finishing your thesis, I hope it is well received. Mojo is, perhaps, not as prestigious as a peer reviewed journal, but I would love to see an article based on your work published on the site.
  2. Come on you two. Bad Asp may or may not be deliberately trolling, but you two are going out of you're way to goad him into a response and then pouncing on him when he does. What's that if not trolling? This thread had been dead for a week, so why try and get it going again? Especially if you've got nothing more insightful to add than "Well, this was a long argument". I don't mean to be grumpy old man, but please stop antagonising Bad Asp.
  3. I think having a character that players want to be is good for attracting players to the game in the first place, but what will keep a player playing (or keep me playing anyway) is that they can relate to the main character. If I understand what motivates a character and empathise with them then I want to help them reach their goal.
  4. Hello there, please make yourself a home. It's a pleasure to have you with us
  5. Good lord, I'm also speechless. I wonder what the control scheme will be?
  6. I think Bad Asp was referring to the petition to revive the N64 version of Mother 3, rather than efforts to get the GBA game released outside Japan. http://classic.fobby.net/petition/eb64/
  7. You know, it's actually pretty funny watching everyone get all exasperated over Bad Asp. I'm starting to think he's just stringing you guys along for laughs.
  8. You're entitled to your opinion, Kroms, just so long as you know that your opinion is wrong. Seriously though, I actually cried when Manny and Glottis said goodbye for the last time. No other game has done to me, and Sam and Max doesn't come anywhere near that level of emotional heft.
  9. 1) You can't expect people to support a petition without knowing exactly what that petition says. 2) The ineffectiveness of your petitions was not because they were online, it's because they were petitions. 3) The FTC has a formal complaints procedure and will not respond to anything else. That includes petitions. 4) It is my understanding that the FTC can only step in when a company has broken the law, which LucasArts has not done.
  10. By all accounts (except the developers) this game was exploiting a real world situation in which real people are, even now, really dying in order to make money. That seems a pretty crass marketing gimmick to me and I'm glad Konami pulled the plug. I'd have no problem with a game set in Iraq if it was presented in a way that gave the player a deeper insight into what it was actually like, but from what I've heard the game was anything but.
  11. Well if I wasn't wasted on these boards I'd just be wasted someplace else. It's the price I pay for being totally awesome.
  12. Hi there, it's nice to hear that people are still discovering the old LA games. Make yourself at home
  13. I know we're the international house of mojo, but there's quite a few Europe based folks around here - anyone fancy a meetup some time in the near future? I'd suggest London as a good place to meet, but then I would because that's where I live. As for when, well just whenever people are able I guess. I'm currently unemployed so I don't exactly have a schedule to rearrange. Any takers?
  14. Thank you Linda. I've found it really interesting to read everybody's responses and I'd be more than happy to answer any follow up questions or make clarifications. Please come back when you're done and let us know how you got on
  15. Neato, I'd forgotten about this game The screenshots look really pretty but I'm not really into fantasy settings as a rule. I do make exceptions when something is exceptionally good though, so do let us know what it's like as you progress. Whilst you wont find it in any dictionary, you could say uber-great in an informal situation. For some reason we've adopted the uber prefix from German and use it to make new slang words.
  16. Hi Linda, I hope this helps you out About you • Do you consider yourself a fan? Most certainly • Why (not)? This is kind of hard for me to pin down. I have the reflexes of an exhausted sloth and I'm also a big fan of comedy. Through sheer chance I got given a copy of Monkey Island one birthday and the sedately paced but mentally engaging gameplay and irreverent sense of humour stuck a chord with me. I think it's probably the humour that has the most enduring appeal to me now, that and fond nostalgia. • What exactly are you a fan of? If you asked me that 10 years ago I would have said LucasArts, but as I get older I realise it's more specifically the humour and writing that I'm a fan of. Right now I'd say I'm a fan of the people who wrote the old adventures: Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman, Ron Gilbert etc • What is the main reason you read and/or write on this forum? I like the people here and I'd like to think some of them like me too. The subject matter is definitely something I'm interested in, but it's more like an excuse to have something to talk about than anything else. • Do you consider this forum and/or The House of International Mojo a community that you belong to? Why (not) I'd like to think I'm part of the community here, for sure. Whether others consider me part of the community is for them to say. • Why this community? Why not the official LA forums? When I first joined up here LA didn't have official forums, or at least I don't remember them having any. • Would you call the community on this forum ‘active’? Why (not)? I'd say it's ticking over, even if it's not the most active forum in the world. Judging by the thread views, there's lots of people who read but don't post very often. • Have you ever made a fancontribution in any form, other than writing on this forum None that I've actually shared with the community. About LucasArts and the adventuregenre • Do you feel like LucasArts has turned it’s back on the fans? Tough question really, I can say that I definitely felt that way when Sam and Max was cancelled. As time has passed I look back from a more objective view point and I just think they did what they thought was best. I have no animosity towards them now. • If so, do you think that, from their perspective, this is a mistake or a smart move (economically, image-wise, etc.)? Again, tough question. There's no question in my mind that graphic adventures were (and are) still financially viable, however they require a very different business model and development style to the blockbuster games that LA wanted to make. I think trying to run a single studio with two different business models would have been a mistake for LA, so it was a good move in that respect. However, in abandoning the adventure genre they garnered a lot of bad will. Even today LA often refered to in the gaming press as the company that used to make awesome adventure games, but decided to milk the Star Wars license instead. It's also worth noting that LA let an awful lot of their best talent go around this time which, in my view, had a severe impact on the quality of their subsequent games. It's difficult to say if it was a mistake economically, but in terms of reputation I would say it cost them a lot. • What are your personal feelings towards LucasArts, and (how) do they relate to you being active on this forum? Mostly I feel neutral towards LA, maybe slightly melancholic. I certainly don't hate them, it's more of a lingering sadness that you'd feel thinking about an old ex-girlfriend. About LucasArts and fancontributions • Does LucasArts acknowledge the fans of it’s adventuregames in any way? Now and again, but not very often. I can't think of any specific examples off the top of my head, but it's not unheard of. • Is there any reaction by LucasArts to the fanmade ‘productions’ (art, games, clips, etc.) I seem to recall a few C&D letters were sent out, but I haven't heard of anyone getting one for some years. I think the last one I remember was when they asked for the Star Wars soundtracks to be taken down from here, but they were fine with the rest of the soundtracks being up. In fact I'm not even sure it was an actual C&D letter and not just a polite email. Other than that they seem to leave us to our own devices. • If so, is it positive, negative or something in between? Well they don't really encourage us, but they don't seem to want to shut us down either. I think they're a bit nonplussed by us really. • Do they encourage certain forms of fanparticipation? Not that I am aware of. • Do they discourage or forbid other forms of fanparticipation? I am unaware of them having done so in the last five years or so. • Do you think the way LucasArts treats their fans and react to fanparticipation - which ever way that would be - is in their best interest (economically, image-wise, etc.)? Fostering a community is a great way to keep in touch with what your audience wants and it also keeps people interested in your products (I think Telltale Games is a good example of this). By not participating in the community I think LA is missing these opportunities so no, I do not think it is in their best interests. About LucasForums • If it is not the property of LEC, why is there no need for a disclaimer? Isn’t that a bit strange for a website which main topic is the company so infamous for it’s copyright protection? (although maybe you already disproved this during the answering of the previous questions) Whilst a disclaimer probably isn't a bad idea, just in case, I think LA realised a few years ago that sending the lawyers round is counter productive. • Or, if so, do you feel like ´Big Brother is watching you´ and do you maybe take that into account when writing a post? Your thoughts and/or facts on the subject please. I'm more worried about the LucasForums admins than LucasArts themselves to be honest. I've never held back on what I wanted to say because I thought someone was watching. In general • Do you have any other thoughts on the matter? I think LA is trying to reconnect with us, but they don't really know how. There have been a (very) few mentions of us and the older games recently. The new Indiana Jones game for the Wii, for example, comes with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis as an unlockable bonus. This does show a willingness on LAs part to acknowledge their back-catalogue and that people might enjoy these old games. I'm hopeful we may see more in the future. Oh and one more thing, that Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle cosplay photo is terrifying. I would actually support LucasArts sending a Cease and Desist in this instance
  17. If you open, for example, COMI.LA01 you should get a little icon labelled LECF with a "+" symbol next to it. Think of LECF as a folder, clicking on the plus sign shows you the subfolders. If you look through the folders and subfolders you'll find some of them are called SOUN, these should have a subfolder called iMUS. Clicking on an iMUS folder brings up two buttons in the Block Specific Info box saying Play and Save as Wav. I have no idea where the file you want is though
  18. Ah, just like the old days *wistful sigh*
  19. Quality stuff here's my hastily knocked together effort: Bigger version.
  20. I don't think all versions of the game had voice acting. I believe if you have the floppy disk version, rather than the CD version, you'll just have to do without I'm afraid.
  21. I say, is that the wrong trousers I spy mowing the lawn there? I think I may well be more excited for this than I was when Sam & Max came out!
  22. I watched Colour of Magic and thought it was rubbish so I haven't bothered with The Hogfather. My main problem was with all the gurning and nudge winkery. The humour should come from the juxtaposition of the absurd situations and all the actors playing it straight but, Irons aside, it was irritatingly hammy throughout.
  23. I wouldn't say this makes me angry, more sort of bemused. What's the point? All I can say id if other people like fine, but I wont be buying it. Regarding Colfer's name being more prominent than Adams', if it were the other way around then the publishers would be accused of trying to dupe people into thinking this was a new work by Douglas and trying to hide the fact that the author was someone else.
  24. Man this game is way harder than I remembered. I'm stuck on this damn chess puzzle where you have to swap the black an white bishops. Argh! How far along is everyone else?
  25. Or anything supported by ScummVM; we currently have a 7th Guest thread in General discussion. In fact you could probably get away with anything vaguely adventure game related in General Discussion. If it's deemed to be in the wrong forum you wont get scolded or anything, someone'll just move it.
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