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Boba Fett's jetpack on another NPC?


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i have a quick question. im adding multiple NPC's to the game using the NPC tool, and i wanted to add jango. problem is, i dunno how to add the flamethrower and jetpack to him. im less worried bout the flamethrower, but the jetpack is a big deal to me. also, can someone point me in the direction of a jango model WITH the jetpack, or if i can just set him to have it, and it automatically appears on his back?


Also, what would i do to give an NPC that AMAZINGLY high Desann/reborn Force jump?


Answers would be very helpful, Thanks. ^_^;



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The jetpack appears when the character has one.


I beleive the items/abilities that a SP NPC has is determined by their NPC class. Beyond that, I don't know. Try the general discussion area. I beleive it has been discussed there before.

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