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Sam and Max 2 Speculation


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Quote: Well, if everyone in this forum buys 100 copies then thats about...700 copies. It's definately gonna need outside assistence to be a hit.


Uh Skinkie, this may come as a surprise to you, but we're not the only Sam and Max fans in the whole world.


.....Or are we??? :confused:


So, while we're waiting on the keeping-it-under-wraps-very-well Lucasarts to release Sam and Max 2, let's speculate! And I'll help get the speculation started!


My question is: Will it be point-n-click, or will it have that boring engine from EMI and GF?

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Hey ya :)


Myself and my hubby are big Sam and Max fans and have been waiting and waiting for the next one.


I'm sure there are lots more wayward fans out there too who just haven't found this place. :D


I just found it today. Was hoping the game was out already or very soon. Would have made an excellent Christmas present. >.<

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