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  1. That’s awesome- I wonder if people will start playing them again during quarantine nothing like a little insult sword fighting to beat a pandemic.
  2. yeah actually exactly the same. But- getting better. lol P.S. Never marry anyone who "doesn't like point & click adventure games." RED FLAG. lol
  3. Oh hey! That's amazing. Back when we were young and innocent. *sniff*
  4. This is what I've got- we all wanted to be you guys so badly! lol
  5. Ok finished falling off my chair - will reach out to Haggis and mercatfat and let them know the forums are back. so- how’s everyone’s last 20 years been?
  6. I can’t believe the old login worked.
  7. Just a little trip down memory lane...old buttons!
  8. Oooh, true!! A good Murray appearance would be worth it.
  9. How appropriate. You fight like a cow. OH- em... sorry... I mean... you are entitled to your opinion. Yarr. I actually agree with you about the TMI graphics not looking like Guybrush...although CMI is still my favorite...HOWEVER, the glee at all of the MI stuff coming out is overwhelming that... and agree on the voices for SMI redone being awesome. So which one are you guys most anxious to see?
  10. I just have to point out how awesome it is that one of the tags for this thread is "orgasm."
  11. P.S. I don't care how pure the motives are, just happy that they are suddenly bombarding us with new. If TellTale and LucasArts make lots of money off of MI and it works out, then good for them for choosing such pinnacles of awesomeness to take a chance on. :-) MI hasn't exactly been all over the place in the last few years, so the fact that they chose it to resurrect says that they ARE listening to us, at least a little bit. Or they just have the same soft spots.
  12. *runs to lucasforums* HEY GUYS, IT'S BA--- oh, you already know. Yay. :-)
  13. So if they ever made Monkey Island 5 and decided to put it on the Wii, what kind of things could you see them doing with it, allowing for the motion controller thing? climbing trees? throwing things? swordfighting?
  14. *cough* what you miss in a week...
  15. Coin. But only cuz I would have screwed up the keyboard thing.
  16. Close... 27! Certainly not THAT old. Geesh. Haha...
  17. ALSO, hey, nix the OLD thing! I'm not THAT old.
  18. Haha, hi guys! I hate to disappoint anyone in their birthday month, but as far as I know, MIFF has disappeared. :-( Not even Google cache can bring it back. *sigh* I even checked out mimayhem.com but apparently now it's a japanese site. It's all my fault for neglecting MI for so long!!
  19. Haha, I hear you- I guess those 4 years were good for something though, right? I'm in the same boat- not using that college education. Ah well. Glad things are going well though! I thought I'd check out and see if any of the old crew were still on here though, and I saw Kjølen's post and had to say hello.
  20. Haha, hi there! I know, fell off the face of the planet, moved from NY to Seattle, lots of fun stuff. How are you doing?
  21. Just wanted to let y'all know that mimayhem.com is back up again. Sheild your eyes from the bad flash animation. Not even CLOSE to as cool as you milegend guys, but i'll keep trying to add stuff. :-) cya later!
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