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  1. Would this count as spam? The guy keeps posting these "Sign petitions for KOTOR 3" threads.



  2. But I don't stop at that. I go and dine with middle-class people on reasonable terms. I dance at cheap suburban parties for a moderate fee...

  3. Grossly insulted as usual, eh? :)

  4. Thanks! It just took the usual "donations"... :p

  5. Hey, would you take a look at these? I think they're spam but they're a little deceptive.


  6. Thanks! Glad I finally get to help!

  7. Whose palm did you have to grease to get the promotion? Congratulations! :p

  8. Hey! Congratulations on joining the staff!

  9. No. That's not how it works, guys, and you know it. I'll admit to an oversight regarding the number of threads about this topic, but we don't just ban people like that. I've merged the existing threads, so they're all in the same place. Thread closed.
  10. Bravo! I wish I had the time to help out, in whatever small way I could, but I wish you guys all the best - I can't wait to see what you've all been beavering away at.
  11. Sad to hear that! Like many I used to love browsing the mods there. I only flirted with modding for a brief period, but if my 'Jedi General robes' ever resurface, please let them know they have my permission to upload them.
  12. 'For generations the LFN network has been the guardian of Star Wars games, before the dark times... Before Disney'
  13. Hello Gentlebeings. Glad to see there's still a few of the old ne'er do wells still hanging around. It's been too long. I don't pop in as often as I should, or even post very much anymore (hell, my last post was over a year ago!). I guess it's the nature of life - we stay involved, but inevitably we have to prioritise - and sadly, for too many of us LF has fallen by the wayside. For over a thousand generations, we've been the guardians of Star Wars games, before the Dark Times, before Disney... It's quiet, yes, and as Lynk says, in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. This community has given me many fond memories, great laughs, and good friends over the years - I regret that we've grown apart slightly, but I don't think it's dead. With the new Trilogy, and the new games on their way, I see some hope.
  14. We don't anything about this new X-Wing beyond what it looks like. It might be an older design, or it might be top of the line. In the (I guess now non-canon) background of the original X-Wing was top of the range when the designers defected to the Alliance, and that was just a few years before Yavin. Lynk's example of the F-18/Super Hornet is a good one - modern Jet fighter design has changed very little since the late 70s and early 80s, both the original F-18, and the even older F-15 are still in use by the US Air Force.
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