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  1. Not sure if anyone already posted this, but the puzzle on Terror Island where you need to find the right path inside the cavern was initially going to use a lizard. My assumption is that the lizard would guide you to the right entrance. The leftover assets also include the lizard animation moving in different directions and freezing with fear.
  2. I was going through the game assets and found this closeup of guybrush picking up the shovel. I don't recall seeing this in the game. Does anyone remember?
  3. Do you remember where exactly? I tried all the torches and candles and I couldn't find it. @WorldMaker I just remembered that you can actually check the logs to see all dialogue spoken. Near the save games there is a file called Playlog.txt. Could you open it and search for Pappapishu? Thanks!
  4. I voted for LeShip as well. Same reason as Romão and Remi. I also like others, like the already mentioned Scurvy Island and Barebones Island. Another one that is also very good and not mentioned often, albite a bit short is the Scurvy control point, but unfortunately you don't spend much time there.
  5. Good point! That makes more sense. No, I didn't even knwo you could do that. What's their reaction?
  6. After the earthquake and consequently after Guybrush steals Wally's monocle aka business cards, Wally adds a small sign to his sign saying: "Nothing is free".
  7. Did anyone notice that Neil Druckmann (The Last of Us and also a huge Monkey Island fan) is in the credits listed as a voice actor? Anyone knows where he is in the game? Update: Ron already clarified on Twitter (Moved this from the main RtMI thread as it didn't make sense there)
  8. What a fantastic game! I really enjoyed playing it. All of it - music, art, puzzles and story. Puzzles were easier than earlier games, but in a good way. All made sense and I never really got stuck (maybe a bit on the last one). As for the art, I liked it from the beggining, but seeing it in action made me like it even more. The colours are something else. I particularly enjoyed the forest on Monkey Island. I love those ants and dragonflies silluetes. Also enjoyed the "Red&Stimpyesque" close-ups. The story got me hooked from the beggining. Even the beggining because it was so different and interesting. Not a huge fan of the ending but it can't be perfect. Also the last puzzle wasn't my favourite and I was expecting a fight with LeChuck. I still can't figure out where to put it against the other MI games, but it's definitely high and it's competing with childhood memories.
  9. Very good interview. Finally, Ron and Dave get asked different and interesting questions. Well done guys!
  10. Hard to predict the time when the trailer airs as the Opening Night Live is a 2 hours showcase and starts at 7pm here in the UK.
  11. Not really an island, but I tried to convert one of the pirate ship scenes from The Curse of Monkey Island from day to night so I could use it as the dark mode header/cover on my website. (The original is an upscale by Laserschwert)
  12. Yeah, I checked that as well. Same for the DE store, but should translate to £22.49 or 24.99 € based on the Cult of the Lamb price.
  13. It seems to be confirmed as I am already getting the price when searching for the game. Although the price is not yet shown on the game page.
  14. He does provide an example. In the case of Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope the API warned them at 6am of a Saturday and the media only reported it several hours after. Again, all speculation as we don’t have any real proof.
  15. I haven’t posted this on Twitter (or my website) as I couldn’t validate this information, but a Brazilian guy on Twitter is claiming that RtMI will be priced R$ 64.95 in Brazil. This is the same price as Cult of the Lamb which would put the game at $24.99 (USD) assuming DD prices follows the same conversion to other markets. He is claiming he got the price from the Nintendo API (on the website there is no price). He also mentions that they have managed to get the price ahead of time in the past for other games as well. Again, this is just speculation as I could not be bothered to check the Nintendo APIs available myself (eg. https://github.com/favna/nintendo-switch-eshop). If anyone gives it a go, let us know. You can check his reply when I enquired about the price below (you can use the Twitter translate if you don’t understand Portuguese):
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