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Grand theft auto 4 (ultimate experience?)

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Originally posted by Aranolorion

see transmetropolitan and v for vendetta


I know that this is ridiculously off-topic, but I figured that since this thread has pretty much divulged anyway, I'd mention how awesome both of those are.



EDIT: ARggh, I feel bad about an entirely off-topic post. Fine! Here:

I agree that there should be mandatory enfofce rating systems on games. Of course, in theory, all parents should monitor their kids for what they're watching and playing, but give the kids some credit. My parents certainly didn't know everything I was doing as a kid. There's no way to make sure kids aren't exposed to things that aren't suitable for them (particularly because that judgment is subjective anyway), but I believe that as a society we should still strive for that goal. Call me paranoid, but I'm really worried about a society in which every young kid has killed virtual thousands by the time they're in the third grade. I'm serious, too.

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1)The reason it's not a government thing over here (and probably elsewhere) is that whole free speech thing. That whole subjectivity thing remixor mentioned -- who is the gov't to judge? What if they started keeping all anti-government games/books/movies out of kids by labelling them Mature/.../NC-17? We can't allow them the possibility.


2)remixor! If it's short, post whatever you had. I have no idea what those comics are, and wouldn't mind a brief window into the mind of a madman.. UH, I mean, graphic novel(la) enthusiast.

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