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  1. I didn't know this game was popular enough to warrant such attention?
  2. I think there's still time to become and investor, if that floats your boat, too.
  3. With no deadline on when to deliver them. Ha. I can just imagine Ron limiting it to one a day.
  4. Ha. A decent interface for emulators was going to be my second project. Crazy. I can't believe you're making a 2D game engine just to use as an interface Realistically I don't know how much time (or talent for that matter) I could contribute. I am but a lowly PHP web developer with an incredibly intense job and vague aspirations.
  5. Agreed. That's insane. Still by my rough calculations you could do it in five, extremely boring and carpel tunnel syndrome inducing, hours. (I timed myself writing 40 signatures in one minute.) Ron's too smart to agree to something like that, though? Is he going to stamp them or something instead?
  6. Nice! Thanks for the quick history lesson. I didn't realise Disney had cut a deal. They bought spent $4billion and then had to pay extra for the upgrades. Crushing.
  7. Paramount always owned the distribution rights to Indy... did Disney definitely buy them, too? Or just the character and likeness that Lucas owned?
  8. This was going to be my project during Lockdown if I got furloughed... it never happened.
  9. How does anyone seize power in a democracy? By being a populist demagog of course!
  10. I seem to remember that Wolpaw was an employee at Double Fine? One of the first? I'm sure there's account by him talking about the sewage overflowing and how it was too much for him. But I may be misremembering. Either way, he's back at Valve as of Jan 2019. https://www.denofgeek.com/games/half-life-portal-writer-erik-wolpaw-returns-valve/
  11. Ah, so it was only a short-term thing? Interesting.
  12. Does anyone know if Erik Wolpow is still a co-writer? Haven't seen his name in a long time.
  13. Crystal Skull has a totally weird unreality to it. It's not quite fake and not quite real. I couldn't put my finger on what I was seeing... turns out it wasn't (all) a soundstage. They shot on location but augmented it with CGI jungle. Taking real footage and making it look fake. (Lucas's attempt at pushing the technology.) Also, talking about things that didn't work: Cate Blanchett's character. I don't understand how she was so dull and forgettable. I couldn't tell you a single thing about her (it's been a long while since I watched it). There were so many secondary characters and
  14. Lucas gave up his rights to work on the fifth movie when he sold Indy to Disney. He didn't have to do that. He could have kept LucasFilm and just shut it down. Of course I don't blame him for not doing that. $1 billion is a lot of money! And he earned it by creating two of the most popular movie franchises in history. As a result we get the modern sequels... but to be honest, they've largely been great. At least in my eyes. Certainly no worse than the video games we've enjoyed over the years, and often better. Personally I'm glad we have them (well, except the last one). Lucas was
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