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  1. That's stupid, MMORPG's are descended from tabletop RPG's, and the whole point of those is to win.
  2. Good idea. It won't lead to any real change, but it might make future political buzzwords more interesting. Running an election campaign by challenging all your rivals in a marathon.
  3. Methadone might work. What if NASA announced that they were going to try to burn down the sun?
  4. Here's a 4chan approved answer, don't click if you like your current level of sanity: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Get
  5. Granted, but it turns out that nightmare was an outlet, and now your waking life has turned into a nightmare. I wish the SQLite documentation wasn't so oblique.
  6. Granted, but after prompting from MADD they've replaced all alcohol with scented candles. Permanently. I wish more places sold scented candles.
  7. Granted, but now you have to pay for web browsers so you can use directory-style search engines. I wish the work and school day started at noon.
  8. Excellent idea, that way you get people addicted to giving. Selling a diet plan that involves regular use of activated charcoal.
  9. None of this applied to me and we're about the same age. So, I guess it's an Ontario thing. Maybe someone should change the thread title.
  10. Granted, but people blame you for Twilight, the PT, and a million other subpar works and they boycott all media. Now no one talks to you and art is dead, way to go. Granted, but the rising cost of textiles (it's a real thing, I'm not making this up) means that you can no longer afford any material to sew. I wish someone remade the Twilight movies with talking anthropomorphous (in the acting like humans sense, not the furry one) animals. I don't think I'd have a problem with that, honestly.
  11. Granted, but you used all your wishes on wishing you could wish, and all subsequent wishes go unfulfilled. Be direct next time, genies hate it when they have to deal with complex wishes. I wish there were a mathematical symbol for spoiler alert. Worth it.
  12. Granted, but it turns out that, due to it being released on Roadrunner Records, it sounds exactly like a Nickleback album. I wish Nickleback would stop doing things. I mean all the things they do, they should stop doing, not just music.
  13. Granted, but Vic Toews takes over and shifts the entire government's focus to getting to know you better (by putting you in a megaprison with lots of cameras). You're stuck in there with the worse kinds of people, like child pornographers and privacy advocates. I wish that space travel was as cheap, effective, and as awesome as it is in Star Trek.
  14. Granted, now you're floating in a void for all eternity with nothing to do. I wish it would stop being so damn windy here.
  15. I'm sure we all run into this problem at some point.
  16. Great idea, that way it builds hype for the first 6 or 7 albums, and when you actually die people will be totally stoked for a week or two before being bummed out and feeling ashamed. Faking being an interesting person for your whole life.
  17. Possibly paradoxical idea: If you work in an entertainment company, the most amusing applicant would often be the most qualified, so who do you hire instead of him? As an employer, hiring the person with the shortest coverletter and resumé instead of the most qualified applicant.
  18. What if Avlectus had posted a What if-esque question? Also, if you go back into the dark ages of LF, you'll find I'm also the Grand Duke of Costaguatemexorico, I just go by Baron von Sexy because Sexy's a bit more fashionable of a place.
  19. Bad idea, that mean mean half the non-cat jokes on the internet would die out. Trying to burn down the sun. @Avlectus: It's too late, the oil's going to China if King Steve has his way (that is, if he manages to talk the B.C. government, Haida, Nisga'a, and whoever else is between the oilsands and Vancouver).
  20. I'd tell it to drive me to the sun, it'll drive me into interstellar space and you'll all be mad jelly. What if mad jelly was a real fruit preserve?
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