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Corellian Smugglers Online



The homebase for the CS CLAN. We are all over the PS2 community and a little on Xbox. We have over 25 active players and over 200 members to our site. Come check us out and you will see why we are a step above the rest.




LEADER: Xanatos



Active Players


Rex Kwon Do

Your Friend


Son of Shogun

Jesus Juice

Don Vito

Animal Mother









Rocky Racoon






Jedi Bill



and of course,


CS Cheerleader

KittyKat (new pics, new cheer please...thanks)



Missing in Action


Chamber (PS2 DIED)






CS Junior Mafia




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Clan Name/Tag: Jedi Warriors [JW]

Leader: Ju Hae (Crazyboy579)

System: PS2

Location: USA ONLY

Official Website: http://www.juhae.com/clans.htm (after clicking this url click on the battlefront2 pic that will redirect u to our site.)


Welcome to clan Jedi Warriors. We are a battlefront2 clan for ps2 in usa only. we are a clan thats just out there to have fun and to beat other clans for bragging rites. Join us now by going in our site

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{HaD} clan is recruiting players for SWBF1 and SWBF2.


To join {HaD} send an email to me, to do so go to the "contact us" page on http://www.hadclan.us.tt and send an email to darthmaul1900@yahoo.com


- our SWBF1 site is;




- our SWBF2 site is;




- our clan forum is;




= Leaders;


- Our SWBF1 leader is {HaD}DARTH MAUL


- Our SWBF2 leader is {HaD}Mr Fast


- Our JK2 leader is {HaD}Tunkson

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The .::GwF::. clan on SWBF2 in now finnally coming to SWBF1.


Leader: .::GwF::.Adml.Vortex (That's me I had 2 change my name)

Platform: Pc

Faction: Who cares

Tag: {GwF}

Website: http://www.thegwfclan.com

Leader email: gamerwithfury@aol.com or chickendance2@yahoo.com


If you want to join either Post here or under the Join the Clan thread an the forum on our website.


oh yea!

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The Republig Special Forces are recruiting, we play both SWBF and SWBFII!


Leader: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{

Recruiter: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{ joint with -RSF- Viper and -RSF-Silent_Sniper

Clan Tag: -RSF-

Clan Site: Our old one (http://www.rsfclan.co.nr) got deleted, so we're making a new one, but visit our forums! http://www.rsfforum.co.nr

Contact info: Send an e-mail to audun_hb@hotmail.com

Other info: We're having some troubles, our former leader quit, a guy started doubleclanning, a former member wants to hack us, and we're wondering what to do, but we might wanna get allied with some other small clans.

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Leader: General Ghost

Platform: PC

Timezone: Various


BattleFront is my Platoon, so if interested please go to our site


here is some info about our clan:



We strive to be an elite and professional group of gamers. We expect our members to act professional, and organize ourselves as such.We are very well trained gamers, and well disciplined people. With this gaming clan we are trying to train the best of the best. We want to be known as the most elite group of gamers on the net. We are trying to get a unit for every multiplayer game that is out there, and create the ultimate gaming clan.We are the most disciplined, and organized clan out there. We do not tolerate any type of disrespect from our members, recruits, or other clans. We recruit anybody that wants to work hard, and is motivated. We are structured in the image of the Marine Corps, and like the Marine Corps we do not take any "crap" from anyone. If you would like to join us please visit our site.

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CLAN: [WA] - Warrior Army

Platform: PC

Faction: All

Web: http://www.warriorarmy.co.nr

Tag: [WA]

Time Zone: England

Language: English (+ French/German)


WA - Warrior Army is a clan that was formed 15th September, & had its first server October 13th (2006). Our aim is to proe we are the ultimate clan by taking on ANYONE, not just people who have to be amazing, and we recruit & IMPROVE their skills to make them as awesome as everyone else.



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Clan: <nGo> new Galactic order <nGo>

Platform: PS2

Faction: All

Web Address: www.forumspring.com/ngo

Tag: <nGo>

Age Limit: 18+


<nGo> new Galactic order <nGo>


The new Galactic order is a Star Wars Battlefront 1 clan. The goal of the <nGo> is to reduce the population of vehicle whores in the battlefront galaxy by 75%. We will not rest until our mission is completed. Including the goal above we also have another mission and it's to wake up all the Sheeple of America to the evil corruption going on in the world.


We are currently in the process of recruiting new members. The <nGo> doesn't have a ranking system for it's clan members because only the galactic elite may join this illustrious organization.




Join the new Galactic order at www.forumspring.com/ngo

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Clan- Federation of Bounty Hunters/FBH


Leader-Fleet Admiral FBH_Zekk

Age Limit 13+

All Factions


FBH is a very honorable clan who takes pride in skill, and attitude. We have an Army for ground maps and a Navy for Space maps. We are undefeted with aproximately one hundred members.


Link to Site: The Federation of Bounty Hunters

(Beware if you come and spam our boards your actions will be delt with harshly)

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HI everybody. Thats cool this page.


My name is Oscar, Bajistaenfadao in the game. I only wanna talk about our ps2 clan.


We are a spanish clan but we have a english section in our page so everybody is wellcome. Feel free to visit us.


And if you wanna join us, you must only can speak spanish hahaha.


Well, our page is http://www.esp-quadron.com


Please visit us


Pos eso que somos un clan español y que nos lo pasamos pipa con este juego. tenemos mu buen rollo. Quieres unirte? visita nuestra pagina. Seras bienvendio





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platform: pc

fraction: all

timezone: mostly east but mixed


hero is a clan that was used in the great galatic war or GGW which was a huge server (lagged) but once one of the strongist clans then. it died. then one day it came back and we hire not just the elite wariors but n00bs that have no expirence in the game

and we have respect to every warrior n00b and someguyinthemiddle.


our website is http://newhero.webs.com/

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name hero

website xfire than real web http://www.xfire.com/communities/newhero/ remember to join the other site 2 http://newhero.webs.com/

fraction matters what events mostly all

platform pc

game swbf 1

contact thru xfire ONLY

description: died once but is coming back fast it used to fight wu and win mpc lost to us atleast 1 time when they where good xP

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