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  1. To answer the posted question, I certainly hope not. This place was the online refuge for my teenage angst, and there's still a few familliar faces I see that are around. I can't do anything computer related except lend my presence to posting. Here's hoping to many more active days here.
  2. Hey guys. Long time no see. Thought I'd poke my head back in to say hi, and let you know about a lil project I'm working on. It's called Herf Squad, and here's a trailer for it. I hope everyone has been keeping well and life's adventures have not taken too much of a toll. Might stick around for abit, see how things are. Anyhow, watch and enjoy!
  3. Never figured out why alot of countries like to make the passenger drive. As for nightlife, stay the hell away from Spearmint Rhino. Going in there, even for " a laugh" on a friend's Stag night, will not end well. If you're into actual, genuine clubbing (Not a dark room that plays pop music dancing around mutton dressed as Lamb, which most "clubs" tend to be) i'd sugggest looking up the club FWD>>. New Dubstep, dance and D'n'B, guarantees a night of epic proportions. Atttractions wise, there is the staple Big Ben, London Eye, Madam Tussad's Waxworks etc. Depending on how strong your accent is, you could venture into some of the outlying suburbs of London to see income disparity at its worst. And if that's not enough, there's a new past time of smashing things going around. So join in, shout about how poor you are and tell everyone from your iPhone.
  4. Holding a Captain Morgans & Coke, smoking a Marlborough black and looking through memebase. Quite memorable.
  5. I've never had much interest in the superhero genre, and the only exposure to Green Lanter that i've had before this is from watching the Big Bang Theory. Normally i find this kind of thing to be somewhat tacky, and quite frankly, too American for me. That's not a troll, just a cultural observation. I will say however, that this actually looks pretty damm cool. Even with the heavy CGI, which has pretty much become a staple in most modern day action/sci-fi flicks, i think that i'll be going to see this if and when a UK release comes.
  6. Late to the game, so to speak. Being English i am obliged to suport our own, and tear them to shreds at the earliest oppurtunity. Like Churchill. Dear Mr Capello. There is a reason that Robert Green was the third choice for so long.
  7. Clean the toilet mebe? The Mail is a pretentious rag. I use it to soak up oil spills at the most. It's like California, but in a smaller format.
  8. Talimance is a real thing y'know. Tali does to hips what Miranda/Yvonne Strahovski does for foreheads.
  9. I came onto this thread expecting something much more entertaining and possibly naughty. None of this will matter when the reapers come anyway.
  10. Come on, TSR, say something without dropping yourself in the s**t for once... Here goes. I can see the theory behind the lunacy, barely, and it is even more "facepalm-able" in the way they intend to execute it. This seems to be more of a publicity stunt to attempt to become some sort of Piracy fighting "front", or "celebrity" if you will. And as we should all be aware, so called celebrities often do very little to be heralded, so it seems to fit perfectly. Onto the concept, the idea that you must maintain an internet connection is a double edged sword. While alot of people tend to have such connections nowadays (And i look to all the mmo'ers), there is still a vast amount of people who's only access to the internet and other online related things is probably their local library. There are still many villages/Hamlets in England that are not hooked up yet, and probably even more that are using the same infrastructure as when phone lines were initially installed, so merely getting a reliable connection is a challenge. Reliability in England as far as i know, seems to be concentrated to the major cities, while the rest of the county all contend with eachother every evening waiting for 10 minutes for Facebook to load so they can see what people were doing yesterday. It is places like these that they are going to alienate, and from my limited consumer expertise, i can only assume that it is in said places that a major percentage of "offline" games are sold. In short- A publicity stunt that has had the same thought applied to it as we did when we let you damm Americans take Hugh Laurie.
  11. Here's one for you Astro. I'm running W7 on my computer, returned to me by my brother after months of his usage. After achieving the amazing feat of frying my graphics card, i'm now stuck using the p4vm800 onboard graphics, Unichrome pro. However, no drivers are available for this in W7. Obviously i'll be purchasing another AGP graphics card soon, but i'd like to get back to WoW'ing it up asap. I can solve it by going back to xp, but i'd rather exhaust any alternate method first. Help me, Astrotoy7. You're my only hope.
  12. ...what? the mmo is still wearing diapers, what we have now is nothing compared to the development of the genre we're surely going to see over the next few decades. That is, of course, if Korea or America can manage to leave the big red buttons alone. I swear down, I want my power rangers virtual reality mmo, and i'm not going to let a silly nuclear fallout get in my way. -.-
  13. TSR

    I Quit...

    Oh wow, that was just genius. Glad to see you come back in a fury of cleverly thought out humor and wit.
  14. 1 episode of mock the week could have told you that. Still, it's brilliantly funny and a good way to mask the pain that, England is indeed, slowly destroying itself. And picking up pace. I'd advise against any form of contact with Lincoln University. Nice campus in a nice place, but the general results are abit...lacking.
  15. TSR

    I Quit...

    Troll'd. Did i forget the [/sarcasm]? Of course not. I smoke because I like it. if you don't smoke and aren't willing to try, then you have no idea how it feels. I was quite anti-smoking up until about 16, from growing up with second hand smoke from both parents. Then I became quite passive in my opinion as i developed a sense of tolerance for other peoples choices. And now I smoke, because i accept that yes, it is bad for me, that's not what is up for debate, but I can't compare the great feeling from lighting up, be it with a beer sat in the garden at a pub, or just outside at 2 in the morning having a break from CoD. And about the houses smelling of smoke? I smoke outside, no matter where I am. My flat is rented to me as a smoking allowed, yet I always go outside because the smell of *old* smoke is not nice at all. Even as a smoker, i support the smoking ban in England, because I agree that no-one should be forced to inhale someone else's smoke. And the first cigarette is always awful, as was mine, because you don't know how to smoke it properly.
  16. TSR

    I Quit...

    Also playing with hoops and sticks is fun too yeah? Watch any classic war film and tell me smoking isn't cool.
  17. TSR

    I Quit...

    a) I clean 3 times a day usually, my teeth are whiter than your sex offences list mate. b) Cancer, heart problems etc can also be inherited - the last 4 male generations of my family died no older than 60 from cancer, and out of all of them only my dad smoked. He's coming up 62 and still breathing. c)Smells? try a shower. Yes, you smell of the cigarette afterwards, but never more than about 5 minutes from my experience. And social smoking is great. I challenge anyone else to tell me they've been smoking sat ontop of a surfaced submarine in the middle of the Atlantic. Don't be hating smokers, it's a choice. I don't want to be wrapped in cotton wool because something may be "bad" for you or dangerous. If people want to do it, yay for them, if they did and quit because they don't like it yay for them also. We're all going to die anyway, except maybe Jae.
  18. TSR

    I Quit...

    But smoking is fun.
  19. Still, when everything does go to s**t, can we get Hugh Laurie back?
  20. At least you got to elect who was in power.
  21. Isn't that exactly what western civiliasation is about? this idea is nothing new, anything and everything you buy is in someway duping you, be it from extortionate price markup to a slogan that suggests a certain thing does something, but really, it doesn't. look up Capitalism matey.
  22. TSR


    How about just not getting killed? What would be great if the death scenes were in context to your situation. i.e, if you are in a party, you could have a GoW2 style "crawl to a teammate" vibe. Going solo? maybe you could have an upgradeable ability or item that sends out a becon when you are dead/incapacitated to call a medic crew- sith or republic, depending on alliance ofc. Just some more for the pool.
  23. User cp --> Edit Avatar. I have found alot of people take the guns ho attitude to gaming, rarely ever looking at the situation, and even more rarely using teamwork. The only times i ever see the "team" together as such is when they all leg it to the noobtube at the start of each round.
  24. i thought you were. Don't ruin this for me. No offence, i think there's much better ways of wasting your life than trying to prove ghosts/aliens exist etc.
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