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  1. Hey there, what you want to do first up is download and install ScummVM (click here) then have a look at what files from the CD ScummVM needs (click here) and copy them onto your hard drive. Run ScummVM and you should be able to install the game from there. Have fun.
  2. Will it be possible to avoid calling it Wallace and Gromit Season One (as opposed to Series One)? I know it's kind of superficial, but it just feels wrong in my bones. I'm sure the games will be the most totally awesome thing ever either way.
  3. Well maybe it does happen then. I've never experienced myself and I guess I just assumed that that means it never happens at all. I should probably stop assuming things so much.
  4. I'm not awfully fussed about this to be honest with you. It doesn't look enormously different and it doesn't change the plot or the character development. What does concern me is the Lucas' notion that people would be cheering in a theater. It says to me that he was way out of touch with audiences even back then.
  5. If I had the money at all I'd bid on all of those items in a heartbeat. Being poor is ****e
  6. Good to know it's working out for you Thanks for posting the link too, like you say, hopefully this could help someone else with the same problem.
  7. Hmmm, Mike Levine has left an interesting message over at Cartoon Brew
  8. Well the latest release is 0.11.1, which you can download here. If you're still having issues after that I suggest you post on the ScummVM Forums - folks round there are far more likely to be able to help you out. Best of luck
  9. This is a must have for all of us I think, although it does make a mockery of that whole "Secret History" thing we've got going on. Not much of a secret if they go around publishing books about it now is it?
  10. Blimey that's ... well, just blimey really.
  11. It was definately one of the better episodes. The trouble is, to my mind, that simply by having such an interesting concept it really suffers from having to tell the story in such a short time frame. There were quite a few interesting ideas that were never explored in much detail. There was so much scope to commentate on the folly of fighting over religion, the ethics of cloning, the meaning of parenthood etc that were lighly touched upon but really deserved more attention. Bring back the multi episode stories! I'm also finding Tate more and more irritating every episode - I'm hoping there's a Soda Poppers style twist coming soon.
  12. Not necessarily, I mean look at Psychonauts. Even if the game does sell well then you've got to bare in mind what the developments costs are. I'm sure the new GTA is selling a whole buch of copies and it's getting great reviews but I'm also sure Rockstar sunk a boatload of cash in making thing - how many units have to sell before Rockstar makes a profit on the game? Freaking loads would be my guess. = a lot more risk too. The risk vs reward for a Star Wars game as far more favourable to that of a random game in a random genre that LucasArts has little to no experience with. Remember that LucasArts doesn't owe us good games, it doesn't owe us anything at all.
  13. Kroms, you're missing the point. LucasArts is not a "they", it's an "it". It's a business, a comercial venture, a for-profit enterprise. It doesn't have a personality, it is not cruel or kind or smart or stupid; it exists for the sole purpose of making money. This is the real world.
  14. Can we all just agree to stop emoting about businesses please? It's totally pointless. I know that we are all bombarded with marketing material that encourages this, from car manufacturers to clothing stores, but take a step back for a second. Why do you hate LucasArts so much? What rational train of thought has led you to this? LucasArts is not a person, so stop personifying it.
  15. The 1966 version got a genuine, honest to goodness, belly laugh out of me. I feel like I've been waiting ofr that my whole life and I didn't even know.
  16. As I was watching that I thought, hey this seems just like Flatland (The narrator then goes on to present a portion of it practically verbatim!). Flatland deals with explaining multiple spacial dimensions rather than arbitrary "infinities". It's well worth reading if you can find it although the first half is a bit of a slog. I'm no expert, but it seems to me that humans as a race wont evolve anymore (until society collapses anyhow). Evolution is a process which progressively makes changes to an organism so that it better suits it's environment. Human beings posses the ability to change their environment to better suit them. This means that if somebody's genes have mutated outside the norm then they will be less suited to the environments we have created for ourselves. I know alot of people who are way smarter than me disagree but I've never seen an explanation of why.
  17. I wonder how embarrassed elTee will be when he realises this is the wrong thread. EDIT: I wonder how embarrassed I will be when I read the whole of elTee's post
  18. I wonder how the universe keeps consistantly obeying it's own rules.
  19. Sounds good, keep us informed (in a spoiler free way as much as you can) as you get further. I can't wait for the pc version - I'm guessing most of the issues you have with the game should be nonexistent on the download.
  20. I suspect elTee is refering to Insector X. I'm not sure if this is a genuine mistake or a joke though - it doesn't make much sense to me either way :S
  21. You're forgetting that gamers and game reviewers have no idea what a normal distribution is.
  22. No worries - and have fun with the game, it's one of my personal favourites :-)
  23. If you'd prefer a single MP3, then it's also avaliable here: http://www.scummbar.com/mi2/LOOM/13%20-%20Loom%20Audio%20Drama.mp3
  24. Joke or not, you have no idea how many times I've had this conversation with someone from Bavaria. I don't know if this is representative of the views of the majority, but so many people down there say Bavaria should be independent from Germany as a whole. And Franconia should be cut off from Bavaria too. Anyway, by a "German equivalent of RP" I mean the correct way to pronounce things in German. In English, for example, we have Recieved Pronounciation (RP) also known as the Queen's English. This is how rich/posh people talk and it is considered to be correct. Since I learned German in Bavaria I have a Bavarian accent and I don't know "Proper German". Which is why I suggested I could be wrong. EDIT: I guess that would be the hochdeutsch you were talking about earlier.
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