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Running XWA


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ok i've tried other forums but no such luck...maybe someone can help here.


Haven't played XWA in ages, and since i've been in the SW frenzy with EaW coming out i thought i'd get back into it. Everything installs fine and i can get up to the mission screens but when i try and start any game i just get a black screen and booted back to desktop.


I know it's more then likely a video issue. Running it on a rig:


XP Pro SP2

P4 2.4Mhz


Latest DX

GF FX5500


Tried switching around antialising and such but still no go. Also tried all the compatibilties and no go. I've seen other setups similar to mine so i'm assuming it can run with what i got. Does the video drivers need to be downgraded or what?

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