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  1. Another advantage BF1 snipers had were larger levels where they could actually snipe. In BF2 you have a ton of mostly close quarters maps where snipers are all but useless...


    I for one miss the orbital strike as well, nothing like seeing a rain of lasers pummel a AT-AT or AT-ET. Of course it didn't deal much damage as you would think, but it still looked awsome.

  2. You know, we wouldn't need mods to lock this thread if people just stopped posting complaints and wishes for it to be locked and just allowed it to die...


    Anyway back to somthing a bit more on topic: Someone told me that the patch prevented this force power, is that true or not? Can old man Palpatine still choke and fry at the same time? Or am I mistaken?

  3. Well the two biggies for me are,


    1: Make it a playable mode online. Yeah, I know simple to say hard to do, but I really think it would be a worthwhile mode, maybe winning/losing would actually matter to people for a change...


    2: Make some of the bonus' more worthwhile. I mean some are absolutly worthless, auto turrets for example. Either improve them (ie: Replace the 1 crappy auto turret with three of those tripod mounted ones, that might actually be able to help defend the base.) Or dump them for somthing a little bit more useful.


    A few more suggestions: Since when was 1 capital ship considered a fleet? How about allowing you to combine multiple capital ships to form 'real' fleets. The bigger the fleet, the larger the attacking force both in space and on land.


    Also I know I've mentioned this before, but how about planet specific or faction specific bonus's? Somthing unique you'd have that the other guys wouldn't. Of course they would have somthing unique to themselves as well.

  4. Sounds good, I'm not sure if we want too many classes though, is anti-tank really a big enough task to warrent an entire class be created around it? Maybe if they change gameplay around a bit, but i'm still more partial to a single heavy class. Maybe with equipment that changes based on map?


    The heavy weapons guy would ditch his original equipment (rocket launcher, other heavy weapon, and assorted side arms) for a more anti-infantry heavy weapon that is slow and clunky but quite effective at pinning down enemies to give your guys some breating room.


    Heck, this could work with all classes, you could have large map equipment and small scale infantry-only map scale equipment. Basicly it would just mean indoors you have less grenades and mines to use and some guys gain/lose weapons. But you would gain somthing, like better speed or stamina?

  5. Woah, theres a soul calibur THREE? Sweet, I really need to start paying more attention to those annoying advertisements.


    Anyway, I would love a cool realistic saber system thingy- It'd be nice. But for me the game ain't all about jedi fights, so I'm not really foaming at the mouth with fury or anything. I just gotta say "Cliched phrase for indifference starting with 'M' ending with 'eh'"

  6. I just want to avoid extra controls that seem unweildy or unnecessary. (I still wish the roll command was a combo instead of an entire extra button...) The less complicated the controls the better I say, and melee attacks don't really strike me as the sort of thing that's common enough to warrent an extra button.


    It would be annoying, I agree, if you wanted to keep firing for some reason. But I think that if the "auto-bash" region was kept quite small it would work out. Keep it small enough so that it's almost impossible to hit the guy on accident, you'd have to be standing right next to him while firing to suddenly melee him, or he'd have to run directly into you while you were firing. If you would rather keep firing then keep a bit of distence between the two of you. Not perfect, but I would prefer this method to a completely diffrent weapon switch or extra button which might be a bit awkward to use if the situation arises.

  7. Really, I prefer auto-bash to a completely seperate button/command for a melee attack (unless the weapon is melee only of course) really it strikes me as more of a spur of the moment type thing, if your in a situation where a melee strike would come in handy you probably don't have time to switch to a melee mode or anything. Instead you'd rather stun the guy with your rifle, then finish him with some well placed shots to the head.

  8. I can really agree as well. I would really love to see some more diffrences between similer classes of diffrent factions. It could be just differing rates of fire, or weapon clips for rifles, or a completely diffrent feature certain classes weapons sport. Somthing to give each side it's own unique style.

  9. I'm not to sure about escape pods. After all, if I was about to evacuate a doomed ship, I'd take a starfighter, chances are I was planning to take one anyway. Also it seems kind of pointless, I think I'd rather just take the death and respawn later.


    Now if space land battles were combined it could be a neat addition, but aside from that I don't really think it would fit with the way the game is played.

  10. I enjoy attempting to survive a whole match, it's pretty challenging especially since battlefront is basicly the kind of game where it's almost guarnteed you'll die several times. The trick is doing somthing worthwhile before your blown away. It's what happens when you play a game as the nameless cannon fodder instead of the main characters.


    Now I like the idea of the capital ship 'sploding. If your going to have destructable capital ships, you've gotta have a classy explosion. With the typical trying to fly away before you get caught in the blast, and trying to escape (even if, in the whole scheme of the battle, it doesn't really matter.) before the whole thing goes up in smoke. Only to be caught in the blast just as you make it out of the hanger.

  11. Most suited to my playing style?


    Hero: Han freakin' Solo, I'm no good mindlessly hacking and pushing and pulling. I'd much rather sit back and pick guys off from a distance.


    Villain: Tough one as I don't play villains much, I would probably say Maul, he's quick and powerful.


    Which one do I enjoy the most?


    Hero: Han again.


    Villain: Boba Fett. He's cool to play as but I am absolutly no good with him.

  12. I don't know I just never seem to have luck with jango/boba, I always seem to get Mauled alive by certain sith whenever I attempt to use them.


    I seem to rock with Han on the other hand, in my opinion he's the best shooter hero. (I know it doesn't make sense, maybe I've just been lucky.)


    Leia gets a bad rap but she's really an O.K. hero, Ive dropped many a Maul/Anakin who tried charging me with a well placed shot to the head with her sniper like gun. Her speacial ability is underused as well. Invincibility, whenever I'm not han, I'm leia, sniping pesky sith from a distance and making sure my jedi buddies are invincible when they do get close enough to attack. Plus she's the only hero with thermal dets, quite useful at times.

  13. First off, I'd try to make uniforms a bit more map specific, mostly a clone trooper thing, diffrent uniforms for diffrent words etc... Also I would give the classes minor diffrences, nothing unbalancing just things to make the sides more unique.


    Now as for equipment I would change that quite a bit, assault guys would get an additional grenade type, probably some sort of anti-vehicle device.


    HVY troops would get less rockets, but the ones they do have are much more powerful, they also loose their mines but get some sort of heavy blaster type weapon.


    Engineers lose the shotgun, instead they are armed only with a pistol, but they have a variety of toys to make them quite useful, like detpacks, mines, and a fusion cutter for repairs/slicing/disarming/salvaging mines and other mischeif.


    Scouts would get back the recond droid and would get a 'scout pistol' in exchange for the normal one, basicly somthing with a high rate 'o' fire but it overheats fast and has a grappling hook attachment.


    Officers would be really changed, my idea is to give them a durable main weapon (differs per class, usually a command pistol) and maybe some kind of moral boost around them. They would also have the ability to capture CP's much faster and carry supplies they can distribute to troops, designating them as ammo-carriers or health-carriers.


    Speacial guys would stay roughly the same, maybe a few tweaks to make them a bit better/balanced.

  14. Ya gotta have Qui-gon, and all those background cool looking jedi who everyone seems to love. Lando and Padme might be good extra shooter heroes.


    I also advocate Nute Gunray, not really as a playable hero but more as a "kill this unit" NPC...

  15. I tend to go to servers that have at least 10 players, and jedi OFF, I don't really have a specific favorite though. I find that clan or clan recruiting servers tend to present greater challenges then others, but no specific servers really come to mind... I just find one I like and stick with it.

  16. Dwarf Spiders!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yes I know they should be a droid, but sizewise they would be nice as a light vehicle, and are quite effective.


    I always wished the dwarf spiders were in this game in some form or another... either as a local NPC who helps CIS or as a speacial class. Maybe as a good HVY trooper varient with a heavy laser cannon (well, for infantry at least...) Or maybe even a droid commanders can deploy, they could control them from a distance or keep them as an NPC who follows him around and guards him.


    Since this idea was placed in another forum, i'll out it here because I like the idea.


    Hmm that idea sounds strangely familier... I like the sound of it though!



    Nothing really I can add to the whole vehicle thing or execpt whats already been said, specific roles and jobs, various improvements, etc...

  17. Free For All? sounds fun. I actually thought about a "Mos Eisly street brawl" scenario. Where instead of picking armies you just spawn as a random alien scum on mos eisly, then run around killing anyone and everyone with whatever weapons you can find...


    Back on topic, not sure how it would work in space though, would everyone be enemies but still spawn on one capital ship or somthing? It would be total chaos with everyone flying around shooting everyone down...

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