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    girls, rpg, music, art, fantasy
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    washer-woman lol (work in a nursing home)
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  1. *snerk* Atleast they didnt ruin his life - the rest of it anyway - by forcing him to register as a sex-offender.
  2. Princess Lover is kinda funny. Its ecchi romance about this boy who goes to live with his grandfather who is filthy rich. Hes adopted and goes to this school for the kids of filthy rich people. heh
  3. Atleast they didnt kill the mouse... I know of some people that would have killed it instead of putting it outside. >.>
  4. I like the website the best... but Ill definitely go see the movie. Hopefully it wont be one of those bad movies where I have to turn the critic-side of my brain off just to enjoy it.
  5. It probly is depression, but maybe not clinical depression... becareful of the doctors who are too quick to say it needs medication. As for getting out of your slump, go outside, go for a walk in the woods (preferably on a nice clear day). Watch a good comedy. Laughter is the best medicine, not zoloft.
  6. Thats nothing! Our presidents answer was to spend more money! And when that didnt work he wanted to print more... Last time I checked, Michigans unimployment rate was 15%. Sad really. Ive got sorta job security. Working in a nursing home, so I havent gotten any news about getting tossed out cause of budget cuts or anything.
  7. QFT And... wow. I want to play this game! lol
  8. Peach Girl is a shoujo anime. Its meant for girls, so thats probly why you didnt like it.
  9. Holy ship... 111 and 113! Thats quite remarkable. Guys I dont think live to be such great ages like that, its usually the women. O.o
  10. That evony link you put up as funny. Just wait, they will get even more desparate and put unclothed boobs in the pic.
  11. This show is just weird. I like it. Its like FLCL, random. lol
  12. The correct way to do that test was to make them first put their arm in a bucket of ice water, and then stick it in a bucket of boiling water and see which one makes them yell and scream the longest. :3
  13. Season two seems to be like one of those really horrible sequels to movies that were extremely popular. I fell asleep no less than five times trying to watch episode 4. This repetitive summer vacation is already old... 8 episodes of repeats?
  14. Monster Story (it could almost be read as Stupid Story if it was baka. lol) is a very odd anime... the screens with text fly by way too fast to click and stop to read them, but the art is very neat. Its only on episode one, so Im not sure what the hell its about really. But it seems to be that these people meet gods, and they have attributes taken away from them... and I guess they become vampires of a sort. One girl has her weight taken away, another girl has her presence taken away, the boy, not sure what he had taken away. But the kid takes this tsundere girl to meet his benefactor to help her out... Its almost comical in parts, but I think the show it trying to take itself seriously.
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