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I'm not able to get back to the Star Forge off of the Unknown Planet

Reborn Outcast

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  • 6 years later...
Ok, you fixed your hyperdrive, but have you gone into the temple and turned off the disruptor field that trapped you on the planet in the first place? You have to get to the computer on the summit of the temple.


I have same problem, but I'm positive I turned off disruptor field as well as temple force field. I even went back in to check the computer, but only thing I get is "LOG OFF"


Fixed the ship, everyone is standing around in the center of ship instead of their usual spots, on galaxy map I can only get "STAR FORGE" to show up as a selecetion, but whn I press Travel - NOTHING HAPPENS!


Only active quests shown are for Basila (.... turned to dark side... on Star Forge), and minor char quests for the other 2 jedis



NEVER MIND : needed to click on STAR FORGE icon in galaxy map - I thought it was already selected by default


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