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  1. Dice does solid work with multiplayer vehicular combat. I have a good feeling about Battlefront 2015.
  2. Kurgan do you plan to play Star Wars battlefield (Dice)? It looks promising.

  3. Stormie where are you, I'm looking for a pic of the galactic plumberman guy? Do you have one?
  4. bumpity. Any chance you have the plumberman picture?

  5. Hey Stormie. Do you happen to have a picture of that galactic plumberman alliance guy that Vagabond and I used to chat about like 10 years ago? It was this odd creature with goggles. I think he had something to do with the Episode 1 game. I can't find him anywhere. Let me know.


    Hope all's well.



  6. MotS looks surprisingly good at 1080 x 1920 on a 32" HDTV on a desk. A pity the legacy sound is only 16-bit. Still plays great. Nothing with MotS tempo and depth has come along in the last twelve years.
  7. The world will condemn the US whether it intervenes in Libya or not. So the US may as well intervene, do some good, help some people, and end up with a favorable situation in the end.
  8. My answer is: MOTS is $2.99 on Steam, and it runs flawlessly on Win7.
  9. Kurgie! Do you play Battlefront 2? Let me know.

  10. any word on whether MOTS runs on Windows 7 ? Thinking about a Force run down memory lane. May the Force Be With You.
  11. Wilhuf, I haven't heard that name in a long time ... ... a long time. Oh, good question about vent, I'll check.
  12. Fabulous to see you are still playing uncle Jed's Academy. May the Force Be With You, Kurgan.
  13. BTW, same experience in Jedi Outcast multiplayer at 1360 x 768. Crash to desktop immediately after completion of level load, if starting in 1360 x 768. But if I load the level at 1024x768 and then run the sequence of r_mode, r_customheight 768, r_customwidth 1360, and vid_restart, it loads fine, and then crashes when a new level loads.
  14. dumbledore, the entire map load progress is completed and then JKA crashes to desktop. The error appears to be associated with this error, although my driver and display do support the widescreen resolution I am playing in. rozo100, I also noticed the apparent misalignment of the chiss saber hilt and the saber blur in the screenshot only. I suspect its an artifact of the screenshot. I never noticed any misalignment during actual gameplay in widescreen. I've only made a few additional widescreen screenshots, and in those, the sabers are aligned properly with the hilts.
  15. Yes, scripting the resolution and fov change and video restart to a keybind was the first thing I did. Even so, the game crashes after every map change, and I have to restart the game in 1024x768, 800x600 or some other 'standard' resolution, and then re-execute the script. The inconvenience of it all! It really looks great with full screen antialiasing in a widescreen format : I suppose I should be grateful it even runs at widescreen resolutions at all. Although I've seen posters at widescreengamingforums.com have Jedi Academy working in widescreen without crashes. By the way, Mysteries of the Sith, published nine years ago in 1998, natively supports the widescreen resolution of 1360 x 768 with no crashes.
  16. So here we are in 2007 and I am trying to play Jedi Academy in widescreen on my new 32" LCD TV. I get the same crash to desktop error when trying to run at 1360 x 768. And the odd thing is, if I load a level at, say 1024x768, and then switch the resolution to 1360 x 768, it runs fine. But if I try to load it from the desktop at 1360 x 768, it crashes. HOW ODD. If any of you has figured out how to run in widescreen without the need to first run at 1024x768 please let me know! Thanks much and Happy New Year!
  17. Anyone interested in a mini mots tournament? Maybe a simple 1 v 1 single elimination battle? Cargo ship? Spaceport? anyone? Or maybe some 2 v 2 or 4 v 4 teamplay? Please let me know if you are interested in participating in a tournament this weekend (September 9th or 10th) so I can gage interest and decide wether or not to host one.
  18. Kurgan gets it on with a lightsaber. MasterRoss08, put items.dat under MotS\Resource\misc
  19. Kurg, turn the MotS back on! I want to play soldiers in the Cargo Ship!
  20. I will play some more! Ja I was using all the cheap tricks (except supergrip and superlightning, which I view as an unfair exploit). Four-star protection, some grip, high lightning, four-star speed, a little jump, dominate the surge. Concussion rifle, and occasionally the rail detonator. Kill everyone. LOL just like back in 1999. One thing I learned yesterday is that I really dont need absorb. Protection pretty much covers it for defensive power. That E-11 was annoying! Great to see it is really effective in low-lag high framerate situations. The battles we had in Sith Temple were just plain awesome, especially with the sound effects. I have an Nvidia graphics card, which allows me to set full-screen antialiasing for any application (including those that dont have fullscreen AA) from the drivers options, which I access from the display properties. I imagine ATI has similar options that you can probably get to from the display properties dialog (right click your desktop, pick properties, click settings tab, then click advanced button).
  21. Kurgan coming at me with mines By the way if your hardware is up to it (it most likely is, it is 2006 after all), I suggest running MotS with full screen anti-aliasing. It removes the jagged pixels from edges and makes them look sharp. I am running MotS on a 21" screen at 1280 x 1024 with 8x anti-aliasing at 75 FPS. Also, I am playing MotS through 5.1 Dolby Digital surround. Kurgan informed me that I can play the MotS CD music through Windows Media Player while playing the game. The sound at Sith Temple is flat-out amazing. Exploding concussion rifle reports and the shattering thunderclaps overhead, all stirred up with the impeccable John Williams' score. The experience really reminds me why MotS deserves a permanent place in the Star Wars PC games hall of fame.
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