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  1. I'm hardly one of the "oldies" either, but I have several fond memories of this community. Forums and message boards like LF are a really great thing--it's a shame that they have fallen to the wayside for sites like Reddit to take their place. EDIT: Oh my goodness, I just saw my Avatar for the first time in....5 years? It scared me.
  2. MrWally


    Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in forever! That said: L4D2 is $5 today! I'm thinking about getting it, but I have no friends to play it with Would people get in on this?
  3. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) God I love Asians.
  4. Seconding this. Just bought it two days ago, started playing it yesterday. Great game. I wish I wasn't so busy.
  5. I was done there, actually. I just got back on Sunday! :)

  6. Are you currently down there? Or was there some other thing you were referencing?

  7. Nicaraguan Cowboy?

  8. Now I find myself interested in what that MW2 experience was like O.o
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Or rather, happy annual observance of your escape from the womb, journey around the center of our solar system, etc, etc.
  10. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Alien Swarm! What was once an extremely popular UT2k4 mod has not been revamped with the Source engine and is not being released today, July 19th, for FREE on Steam! I'm downloading it right now. I see a bunch of you already have, but I thought I'd still spread the word. Feel free to post your impressions! I'll be coming back here in an hour or two saying what I think of it EDIT: Played with some friends for a few hours. Feels very much like a top-down L4D, which is a good thing. There are loads of weapon and load out, options. You choose from one of four classes, essentially Tank, DPS, Tech, and Healer. You then choose your main weapon and your secondary weapon, along with some sort of utility (damage amp, armor, freeze grenades, etc). The game is also quite pretty. The lighting is very atmospheric and the monsters are all detailed (to the point where you can easily tell which type you're fighting). I'm headed to the gym so I'll give a more detailed review later, but my only main criticism right now is that the servers are being absolutely assaulted. The lag is pretty bad.
  11. I've never seen an episode of that show, I have no desire too, but seriously, how can it be so popular? Even if the "Average Person" doesn't understand all the technical terms, its still blatantly evident that the show has lazy writers. How can the rest of it be any good?
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