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  1. In stock! https://www.uncute.com/products/sam-and-max-stuffed-toy?_pos=1&_sid=9ad32a5e4&_ss=r
  2. I don't want to sound like a cold-hearted jerk, or just a blind fan boy who thinks Tim can do no wrong, but his words weren't personal (not even the "jerk" one -- although I can appreciate that must have stung for you) because simply: He doesn't know you. He was just upset by something that was triggering for him. It seems he felt like you were saying he didn't deserve to have his name with the title... Which undoubtedly reminded him of the executives he fought back in the day -- ones who probably literally told him he didn't deserve it. And being able to take creative ownership of his work obviously means a huge deal to him as he risked everything he had to set up his own company to do just that. Plus it's easy to think of people like Tim having thicker skin than the rest of us. He's got all the power, right? Hundreds of thousands of fans, etc. Famous. Successful. Celebrity friends. Interviewed all the time. But you tend to find that these people are just as insecure and touchy as the rest of us -- if not more so. For example, you often hear comedians, even from the hugely successful ones, talk about how one audience member can upset them. They'll have thousands of people laughing... and they will laser in on the one person who isn't. In their heads they'll be wondering, "What's wrong with that guy??" It seems it's human nature to let that one voice upset us, even when everyone else is saying we're great. So yes, technically, he called you a jerk. However: 1. You're not a jerk. And 2. Tim was just being insecure and touchy... like all humans can be. I'd try not to take his reaction personally and try to cut him a little slack: From his point of view, you were a person trying to take his achievements away from him.
  3. I guess I was bit a slow. Literally every single thing is sold out.
  4. Nice! Congrats! And a great game it is, too. (That I really should get my PC up and running and complete.)
  5. I think that chap just happened to get a poorly cut Dial-A-Pirate. I've never seen one cut like that before. Another typo spotted:
  6. Agreed Boen was consistently brilliant. Even in the dire MI1SE (where even the otherwise perfect Dominic Armato seemed to struggle).
  7. No, I seem to remember having nice, heavy duty two part boxes at least up until CMI. I wonder if I still have my GF somewhere. Edit: Yep, UK box seen here:
  8. Interesting, I've never seen those folded boxes in the UK. Even with later games like CMI and GF. The BA box felt like a compromise because it's probably not possible to make them exactly the way they used to.
  9. For anyone who wants to see the contents of the book (240 pages, officially known as Monkey Island Chronicles), see here: https://www.facebook.com/1436618846/videos/pcb.4398616666933596/437137791466024 (Link may not work? Not sure.)
  10. I was disappointed with the Broken Age box, sad to say. Not only was it clearly designed by someone who had never designed retail before, but the manufacturing wasn't the same quality of the old skool boxes we all know and love.
  11. A blank disc. That is a bit disappointing, but I suppose it makes sense. I guess it was just designed to be a prop, which is fine. The book sounds incredible... I want it so badly. Thanks for sharing those insights from it. How many pages is it? How is it divided?
  12. If you're prepared to take out a second mortgage, you could buy a pristine edition from the 90s on eBay! But yes, why isn't this a thing? It would (mostly) kill the inflated collector market. I'd also love exact pristine boxed copies of LucasArts classics... I wonder why nobody has done that before? (Ie. Not create limited special editions, but just plain replicas.)
  13. Ah, thank you! I don't know what I was doing in 2004 or 2016, to miss this.
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