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Read the news and thought of telling you what is happening with this game ;)


It's one of the greek first "good" adventure games.


It has a very good plot ala Tex Murphy. Actually the hero is like a caricatur of Murphy...


The story is placed in the future in Athens and it takes place from the city to a space station.


It is a FMV game with good acting(as they say) but it doesn't have good grafics...


mm....here are some reviews that are really good





now the game is coming into a dvd with both the greek and the english version. The english version is just a remaster of the greek. They remade the voices. Putting diferent people saying the words in English and then placing them back onto the same video people. Don't know how this works good...:rolleyes:


Also the Consiparies 2 is coming. The writer of the first has started messing with the second one for some time. Actually the game meant to have a sequel.

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