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    I like Star wars. I like Beer.I like Games. I like Arguments.
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    Lincoln, England, UK
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    Star wars, Video games, inline blades, My motorbikes :D
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  1. Hey, where have you been pal?

  2. can i join your RC regulars?

  3. Hey man can I be added to the rc regulars and battlefront regulars social groups? thanks!

  4. TSR




  5. wut wut. SO who are the alleged who's who of the Timelords?
  6. Eh, lists of "highly respected members" have been done before. And they all failed. They just turn everyone into egotistical cavemen, the ones that were on it gloating and the ones that weren't bitching. Stickied, capitalized, Must-adhere-to rule list yes.
  7. Just saying "message not delivered" when i type to you

  8. Added, now get online, preferably as soon as and for as long as possible.

  9. Alright, alright, I'm doing it now.

  10. When does your great download limit reset, Rodian?

  11. Yweah. When my download limit resets.


    Dl'd Burning crusade today. Yep. I'm back playing WoW.

  12. Yes, that's what most blokes assume anyway.


    So well, shall we start the CULT INITIATION proceedings?

  13. Oh. I thought skype was all talking and all that shizzle

  14. We use only chats 90% of the time, and voice chat rarely ever (that too only with the guys who have microphones). So, no, no mic is not an excuse.

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