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Post your CLAN details here

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Post your clan here with links to your site and your fraction. Then a list will be made of the the clans avaliable and will be constanly updated.


Moderator Note: Please post only clan details! Any other posting will be deleted. ~ TK-8252

Please mention which consoles and timezones as well ~ Alegis

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Outer Rim Garrison


Leader: Antakah

Platform: PC

Faction: All

Timezone: GTM +2

Clan-tag: ORG]=


Outer Rim Garrison is a clan for Dutch speaking people only. This guarantees easy comunication, low pings and training times that suit everyone.


The ORG has already been around for months, giving us time to get to know eachother, to train and to be able to start whit a nice group of people after the game comes out.


ORG doesn't plan to play with other Dutch clans only. We want to fight all clans here at lucasforums, and participate in any international tournament. This isn't inpossible, as we have already fought a traingmatch against the IEF.


People who want to join the ORG can do so by filling out the form you can find on our site. New members will have to go through a trial stage first, in which they can participate in training sessions and tryouts. After a while we will decide wether or not you fulfill our expectations, at the battlefront and as nice person, and wether or not you will be allowed to definetely join the ORG.


All interested people are welcome on our site(http://www.orgclan.nl.tt) where you can find news, detailed information of all members (including the trial members) and our forums where everybody is welcome to post. We also have a embassy section in our forums where we will talk English.



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The Imperial Expeditionary Force


Leader: Boran Chistanger


Factions: Republic, Imperial


This was the first clan that went public for Star Wars Battlefront. Over 50 applications have been sent in and only 14 members have been accepted. We will be a competative clan, already we practice in Battlefield 1942 and we will be using voice chat. This is also the only clan to have democratically elected members of power.



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194th Royal Guard - [194]


Leader: Schetter


Factions: We will be proficient in ALL factions.


The 194th will be a competetive group, and will take part in online gaming leagues where the best competetion seems to gather. This group will be the second division of the [194] Guild, building on the 194th Gliders, who play BF:1942 in CAL and TWL. This season in CAL 12v12 play, the Gliders have gone 3-2, with three weeks left in the season. The Gliders have been around since February, and we plan to build on the group's growing success with the Guard.


We plan on recruiting the best talent that comes through our server and on other public servers, so if you're interested in joining, stop by our forums, get to know us, and play on our server when it comes up shortly after release in September.


- Our initial thread, for more details -

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The Demonic Monsters


Overlord: Dragnarr


Factions: all, mostly evil though ;)


We are an European clan, so every player with right attitude is welcome to join our ranks. Currently we are engaged in Savage: The Battle for Newerth but plan to expand to Battlefront once and for all, when it's released. We have a solid group of fun ( though slightly evil ;) ) players and are currently one of the top Savage clans. We are competitive, but the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game with your mates. Aren't you tired of good always winning? Well here's your chance to make a difference. Sign up to our forum to guarantee a place in the elite or contact us instantly at our IRC channel #democlan @quakenet.org server :cool:

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Hire on Demand


Leader- VanLingo


Factions- Republic and Rebellion


We are a Battlefront clan for the PS2 and PC. We ant to be a close-knit clan, so we'll have a maximum of 16 members. Those members will be divided into four squads.


Bantha Squad- Footsolider Team

Wampa Squad- Sniper Team

Mynock Squad- Air Cover and Transportation Team

Rancor Squad- Heavy Weapons Team


There is also a fifth squad for extras called Dewback Squad.


We are unique in that we have a detailed squad layout, and we also have a Hire Us function, where other clans can borrow some of our players for clan matches if they are a person or so short.


Contact VanLingo at - txshurricane@yahoo.com

or me at- yaebginn@hotmail.com

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STICKING TO THE TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Clan Name : Zero Gravity

Clan Tag : <Z:G>


Leader : AgentZero~ and Phyr


Roster Size : No limit provided we're active and organized


PlatForm : PS2 only , in the United States .


Faction : All :p


Team Site : Teamzg.net


We're a Clan that formed in Tribes:Aeriel Assault for the PS2 and we're almost 2 years old . T:AA is dead , but <Z:G> was one of the most active teams ever to be organized at Gamerplug.com .

We're TWL vets and we're looking for good people !

We're looking for good teammates , skill is secondary to being a decent person .

Membership granted after a trial period of a week or so .

We're looking to be very active and we will be competitive .

We don't bicker , we don't backstab , we're toobusy getting in games to have time for silly stuff like feuding .

We're in Halo2 , Area51 , and maybe TimeSplitters 3 as well .

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The TREU Clan {The Rebel Enforcer Unit}



Our current leader is Cpt. Crisum, but their will be 4 more co leaders that will all have the same say but just under our leaders


Our Faction is only Rebels but we will paly a different factions from time to time


our website istherebelenforceteam.tripod.com


PLatform is the PC


Our roster size is 16 players


The TREU clan is a democratic clan and all changes and decisions are made by votes from the members. We are looking for cooperative Rebels that will attend clan activities and particapate in forums. :biggs: You will have to earn your rank ny out doing what the average member does. but thats only if a leader decides that you deserve a higher rank.practices wil be held. and we will look foward to fighting other clans . we dont tolerate other members fighting each other and expect our members to have desency when playing a game. and also we dont tolerate cheaters they will be kicked from the clan immdeiatley. but we just want our members to have fun during the game we have no strict rules or regulations . but we hope to kick some Imp butt anyways when the game comes out so talk to you guys later.

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Clan: [FotF] - Fellowship of the Force

Faction: All

Time Zone: CST (primary)

Website: http://www.fotf.net

Contact: gsop@fotf.net



FotF has made a very strong presence in the J0/JKA communities. Formed in 2003, we are a strong honor based clan who respect all. We enjoy all platforms of SW gaming and hope to make as much of an impact in the SWBF venue as we have in JKA (of the top 10 clans). We are looking forward to SWBF and are already formulating our stradegies (buhahahaha

;) )

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|F:K| Fusion Knights


Name: Fusion Knights |F:K|

Leader:Cap^n Ginyu, also a possible co-leader

Faction: all

Systems: PS2 (possibly xbox)

Timezone:All in the US

website:Fusion Knights



We are a multi gaming clan mainly on PS2 and some pc and Xbox.

We are always looking for members for this and others game branches. Check us out. :D

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Leaders: JAG_Freeze, JC_Fett

Faction: All 4

Systems: PC

Squads: 4 (Max of 16 people in each, squad numbers will increases with more recruits)

Timezone:Worldwide, members spread across the world, always someone to play.

How to join: Signup on the website, application will be processed.

Members in BF already: 50+

Games we play: SWBattlefront, Star Wars: Galaxies, Jedi Knight Outcast and Acadamy, Galactic BattleGrounds and Clone Campaigns, X-Wing Alliance.

Open to all skill levels!


DS has been around since Janurary 2001. DS' first primary game was X-Wing Alliance! This section is still going although not in the capacity as it once was. The fact that this game is still played shows the dedication and the love for gaming DS members have.

We don't tolerate abuse and harrasment from other clans and we do have a code of conduct that we ask people to follow to make everyone's gaming life great! You are quite welcome to play in the other sections once a member of Battlefront and if you ever have a problem there is always someone on who can help you out!


Check us out!

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We have been around since may 2003 and have been in 2 different games; tribes aerial assult and socom 2.We as a clan have decided to move to SWB.We are all good friends and recruit in europe and north america.TOL is a well known clan in the games that we play and are very respected.We have a website which is currently http://tol-hq.fragism.com I'm currently updating the site.I hope you all learned a bit about us and decide to join us for our long run in SWB and many more games to come.

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Abbreviation: eW.(Name).k

Staff: Droniac, Sagi & Navix

Faction: All - we're a competitive clan, not a RP-clan

System: PC

Country: The Netherlands (GMT+1)

Current Membercount: 3

Current Recruitcount: around 5

History: We're the remake of the old Jedi Knight 2/Jedi Academy clan "Dutch Jedi Masters". This highly succesful, unbeaten, Siege clan returns for Battlefront with a portion of it's original members & it's complete Staff.

Type of Clan: We're a clan that strifes to seek the perfect balance between fun & competivity.



  • To become a highly competitive force in the Battlefront community - able to compete in the highest regions of all european and/or worldwide competitions.
  • To create a great Dutch clan - with an atmosphere much like that of the old Dutch Jedi Masters clans (very friendly & funny, whilest still being extremely competitive)
  • To help better the Battlefront community, by aiding the various competitions with our extensive in-game knowledge and by promoting the game as a spectator-friendly competitive enviroment, with a definite possibility for a e-Sporting future.
  • To build a new well-run Dutch gaming-community, eventually expanding towards other games.
  • To become a major competitor in various LAN's featuring Battlefront competitions.
  • To attract sponsors and possibly help gaming as a whole become more recognized as a highly-competitive sport of sorts.




Our website is currently under construction - until it's finished you can visit our forum (link on top of this post) for more information.

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XSL - eXtreme Star Legion


Leaders: An@KiN & Fds

Membercount: 8

Recruit count: 4

Nationality: Italians

History: We are the SWB section of StarFleet999 a player association founded in 1998 to play X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter. StarFleet started then to move to other games like JK, JK2 and JA, XWA , SWG and now battlefront.

We accept only italian speaking players at the moment :)



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Imperial Clones


Clan: Imperial Clones (IC_)

Leader: IC_Adamantium

Platform: PC

Factions: Galactic Empire and Republic Clone Army (primary focus)

Language: English speaking (you don't need to speak it perfectly)

Country: Mainly North American, but it is not a restriction

Age: 18+


Imperial Clones will be a PC clan for Star Wars Battlefront. Any type of player is welcome; role players, casual and competitive. We fully intend to join and dominate any ladders/leagues that may arise. Our site has been fully detailed in flash with php forums, as well we have a member page, ranking system and rules listing. Those wishing to join/remain in IC may review the rules posted in the forum at any time.

Although you do not need any previous experience in online first person shooters, past experience in games such as Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Doom 3, Halo, Jedi Knight series, Mechwarrior 3/4, Unreal 2003/2004 will be an asset and determining factor for your starting position/rank/responsibility on the team.

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Clan Name: Jedi Mercenaries


Platform: Xbox


Faction: All




To provide a basis for non-clan type personalities a system in which they can find friends online and have a loose organization. There is a squad system in place as well as leadership.


Forums, a news page, members list, event calendar, application for membership, and guild information can be found here:



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Clan Name: Jedi Mercenaries


Platform: Xbox


Faction: All




To provide a basis for non-clan type personalities a system in which they can find friends online and have a loose organization. There is a squad system in place as well as leadership.


Forums, a news page, members list, event calendar, application for membership, and guild information can be found here:



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