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  1. Yes! They're full of very specific political references. Jesse Helms being "miffed" re: Reagan choosing Bush for a running mate in 1980. (Newspaper 5/7) I think the Mayor is supposed to be Abraham Beame (Mayor of NYC '74- '77) This photo is what sold me on it. (Newspaper 3/7) But the last one I've been trying to figure out is: Is that Rush Limbaugh? If so, why? (Newspaper 7/7)
  2. Well, guess I found myself a project. I started working on this the other day and have managed to get more cutscenes than ever before somehow. I'm thinking at this point it's a combination of time related to actions and switching between characters. Staying on a single individual in a time period or waiting around doesn't seem to result in anything. There are also a handful of lines that will trigger one. I still didn't manage to trigger the one I was looking for though, I'm starting to think I might have made it up. I could have sworn that there is at least one of the
  3. An update in case anyone was hoping to access their old S&M from TTG... I was able to log back in and access the game files, download and install them, however, it won't let me run them. It says I need to log-in, but is not accepting my account information and then tells me to get a Code from TTG. I e-mailed them just to check and the response was essentially that they don't support this game at this time (but more indirect than that). If anyone has any suggestions, happy to take them. I might go ahead an re-purchase and try through Steam - I suppose I can alw
  4. I've been wondering for ages but never really asked. Does anyone know what exactly triggers all the "Meanwhile"s ("Meanwhilst"s; newspapers) in DOTT? There are a few that I've been able to pinpoint, but some I never seemed to manage to grasp. Also, anyone have a full list of them all? I've been noticing some that I remember from my original CD-ROM version not showing up in my playthroughs of the remastered version, and I'm really curious about it. Tried looking through archives but couldn't see anything on this topic - apologies if this is already done-to-death.
  5. I made it a couple episodes into Beyond Time and Space but then life got hectic and I never finished it. I was out of the loop for most of what happened with Telltale afterwards...but I now find myself with a lot of time on my hands and the need to stay indoors...so my question is: should I still be able to access my purchased version of BTS (which was direct and not via Steam)? And would I still be able to access Devil's Playhouse? (I see it on Steam, but I've been burned before by something no longer working because the developer was gone.)
  6. Very this about Curse, which is my favourite. It really is about that atmosphere which makes each space feel unique, special, and interesting. Even when you have so many different locations within a single island, like Plunder with its beach, town, swamp, jungle, grassy knoll, etc; they somehow all seem to hold together to form a cohesive whole. And I've always loved Blood Island, it's just completely magical to me. But beyond that, i think this is the one that hits my sense of humour the most. I think it's got the best lines, visual gags and references. Then again, I played
  7. true.... didnt think of that.......... *shudder* thats a very scary thought
  8. It has to be an adventure game. The only other type of games that Sam and Max could be in would be........ either a lame racing game (which there arent even enough "regular" characters for anyway) and like a shooting game! haha... i HIGHLY doubt that Sam and Max will just be walking around shooting aliens (or earth people) for no reason what so ever.
  9. this is a bit off topic.. but........who's tom??
  10. Torins Passage Titanic:Adventure out of time King's Quest (though i only played 5,6, & 7) and Haggis- the Muppets Rule!
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