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  1. remember this thread?




    Thanks to you and others like you on lucasforums, I have seen the light!


    I was raised by a catholic family that did not know better. now I have seen a different view point. I have since came to read and watch people like Richard Dawkins and I have been enlightened.


    If you ever read this, Thank you for helping me find the way to the world of critical thinking!



  2. i know this sounds n00bish but how do you make a poll?

  3. Good to see you around again, Siffeh. :D

  4. Glad to see you return :D

  5. Go, start a gang-like-clan, and conquer prison.

  6. It's good to see you again. :)



  7. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  8. why dont you got veteran badge like all the other 'cool' people?! :D

  9. They say a pretty boy like me coulda made lots of friends in prison.

  10. state/federal penitentiaries are most unexcellent...





    ...or so the media says

  11. It's good to not be in jail. I was gonna have to pull an A-Team if I did.

  12. Good Sir Sithy! Your return shall be met with glorious trumpet bursts and a grand ensemble! Most excellent to have you back!

  13. A warm-hearted welcome back to you, sir! :)


    I was saddened when you left, and I hope that everything is OK with you now.

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