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Well - looks like the JKA code is a mixed bag, but maybe not as mixed as first impressions would give.


There is a new project called botlib (which seems to handle the MP ICARUS implimentation), alongside the normal game, cgame and ui projects (which are still in C, just as in JO).

The botlib project has 'technically' been written in C++. The source files have a .cpp extension, and there is at least one class - CInterpereter.


However, these is one small detail - that's the only class!! CInterpereter! That's it!


So really, in balance, the C++ part of the JKA code doesn't really add much OOP to the mix - if any at all. I'd say it's pretty much the same as JO as far as depth of OOP design - at least from what I've seen so far...

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I'm also interested in coding JA. There are two major problems, though.


1. I have no background in coding (just a little HTML here and there).


2. The only modding I have done is a map for Jedi Outcast, a couple of houses in Morrowind, and some beginner skinning for Jedi Academy.


I know it's really sad, and if I should just forget about it feel free to say so, I'm very interested in this though, if that counts for me at all. Anyways, I'd appreciate tips, comments, or flames and the like. Heh.

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