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  1. And while we're at it, here's probably my all time favourite LucasArts track (outside of the Monkey Island theme itself I guess). It's actually rare because it's the Amiga version... and it's programmed to change every time LeChuck catches you. But the first section, before the instruments start to warp (ie. before LeChuck comes in), is the bit I love. I wish it went on for longer. It's so weird and haunting, and perfect for what's going on in the game... (HOPEFULLY THE VIDEO WILL JUMP TO THE RIGHT SECTION -- Should be Under Dinky Island in the tunnels.)
  2. A new Apple II proof-of-concept adaptation of SOMI has a kicking chiptune version of the opening..
  3. Yep, that fixed it for me! I guess the system wasn't prepared for people to have 100s over the limit or something? (Odd that it gave a 403 error though, rather than a "mailbox full" message.) Good job, BB.
  4. Confirming I get the same error: https://forums.mixnmojo.com/messenger/compose/?to=12954
  5. Just wondering if you've had any time? Thanks!
  6. This probably isn't worth a whole new thread, or a news story, so I'll put it here: GOG is offering CMI for 50% off at the moment. £3 in UK money. Pretty sure everyone here owns it many times over, though. https://www.gog.com/game/the_curse_of_monkey_island
  7. You know, a list of "Make sure you... X" for adventure games is probably not a bad idea. I'd rather not use a guide, but there are times when old adventure games are just too unforgiving, so a list of the real "gotchas" would be good. ScummVM at least makes it easier to save. That said, whatever flaws Zak has, my memories of it are very fond. It's a really charming and fun game. And very much of its time in terms of cultural references and outlook. I'm sure you'll have fun!
  8. I seem to remember reading that MI2 sold more copies in its first month than MI1 sold altogether, so I don't think management there was disappointed with the sales. I also don't think anyone was "stopping" anyone from making MI3, either, I just don't think anyone had a strong idea for what they wanted to pitch. Plus I don't think Ron would have considered staying at LEC just to work on MI3 when he obviously was yearning to have more control with his own company. Setting up his own company with Shelley Day was likely far more important to him than coming up with a fully fleshed out idea for MI3. When I got to meet Ron in London a few years ago, he told me that he started work on MI2 before it had even been greenlit by management. ("It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" is how he put it.) So going straight onto a THIRD Monkey Island game after that was probably the last thing he felt like doing, too. Finally, I think people make too much of MI2's ending. Bill Tiller (who admittedly isn't always the most reliable) says that it was always Ron's idea to end MI1 with his "child's dream" thing, but Tim and Dave managed to talk him out of it. When they got to MI2's ending they didn't know what to do, so they relented and let Ron have his mischievous ending... but then tacked on a few things so that someone could make a sequel. I really doubt that Ron had anything deeply or seriously planned for MI3. Maybe a couple of notions, but I think it's mostly a bit of mischievous myth-making, which is why he's never revealed it.
  9. Interesting! I wonder how you write for something like this.
  10. I don't have access to VR at the moment, but I suppose it'll only be a matter of time (years), before it really becomes a must-have and very affordable thing. Considering this is a forum for games largely made in the 1990s, I'm sure that time will come around before we know it And maybe they'll find a way to make these games playable for those with conditions that prevent them from playing VR, too.
  11. Board game? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1666522852/the-shivers
  12. I'd like to remind the jury of the defendant's previous words: (*This quote may have been made up by me.) **everyone in the courtroom faints**
  13. I love The Cave. Very under appreciated if you ask me. You're still a monster, though
  14. Looks like that's the contents page. I guess the staples came out.
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