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  1. I voted for LeShip as well. Same reason as Romão and Remi.


    I also like others, like the already mentioned Scurvy Island and Barebones Island.


    There is one that I haven't seen anyone mention (edit: I just noticed Laserschwert also mentioned it in the previous post), albite a bit short, which is very good. It's the Scurvy control point, but unfortunately you don't spend much time there.



  2. 3 hours ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:


    I think this is more in reference to the fact that his business is booming (in direct comparison to the International House of Mojo's).



    In an odd, retro, choice: The character are the same facing left and right. So eye patches flip from eye to eye and t-shirts have their lettering reversed, depending on which way the character is facing. It's really odd for a modern game to be honest, because it's not like it would have taken much work to fix.

    Good point! That makes more sense.


    3 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

    Let me ask: did you try to use your money pouch on Wally to "settle accounts"? Before I finished Part 1, I could use the money on Wally to pay for the mop map and on Locke to pay for the keys, but they didn't ask for the payment automatically.


    Have you paid Wally yet?

    No, I didn't even knwo you could do that. What's their reaction?

  3. What a fantastic game! I really enjoyed playing it. All of it - music, art, puzzles and story. 


    Puzzles were easier than earlier games, but in a good way. All made sense and I never really got stuck (maybe a bit on the last one).


    As for the art, I liked it from the beggining, but seeing it in action made me like it even more. The colours are something else. I particularly enjoyed the forest on Monkey Island. I love those ants and dragonflies silluetes. Also enjoyed the "Red&Stimpyesque" close-ups.


    The story got me hooked from the beggining. Even the beggining because it was so different and interesting.  Not a huge fan of the ending but it can't be perfect. Also the last puzzle wasn't my favourite and I was expecting a fight with LeChuck.


    I still can't figure out where to put it against the other MI games, but it's definitely high and it's competing with childhood memories.


  4. 1 hour ago, Toymafia88 said:

    Does anybody know the British time and date the trailer drops?


    The timezones get a little confusing.



    Hard to predict the time when the trailer airs as the Opening Night Live is a 2 hours showcase and starts at 7pm here in the UK.

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  5. Not really an island, but I tried to convert one of the pirate ship scenes from The Curse of Monkey Island from day to night so I could use it as the dark mode header/cover on my website.


    (The original is an upscale by Laserschwert)

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  6. 14 minutes ago, KestrelPi said:

    A good question might be ... how far in advance of launch does this usually appear?

    He does provide an example. In the case of Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope the API warned them at 6am of a Saturday and the media only reported it several hours after. Again, all speculation as we don’t have any real proof.

  7. I haven’t posted this on Twitter (or my website) as I couldn’t validate this information, but a Brazilian guy on Twitter is claiming that RtMI will be priced R$ 64.95 in Brazil. This is the same price as Cult of the Lamb which would put the game at $24.99 (USD) assuming DD prices follows the same conversion to other markets.


    He is claiming he got the price from the Nintendo API (on the website there is no price). He also mentions that they have managed to get the price ahead of time in the past for other games as well. Again, this is just speculation as I could not be bothered to check the Nintendo APIs available myself (eg. https://github.com/favna/nintendo-switch-eshop). If anyone gives it a go, let us know.


    You can check his reply when I enquired about the price below (you can use the Twitter translate if you don’t understand Portuguese):




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  8. 2 hours ago, KestrelPi said:


    Each to their own I guess! I kind of like its energy, kind of has this cheap-glitzy sort of vibe that I definitely associate with Stan. I must have liked it okay, as I made a MIDI of it, back when that's a thing people did. I just checked, it's still up on https://legendofmi.com/downloads/midis/ ... I really do like the second section that comes in, it feels very like a lot of MI2 music to me.

     I should give you credit then. Are all of them yours?

  9. 20 hours ago, TimeGentleman said:

    This may be cheating, but this YouTube channel (which I think is run by someone on these forums?) is full of these kinds of details:



    I binged it a while back. It's amazing how much they stuffed into these games while keeping it unobtrusive.

    That would be me :)


    To be fair I didn’t come up with most of them. I asked for help on Twitter and people sent a lot of suggestions, but most of those are actually suggested by people that commented on the YouTube videos.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, Laserschwert said:

    Not much. Yours looks great!

    Wow! Impressive. The clouds behind the chimney look much better and it seems it kept better detail in same places (like the SCUMM bar sign). Also, mine looks stretched vertically, not sure what happened there.


    Did you do any manual retouching or is it just the model you are using that is better? I am just using a default manga trained model with ERSGAN.


    (Sorry for going slightly off topic)

  11. I upscaled the SCUMM Bar picture (all credits to scummbar.com) from Bill Tiller using ESRGAN. I am sure Laserschwert could do much better, but this should work. 




    Also, where can I find the other “Cursed” soundstracks? I have only heard the one from MI1. I didn’t know there here more from the other games.

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  12. 3 hours ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:


    Ah wow. I don't recall ever seeing that dialogue before. Either I'm just getting old and I forgot or I assumed they would have repeated the same song. Thanks!

    I also only saw it recently when someone mentioned it on one of my YouTube comments.


    Dialogue/singing from both SE and VGA below:

    The 100 bottles of beer dialogue is slightly different for the SE as you can only pick between 4, 42 or 508 while in the DOS version it seems to be completely random. They most likely did this to avoid recording all the numbers.

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  13. 8 hours ago, Jake said:

    Both DOTT and Return seem to be drawing from mid-century animation, which definitely includes Chuck Jones cartoons (or more specifically Maurice Noble’s style including background designs), but also UPA cartoons like Mr Magoo on the way more stylized end and Disney cartoons like Sleeping Beauty which is also stylized but more ornate, and 101 Dalmatians on the more naturalistic end.


    Very well described! Also inline to what Bill Tiller commented:


    “A bit like the UPA style except a lot more colorful”


    He also went on to say he loves it:


    “I think it looks pretty cool! I’m excited. I like the 2d cartoon style. (..) Can’t wait!”


  14. On 2/28/2021 at 4:49 PM, Jake said:

    If their animator request is to be taken literally, they’re using Spine, which is not a pixel art tool but is used for a hybrid of 2D animation and tween-style deformation of illustrations. It’s used by Size Five games (the latest Ben & Dan game for example) and can produce output similar to the animation in Broken Age. 

    I’ll be clear here that I’ve never used Spine and don’t know all the contexts in which it’s used, but it’s definitely a general purpose 2D animation tool. 

    It seems you were absolutely right! I wonder if it was the art director that managed to convince Ron not to do pixel art or if he decided it by himself.


    In any case, I am quite happy they decided to go in this direction and not pixel art. Can’t wait to see more!

  15. 2 hours ago, Laserschwert said:

    Oh yeah, the separators were added in November... not sure if they help or hinder clarity. And obviously most games are still missing them.


    I haven't touched the CMI ad in ages. The current hurdles are a) matching the colors of all sources and b) somehow reconstructing the shoreline. Fun-fact: It was painted my Michael Köelsch, the artist who went on to paint the EfMI cover artwork.



    My sources are the French, English and German version of the ad:



    This is awesome! For some reason I always thought it was from Bill Tiller, but now that you mention it, it does match the EMI box drawing style. Can’t wait to see the final result. 

    The image works very nicely as a profile banner.

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