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    I hope sometimes that I'm so boring that I end up being interesting...
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    The real world/ivory towers
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    Miching malicho
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    Viking Warrior Poets
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  1. You have a private message awaiting you.

  2. We're closing in on release of the M4-78 Enhancement Project. . .


    Vote for your favorite voice over style for M4-78 at the M4-78 Social Group.




    Knowing your opinion of your choice - as you are one of the pioneers in M4-78 modding - means a great deal to me. I hope you'll stop on by to comment.

  3. Hallo, Quanon. Hope you're feeling better! Best wishes.

  4. Vanitas vanitatum, dixit Ecclesiastes;

    vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas.

    Quid habet amplius homo

    de universo labore suo quo laborat sub sole?

    Generatio præterit, et generatio advenit;

    terra autem in æternum stat.

  5. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, Pavlos, I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I eventually get around to listening to it. :)

  6. I thought you might like this. It's more from Purcell's King Arthur, to be more specific a rather peculiar production of it by a French company. The singing's good, though.

  7. I shall put some red ruge on my face said Ethel because I am very pale owing to the drains in this house.

  8. That's just not nice...

  9. Ha! Ha! Ireland beat England!

  10. Sir Pavlos de Tracy!

  11. Do you remember what lightsaber colors had Team Bantha have for Vash and Kaah? If so, what were they?

  12. O Pavle, non dabaris nuntios ullum nuper, et ego, perturbatus hoc, constitui ut solvam exitum hunc, itaque tibi mitto nuntium hunc.

  13. It occurs to me that


    ipsae lacte domum referent distenta capellae

    ubera [...]


    is begging to be misread as 'the breasts shall return home, their goats swollen with milk'; just sayin'.

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