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Hi there.

I was just wondering if I could ask to have the "If you like sim games..." topic closed at this point.

It has really gotten out of hand, has degenerated beyond the realm of logical discussion into an ugly war-of-words, and I am so sorry that I ever got involved with it. My apologies to the mods for my involvement in encouraging it in any way. I promise to not post there any more, and I will ignore any further provocations towards me by the others involved.

These guys are now just out to push our buttons, not make ANY kind of reasonable point, and I see that now. At least one of them was seeking to start a flame war from the start.

I do not, and have not wished to see anyone leave the forums or be banned because of this, (which is perhaps the most ridiculous argument I have ever seen posted here) but at some point it must end. Hopefully, closing the thread will do that.

Once again, my sincere apologies to the mods and the rest of the online community for letting myself be dragged up into this.



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