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Found 11 results

  1. So, I've been making music for 10+ years and unsurprisingly, some of my biggest influences are the amazing LucasArts composing trio of the 90s, Michael Land, Peter McConnell, and Clint Bajakian. I've spent a lot of time reading interviews (Thanks MixnMojo!), studying midis (Thanks Highland Productions!), and researching what equipment they used in the day (Thanks Mr. McConnell!) In my spare time, I've remastered a few of my favorite tracks from the old mt-32/sc-55 days using the synths and samples that they used (Proteus modules, K2000, E-MU sample cds, etc.) in the vein of the SoMI CD soundtrack or the remastered tracks on the CD release of Hit The Road! So I figured, maybe I can take this idea to a whole new level. What if I made custom, specially optimized SoundFont banks for each game that use the sounds and samples from the modules they would use for their CD remasters? That way, you can have the quality of those CD soundtracks, without sacrificing the amazing features of the iMuse system! So my question to all of you is, which ones would you wanna see first? Lemme know your thoughts in the comments!
  2. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a plan to resurrect the old websites dedicated to LucasArts games Soundtracks. I accidentally deleted some of the soundtracks I've downloaded in the past and I cannot find them anymore. Particularly, I am missing the FLAC version of the Sam & Max Hit the Road Soundtrack recorded from SC-55 by LogicDeluxe; maybe someone could help me find it/share it with me...
  3. We've come a long way from listening to midi files by Highland Productions. We need a thread for sharing the excellent music covers on Youtube. This guy has done several Monkey Island covers, I particularly like his Barbery Coast and Jojo covers but they are all good.
  4. As we were not able to garner enough interest, this project has been closed on June 15, 2016. Thank you - to all our followers as long as it lasted! -- | Update: It seems we can move forward! Please subscribe to our mailing list if you'd support this project! | I've been listening to Monkey Island game soundtracks recently, CMI actually (well, self-made, unofficial ones..), and regretted that there isn't more music. Then I've investigated a bit what Michael Z. Land (mobygames) is doing and found that his output somewhat slowed down over the last few years. Now, connect that with the fact that famed composer Chris Hülsbeck recently funded a re-recording of his music via kickstarter, one of the more notable game-music related projects on kickstarter, IMHO. Also, let's highlight the Thimbleweed Park kickstarter project - so good to see the old gang churn out new content. So, here's the idea: Let's contract Michael Land directly for composition and recording of more "Michael Land-ish music" As a rough outline, let's ask him to do some tracks "in the vein of" Monkey Island, this laid-back, calypso, steeldrum style (more Danjer Cove, more Brim Stone Beach ambients); and possibly some more symphonic works à la The Dig (I'd like to see a weird "Ghosts", part 2) - maybe compiled on a 12 track album. Recorded to high standards, mixing live instruments with synths, recorded and/or mastered at Lucas Digital/Skywalker Sound - as in the olden days. We could do a poll here, to decide on the musical direction. To fund the project, we'll init a simple yet serious kickstarter project, ~100,000 $US ("simple" as in 'less rewards hassle', but "serious" as in 'properly funded'), for composition, recording, etc. Funders receive the finished product as digital download starting at let's say $10 - $18 or a physical copy for ~$20 - $30. Additional rewards could be signed copies or so. A bit more pricey as the average music album, but hey, it's custom made, more or less. Also, we could structure the kickstarter with stretch-goals (as an example): 70,000 $ - funded (6-track mini album, "more ambient music to plunder to") 100,000 $ - 12 track album (full album, "+6 tracks of Dig-ish sci-fi symphonics") 150,000 $ - 18 track album (full album with extras, "+6 reworked Monkey Island classics") What about that? Let's discuss. Here or on reddit: Let's contract Michael Land for new original compositions (Or at least leave your vote in the poll)
  5. I've been trying to rip the sound effects from Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader on the Gamecube for an extremely long time now, and have had no progress. I was referred to this forum, and I'm here in hopes of solving this once and for all. On the Dolphin emulator forums, I was told that the sound files must be in a format that is handled by Dolphin's DSP, and that almost all GC audio formats are handled by a plugin for Winamp. I've tested this and it seems to ring true except with Rogue Squadron II and III. I believe the sounds are encrypted in some sort of package or container in the ISO. I've found the file with the sound effects in it, but have no idea how to go about unpacking it, as it is simply a .DAT file that doesn't seem to extract with any programs that I've used on it, including QuickBMS. It can be found easily within the filesystem while in Dolphin, just scroll down until you find data.dat. I can verify that the sound effects are inside the file since when I import it as raw data into Audacity, I can faintly hear them against a strong wall of static. I have no clue how to go about figuring out how to unpack the file, so... Help!! Does anyone have any info on it?
  6. So shortly after finishing Tales I was listening to Payphone by Maroon 5 and started thinking "Hmmm... MI2 call box XD" and THIS was the result! My first Monkey Island fan video! And I want to share it with you guys! (It's not NEARLY as epic as Ogat's one, just warning you beforehand ) Aaaand it contains the MOTHER OF ALL SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't finished Tales! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) So what do you think?! (Quick! Before youtube randomly takes it down like they do with some of my other vids! )
  7. Suddenly all the lovely 3D art is gone, has it been relocated? has it been lost? has it been buried for us to find? The missing link http://goblin.scummbar.com/ The last of it from archive.org http://web.archive.org/web/20121018102340/http://goblin.scummbar.com/ Example 3D art from the site: I miss Goblin's art and music already, it was a very nice site for revisiting old beautiful memories interpreted by Goblin
  8. So here I was reading Contemporary Music Review from February of this year. The issue is titled "Generative Music" and deals with algorithmic and otherwise "coded" computer-music. While I understand that computer music research field renders me the laughing stock of these boards and likely to get the rest of you lot to point at me with your index fingers and laugh and laugh, the reason why I'm embarrassing myself with such private information is because LucasArts was mentioned in the article! TWICE! First off, they mention iMUSE: (read only the part in BOLD if you like quotes out of context) I followed up the Bibliography bit of this citation and found a full-text public domain version of the original cited document which is LucasArts patent for the iMuse system - http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5315057/fulltext.html (pretty fancy stuff, if you're into this sort of thing). But the article goes on to mention a game that I've forgotten about for ages until it was mentioned in a recent LucasArts roundtable from 2003 (with Gilbert et al.) or was it in the Tim Schafer's recent post about his LucasArts job? Anyway, here's the juicy quote: (again, the bold emphasis is mine) Again, a quick look at the bibliography points to the source: http://www.langston.com/Papers/2332.pdf (WARNING: this is pretty effin' technical) but you can search the document for LEVINE84 (one string) to find a rather technical (but amusing) mention of LucasArts' forward-thinking musical strategies for Ball Blazer. I'm excited about this find for several reasons. You see, in my professional world, the games I grew up with are hardly ever a topic (although in case of Schafer's latest offering, a few fellow doctorate students have mentioned interest and one even purchased it himself). Not only is this "relevant to my interests," but apparently LucasArts was all kinds of proper hardcore about technological advances necessary to create interesting sound occur without occupying more than a megabyte of disk space. So even if you don't give a rat's ass about all this academic music nonsense (who can blame you apart from ME?) I thought you'd be excited to know this stuff about the allmighty LucasArts of the days past. P.S. I'll gladly post the CMR article as it's a good read even for non-music people, but first I have to remove this annoying title page that states where I go to school. If any of the forum admins think that posting a link to an academic article is a bad idea due to some copyright violation possibility that I'm not aware off, please let me know and the crisis will be averted.
  9. Hello all! I'm new to these forums, but certainly not new to the Scumm Bar or MI. Grew up playing the games, replay all of them just about every year, and I've collected the soundtrack to every game. I've been checking scummbar.com frequently over the last nine years, hoping for some sort of news, haha! Now, I know that this is very early on, considering that SoMI: SE just released this week... but I was hoping that maybe some tech guru (or fellow music afficionado) around here could help me out. In my opinion, the music in SoMI: SE is hands-down fabulous. If (or when) Lucasarts decides to release it through legal distribution methods, I will be one of the first in line, payment in hand. In the interim, however, I was hoping to acquire the soundtrack through other means: namely, by extracting it from the game's files themselves. However, the tracks seem to be securely locked away behind an obscure .xwb file format, located under C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\the secret of monkey island special edition\audio\MusicNew.xwb I've spent the better part of this evening attempting to find a program to decode the files from this format, but nothing seems to work (the only tools I can find are from 2005 or so and were used for Xbox game hacks). Could anyone help me brainstorm for ideas as to how to somehow coax the soundtrack files from their hidey-holes? If we can even get PCM files out of there (which I suspect is the format that they are in), it won't be too hard to convert them to something usable. Thanks so much in advance for the help! And, mods, my apologies if I'm breaking any forum rules with this post. I'd prefer not to be banned, if possible , but feel free to delete this thread if asking for such help is inappropriate.
  10. jrrtoken


    I'm not sure what BioWare is doing working on, but I hope that they're considering the musical direction. Any thoughts on the presumed composer? Hopefully, they will have Mark Griskey do the soundtrack. His work in KotOR II and TFU was amazing.
  11. Have you ever heard music that makes you think of Kotor? A song that you think fits with (an) event(s) in the game. Example: This song made me think of Kotor: If You're Not the One by Daniel Beddingfield. Kotor event: The male Revan and Bastila romance. I'd say it fits around 90% I did a quick search and found this link to listen to it. (Now when i think of it, that song could be a cliche... is it?) When you post, try to include i link to listen to the song. (and remember to stick to the LF rules: like no obscene stuff or anything )
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