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The 7th Fleet needs YOU!


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The 7th Fleet is a newly formed clan for Empire at War, with positions for promising officers in both the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Army. This clan is meant to be for people who love Star Wars and want to have fun, while maintaining a seiouse attitude for online gaming and the integrity of the clan. Unlike most clans, the first several applicants will start at the top and go down. We still need one more Line Captain and Captains for the navy, and a General and Colonels for the army. Any and all skill levels are welcome. I am currently Admiral of the Fleet, but seeing as I am maintaining school, a marraige and a job, this rank does not have to be held by me forever (as long as I remain on Fleet Command, seeing as I created this clan :-)


Our site is http://www.freewebs.com/7th_fleet/ *the site is being constantly updated as it is relatively new.


Forums up, at http://s15.invisionfree.com/7th_Fleet_Home_Base/


If anyone is interested in joinging, visit the recruitment section

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