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Few problems with vehicle making


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I've been modeling a bantha vehicle for JKA for a while, and now it's time to import it to the game.


I export it to XSI, compile it with Assimilate and carcass, everything's ok now. Then I open up the glm model in ModView and two of the legs and another horn are messed up! They're in wrong place, upside down etc. Could this be because I didn't model them, I just copied them from the other legs and horn?


And then I pack it up into pk3 just to see does it work ingame. I type /npc spawn vehicle bantha and it complains this:

R_LoadMDXM: animation file for model models/players/bantha/bantha could not be found!

-> the bantha spawns invisible and when I try to mount it the game crashes without any error messages.


I'm desperate, help me. :(

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Did you weigh it to the skeleton?

Do you have a skeleton?

Do You have correct hierarchy?

The legs being upside down, is probably a result of incorrect weighing to the skeleton.

You also need to compile an animation file, with the glm, unless you have the skeleton of the vehicle you are using the gla from.

And the last one, I have that problem to.

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Okay I figured it out. Looks like you got to have all the same animations set up in the animations.cfg file than the tauntaun's cfg has. It worked when I copied the tauntaun's animations.cfg and animevents.cfg and fixed the frames and ta-da, it spawned properly into game.


But I still haven't figured out why the legs and horns get messed up after exporting the xsi or glm. :/

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man i think i already answered this but i think that i answered it in other thread so laught at me please, ok over. You have to do a reset Xform for each part you copied AND mirrored, ok? go to the hammer icon menu at the right of 3dsmax interface and search around there, just press Reset Xform and turn it into a editable mesh again, then just reweight them y vete a probarlo cojones, no seas gilipollas.

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Hehe, okay here:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3


There's still few bugs I need to fix, for example the guy is sitting inside the bantha. And I need to make better animations when I have time. ;P

I'm making a little jawa/tusken pack, with my goal to make a siege map where tusken raiders invade the sancrawler. I've made tusken rifle and the gaffi stick seen in the pictures. :)

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