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New Character Colors

Master William

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Man, look what I found...


Have you sometimes wanted to get a certain color for your character, but you notice it isn't there?


Well now you can get it, with the use of these three commands...






I really don't know exactly how to tell you to use them, but after a minute I managed to get the green color with my usual character... Which normally isn't even a color to pick to begin with.


As I know, you can type in numbers like 300, or 200.

Experiment for yourself and see if you find your favorite color, and then you can perhaps bind it to a key.

Everyone can see your color.

I also managed to color myself into a black Twi'Lek once! :eek:


Here is some pics of me in green, which without these commands wouldn't work... And best of all, everyone else can see you having it, so it's not a 'skin' thing.


Everyone can see it... Same thing goes for this screenshots I took, I guess...





Remember to enlarge them (I forgot how, but they tend to minimize and makes it all look ugly, but click on the screenshot once, and wait for this icon in the down right corner to appear, click it and the image will be resized to its original size)

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Originally posted by t3rr0r

wow, so people are finally figuring this out... i've known this for some time now. i wish they had used the sp "playertint" system, since that one is actually accurate... unlike char_color_*, although it's still decent.



Yeah, I've been using it for a while to... valid numbers for all 3 variables are 0-255... However, I was not able to get black clothing, so I figured it wouldn't work for the Twi'Lek either, but it sounds like I was wrong...

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Originally posted by BS87

Too bad it only seems to work for the Twe'ilk, since almost every model i tried had no noticible effect.


No way. I change the colors for both custom and pre-defined models also. When I get home I'll post exactly how from my .cfg files. Perhaps you're not using the variables correctly? Since it works on my non-Twi'Lek models just fine...

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