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  1. Sorry, yes that wasn't directed at you. I had in mind comments I've seen on Facebook more than anything.
  2. I would like a box, for sure, but I've purchased overpriced physical special editions and felt horribly ripped off (Grim Fandando, I'm looking at you.). I guess it goes without saying that I want GOOD boxed version
  3. Exactly. The idea that the game isn't going to be released because of a negative vocal minority, when it's months away from completion, makes no sense at all. You may as well be concerned that Ron is going change the protagonist into Leisure Suit Larry, then quit the game industry by sprouting a pair of wings and flying to Mars, never to be seen again. Worse than that though, I find that kind of speculation quite belittling and insulting towards him.
  4. The same fellow who made that scrapbook also made this:
  5. Ooh, this could be good. I own the damn thing, but I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. (I realise this might not make me the best person to play with... Or does it? Hmm. I actually have no idea.)
  6. I think you might be surprised how many of us run MacOS these days -- I'm biased, but I think there's interest!
  7. I think if we're going to compare artwork then you have do it using the ORIGINAL versions of the games... namely the EGA version of SOMI. The VGA version already started to make moves away from the EGA artwork, which the original team were intimately involved with. Ron famously doesn't like the VGA portraits, for example. So you can't hold those up and say THIS is Monkey Island! It's actually the subsequent team's interpretation. So, if you ask me, anyone who wants to complain about the art style through out the series has to start here. Monkey 1 (1990) Monkey 2 (1991) Curse (1996) Escape (2001) Tales (2009) Return (2022)
  8. Hmm. I don't see how you can put Curse, Escape and Tales in the same "era". They look drastically different.
  9. Even Psychonauts 2 didn't get a box release, but maybe LimitedRun might do one eventually...
  10. I beat #Mojole #100 and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. 4/6 https://funzone.mixnmojo.com/Mojole/
  11. Hmm, I think calling us an "echo chamber" is overstating it a bit. This isn't a political forum. We're not all incels. We're not planning the revolution or encouraging each other to commit terrible acts in the real world. We're a community that's come together about a video game series. Every community is made up of people with shared interests. And every community has a personality. And that's normal. The fact that this one is generally light on hostility is a good thing. And, to explore this a little further: Just because the collective personality here is generally good natured doesn't mean there's not differences of opinion, it just means we generally can't be bothered to get too bent out of shape about them. Plus when people do express contrasting opinions they're generally done with maturity and consideration, and the responses generally follow with logic and reason, and rarely personal insults. It seems strange that outsiders look into here, see there's not a lot of hostility or conflict, and deem it a negative thing. Personally I'm glad to have found a community of like minded people. Again, I see it as a good thing.
  12. I'm so pleased than every reservation I've had about Return to Monkey Island has completely evaporated since I completed my Thimbleweed Park playthrough (and realised it's actually a brilliant structured game with a satisfying and clever ending) and the trailer dropped (and showed me how great the game is going to look).
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