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The Defenders of Sovereignty want YOU!


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I see the posts here about which clans are better than each other. Allow me to throw my clan's name in the hat, the Defenders of Sovereignty.

The Defenders of Sovereignty were formed back on January 9th, 2001, and we represented a flight sim called "X-Wing Alliance". I am sure many of you have heard of it. At any rate, our clan was successful. Eventually, we expanded into Jedi Knight, Galactic Battlegrounds/Clone Campaigns, and Jedi Academy. In addition, we support a group in Star Wars Galaxies, in which we are a prominent force on the Lowca server. Now, we are planning the expansion into Battlefront, and Republic Commando.

DS is run by a High Command made up of 7 members. Each member of the High Command either leads one of our divisions, or is an administrative officer. We are a well organized team that is hell bent on having fun.


Our setup plans for Battlefront is as follows:


We will organize squads for the 4 factions, Rebel, Republic, Empire, and Separatists. Anyone who joins will be able to choose the faction of their liking. Depending on our following, we will add as many squads as deemed necessary. Either one or possibly two HC members will be assigned to lead our fighting forces.


We already have the clan set-up, and many of our existing members are planning to make the crossover to Battlefront. Join now while our squads are forming to ensure your place in the faction you desire!


Visit our website at: www.defendersofsovereignty.net


Sign up for the forums. As a validating member, you will be able access our Guest Q & A forum and our Battlefront forum that was recently opened. Please post and let us know who you are, and that you are interested in joining our division.

You may email me at ds_freeze@yahoo.com


Hope to see you there!


JAG Freeze

Judge Advocate General

Defenders of Sovereignty

DS member since January 14th, 2001

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If you join DS, you will make the nicest friends, play online in Different Star Wars games, and Have alot of great fun.


We are accepting any members for any games, but we are here asking you to please consider joining The Defenders Of Sovereignty, We are growing, and with you we will be even stronger in strength, so please consider joining for unlimited amount of fun, and Excitement.


DS_AP_MaLaK of the Defenders Of Sovereignty, signing off.

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I would recomend joining DS in SWBF. DS is an awesome Clan with friendly, active members. When I first joined DS for a diffrent clan, I was welcomed by over 10 members in the first day. I would encourage you to join DS, if planing to purchase Battlefront. It will be a decision you will not forget. :)

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Talk about a clan that is fired up for Battlefront! Don't be surprised to see DS members lining up outside their local videogame store to be the firs to get this baby. Join up now and ride this wave from the beginning. Come check us out. Either way, looking forward to gaming with you all soon! :devburn:

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We still have places left for Battlefront guys, we also cater for just about every other Star wars based game you can think of too.

Our members list is huge in DS, doesn't that tell you something..?, ask yourself what your looking for in a clan, if it's to make plenty of friends, play your favourite games till your hearts content, be respected by other members....there really is no other choice.

www.defendersofsovereignty.net :) :)

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If you are woundering? I have only ben in DS for a short time. I have gained freinds through respect and kindness. The people are very friendly and helpfull. When I signed on I was put through a boot camp to recive any trainning help and orentation that i needed. And yes it was very helpfull.


I have ben on alot of calns, I used to play comand @ conquer alotand I am currently playing C@C generals. I floted around in clans with that. "NOT" a very good experince. These people are well formed have a very good comand and are very strong on respect.


So all in all if you are having trouble with your clan need help or som direction with game's and want to join this is a good clan to start in. Besides look at how long they have ben around that speeks for somthing.



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