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Originally posted by Lemon Head

bah, i don't think he does. Being only partially-skeletal seems too sloppy to be real


And yet a walking talking skeleton that wears a robe and weilds a sythe isn't at all too sloppy to be real.


Oh, and in Reaper Man, he doesn't take someones body, he simply shows himself as people perseve him, i.e., when people look at him they don't see a skeleton because of a kind of selective vision, they just see some man who for the life of them, they can't descibe later. Bill Door was sheer genius though. I'm still trying to figure out those shopping trollies though.


The one thing I don't like about the discworld novels where Death plays the main charcter is that they are all pretty much the same. Mort, death hires an apprentice, then runs off, Reaper Man, Death gets fired (replaced), and then runs off, Soul music, Death has to claim his daughter and ex apprentice... can you guess what happens next? That's right, runs off. Of course each has a truly unique story line, it just seems to be that little story twist that always shows up. I do love Hogfather though (that being oine of my favorit discworld books) considering death doesn 't so much run off as become the discworld equivilent of santa clause, which is just funny all the way.


Anyway, back on track, PTDC, where do you think Pterry gopt the idea for his vision of death and how he works, these are all taken from common myth and story in this world (remember, Discworld, a world, and a mirror of worlds). The sythe theory is a very famous and old one which Pterry simply picked up on and added to his death because it was a pretty defining characteristic.

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