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Sideshow steps into the spotlight


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We've all seen the Monty Python figures and the James Bond figures they've done and we've then seen all the stuff Hasbro makes.


Well, for those wanting realistic stuff and not the toys Hasbro makes, this is some good news for you.


Sideshow has gotten the license for SW stuff for 3 years. They'll be making 18" action figures and they'll be the most realistic, accurate, damned coolest things ever (well, to date that is).


No pics yet, but the first two figures (Luke and Vader) are being unveiled at Comic Con this year so I'll look foward to that. They'll be for sale in 2005.


A heads up: Sideshow make a 16-18" Connery as Bond and he's nearly $200. I'm expecting that price to carry over for these guys as well. :(


Here's the article if you don't visit Rebelscum: http://www.sideshowtoy.com/cgi-bin/category.cgi?category=pr070904_starwars

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well, there most recent statues (bond) cost 150+..so assuming they are the same size and come on stands.non-posable....they may be that price.ill get one too...i preordered that kotobukiya boba fett (90$)....maybe sideshow will make him eventually...............one can dream.

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Nope, these are action figures and they make a Bond and he goes for 225. They make Kirk and Spock as well and they each go for 200. Their Van Helsing goes for 250. That's where I got the range of pricing from.


The contract if for 3 years. I wouldn't doubt a Boba will come about within that time ;)

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I thought he was talking to you as a joke but the question mark through me off.


I just read the descriptions of other figures and realized they don't have too much articulation. They're also gonna be really limited ('d guess 1000-2000 peices).


And why would they fire bullets? They'd fire laser bolts :rolleyes::p

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First 5 figures:

Luke (seen at SDCC, in prototype form)

Han (seen at SDCC, in prototype form)

ANH Vader (dueling pose w/ saber up)

Obi-Wan (dueling pose probably, which can interact with Vader to a degree, moveable hood)

ANH Leia


There will probably be some exclusives for their website later on, which will offer a slight twist to some of the above figures, such as probably having the same Han, but with a Stormtrooper belt and blaster included. They weren't quite sure what the Luke "variation" would be yet though.


Highly probable figures after that: Boba Fett, Yoda/Dagobah Luke 2-pack, R2-D2/C-3PO 2-pack, Darth Maul, Qui-Gonn Jinn, X-Wing Luke


Other tidbits:


Production runs will likely be approximately 1,500 to 2,500, depending on how "main" the character is. Once the edition size is set, that's it - no more! Sideshow is considering doing some minor characters in the future as well (such as Bib Fortuna), which would likely have a lower production number.


Price Point: $225 and up (higher for the more intricate maquettes, and 2-packs)


They're experimenting with adding electronics right now, like to things such as the lightsabers.


Finally, and this is the best part, these guys have an attention to detail like I've never seen or heard of before. Tom commented to me that they just recently noticed that a portion of Han's "real" belt had 3 notches, as opposed to the 2 notches that they originally thought, so they're fixing that right away. Expect these pieces to be HIGHLY detailed and damned near PERFECTLY accurate in every single way.


I am excited. Sadly, I don't think any of us will be getting anymore than one (if that).

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Hasbro/ Sideshow Press Release


Besides Andrew, not sure if any of you heard about Hasbro passing their license to the 12" figures to Sideshow. I was excited at first, until I learned it seems they're working together. Hasbro is marketing them and they're gonna be a bully, make Sideshow make a million to put out, and drive them outta business after 100,000,000 $40 figures are sitting across America.


More news on this later in the year; they're due out mid 2006. Hopefully, with luck, they'll be limited as Sideshow usually does with their stuff, and by 'on store shelves,' they mean specialty stores opposed to the big retailers we get figures at. Also, there's talk about them getting a license for EU guys. Are 12" Kyle and Mara and others on their way? We certainly hope so.

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Which Sandtrooper? White pauldron or the Venture/ Diamond exclusive orange pauldroned one? Kyle is not only kick ass in any SW game, I'd say video games of all kinds. Cate Archer from No One Lives Forever is close second for me. By the way, my sig hasn't changed yet. You said it was fixed. Is it gonna be uploaded later or did you do it? If you did it, it's not changed. No rush, I can live with the typo for a while ;)


EDIT - It's fine now. God I'm impatient :p

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