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  1. You can find the high resolution version here. He actually created 2 versions. I prefer the dark one as it's more similar to the original. I kinda like it, it just takes a bit to get use to it.
  2. That is true, but I was I referring to proper point and click adventure games. Humongous Entertainment games were made for kids Ron also mentioned several times that if he were to make a new Monkey Island it would be a pixel art game. In addition the unannounced new game was originally intended to be a pixel art game (or so it seems based on the first job opening), hence my comment.
  3. Sounds like they changed their mind then. Looking at Spine examples I believe you are absolutely right as the tool would not work well for pixel art. I am quite happy Ron is now evolving his style instead of relying only on the old Pixel Art. Don’t take me wrong, I did enjoy Thimbleweed Park and I like Pixel Art but it is nice to see Ron trying something different.
  4. It seems they no longer mention pixel art like the first job opening but “2d illustrated”. I am curious to know if that means they are shifting art style. I would love to see cell shaded style coming out from Ron.
  5. Thanks for sharing Remi! I had never seen this as I only have the MI2 from the white label double pack. Those are the maps that will be included on the reverse side of the Monkey Island Anthology mini-posters. I was wondering where they were from, now I know.
  6. He posted several hours before you so I gave the credit to him. I also saw his first and then yours.
  7. Maybe you saw it here: https://limitedrungames.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/22000236142-international-customs-fees
  8. Thanks for the preview! It looks amazing. Great job as always. Looking forward to see the proper one.
  9. Any news on the clean (without text and thumbnails) MI2 back? How is it coming along?
  10. They have already updated the page to include the last version with yellow/orange logo. It also includes a logo on the top that wasn’t there before. Looks way better now that we can see a more detailed version.
  11. Interesting to see a completely different view That’s why when I am designing something (not that I am good at it) I tend not to ask too many people as each person will answer something different. You can’t please everyone. However, when it comes to design I would take your word over mine as you are way more experienced on this topic. When I was younger (20 years ago?) I remember I used to annoy you a lot on ICQ asking about design, but you were quite pacient.
  12. I also agree, I do like Laserschwert’s version better. In my opinion the yellow-orange logo doesn’t fit so well with the purple/green of the box art, but I understand why the would go for the colourful version from CMI/EMI. Anyway, overall I think this updated was a great improvement and I will be ordering once the pre-order is open.
  13. The probability of getting it is very low. Something like 1 out of 30. You need to try it a couple of times.
  14. That’s weird, it works fine for me. I tried in ScummVM and I got the women screaming. Not sure where the sound clip if from but it does sound like a stock sound.
  15. Yes, close enough, but not a tiger. It’s randomised so you need to try a couple of times.
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