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  1. That is odd. Is it definitely not listed in the controls anywhere? I found the skip cutscenes button to be very temperamental on PC. Not sure if it was because I was spamming "." all the time, too, or if it's a bug that's since been fixed.
  2. I started playing on Casual, but then regretted it after a few puzzles. But before I did, I looked up a hint to make the mop head. (Not sure what I was expecting to be honest.) Then I switched to hard and never used the Hint Book... although I came close once or twice.
  3. I agree. The Dark Magic plotline felt largely unexplored. (eg. Why is it different to Voodoo? What would happen if Guybrush starting it? Or LeChuck?, etc.)
  4. Hmm. You make a good argument. You nearly persuaded me view it differently... but then I remembered it's $85. Not for me, but enjoy your purchase!
  5. Yep, I get what you're saying. It was the key art for the remaster in most places, so they're going to use what they have (and it's what people will recognise, too). I guess I never noticed how bland it looked compared to the explosion version before.
  6. Hmm. Not sure you can compare a small icon on a console with actual box art: https://www.mobygames.com/game/full-throttle/cover-art but even so, making than icon bigger looks odd to me. Ben just looks far too calm. They might change it for the final release, though.
  7. Hmm. I guess this is an early mockup, but why not use the explosion on the disc box case? It looks like Ben is just going for a leisurely ride! Either way, this one isn't for me.
  8. I'm partial to the new Melee Forest revamp... but also the very different music that plays when you climb up to the ice castle. It's not something I'd listen to, but it sounds so 1960s, and is so different, that I always enjoy it.
  9. I really enjoy Judge Planke... although I don't know why. His constant frustration amuses me, I think. The great animation on him helps, too.
  10. Yeah, exactly: Fink: "He must have finally got that nasty letter I wrote." Bart: "You sure can write a mean letter, Fink." It's a one way ticket... but the autosave will take you back to where you were before.
  11. I actually turned down the music during one playthrough, too. I don't know, the music is great, but it... never lets up (or it rarely does). A bit of ambiance is nice at times. Also noticed... Anyone know what you can do with the image of the chef?? And an interesting bit of foreshadowing.. And I'm sure this must have already been explained in this thread? The history of XYZZY.
  12. Nah, I don't think so. I read it as just a continuation of Guybrush not getting any recognition for his dubious exploits. (eg. "I heard LeChuck drank so much root beer he exploded.")
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