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  1. Also sharing mine. He actually sent me two versions: one just saying Monkey Island and the other with “The Legend of Monkey Island”. I believe the old SCUMM bar logo was also done by him which was also cool.
  2. That logo is really cool! I really like Bill TIller drawings. The lighting is always on point. He also did a logo for my website long time ago. I was really surprised when he replied to me and said yes.
  3. I am not much of a gamer or collector so I only own the boxes from Monkey Island games. Apart from Tales of Monkey Island, all were bought from eBay. Tales of Monkey Island copy is still wrapped as I played the digital copy I bought from Telltales.
  4. For me the list would be: CMI MI1 MI2 TMI EMI
  5. Very cool! Any idea if this was this was an original pitch or the one for the The Curse of Monkey Island and then they later changed the name?
  6. Thanks for sharing Jake! I have to admit that besides the confinement due to COVID, your livestream also had some impact on me for wanting to bring The Legend of Monkey Island back from the dead. Speaking of which, while designing the website at some point I got too ambitious and wanted to create a Dark theme that would turn on automatically while Dark Mode was on. I even got to the point of creating the night version of the banner I used on the top, but then I realised it wasn’t worth the effort. I still think the banner turned quite alright though.
  7. The amount of detail in that picture is impressive. No wonder Bill Tiller said that if he would do it again he would try to simplify it a bit.
  8. The way I see it is that if you were already huge fan of Monkey Island 1 and 2 when you played CMI it’s very unlikely that you will enjoy the new graphics considering how much it departed from the original ones. It would be good to have other views though.
  9. Adding a bit of diversity here! My favourite game is The Curse of Monkey Island and unlike a lot of people that prefer the game because it was their introduction to Monkey Island series this was actually the third Monkey Island game I played. The first one being LeChuck’s Revenge: Monkey Island 2. I must say that I didn’t get most of the jokes as my english back then was really basic and most of the witty dialogues went over my head. None the less I still enjoyed playing it but for me it was just another great adventure game. The second game I played was The Secret of Monkey Island (CD version) and I must say I enjoyed more than LeChuck’s Revenge: Monkey Island 2. Then in 1998 I played The Curse of Monkey Island and that’s when I really became a fan of the series. It’s hard to say why this one and not the others, but I think the main reasons are because of the amazing drawings by Bill Tiller and the atmosphere it creates with Michael Land’s music on top of it. The Blood Island part is definitely my favourite as it’s very mysterious and exotic and almost makes you want to go there. Of course, not all is good. I felt the carnival part a bit boring and the ending a bit rushed, but overall it’s still an awesome game.
  10. Nah, too tired to move a finger I think the boots are copy&paste from other CMI pirate. Here are another screens from the making of.
  11. Some years ago I made an attempt of making MI3 Guybrush with MI2 clothes. It's not that great but I thought I should post it anyway.
  12. You can still read the interview here: http://www.milegend.com/articles/articles.php?id=17. Carla and Junior did a great jobs with those interviews
  13. I was also able to test WinSPUTM (Version Pre-release), ScummIDE (version Pre-release) and Scumm Revisited 5 on very early stages. I still have all of them on my computer. Scumm Revisited 5 was pretty useful because it could get some MI3 sprites (or maybe it was another version I can't really remember). It's a shame Serge didn't have the time/mood/patience to finish them
  14. You mentioned on other thread you had done 25 backgrounds. I only see 7 on your page, could you show us the others please? BTW, fantastic job I really like them!
  15. Here's a bunch of screenshots of most of the rooms with a list of the main differences between the MI2 demo and the final version. Check it out here: http://www.milegend.com/comments.php?id=408
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