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Hey all,


I'm trying to run a server ( for my friends and I. For some reason, I can see my server on the local list but my friends can't see mine in the Master Server or even connect using IP. These are my settings:


// Server Settings:

seta sv_master1 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master2 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master3 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master4 "masterjk3.ravensoft.com"

seta sv_master5 "master.qtracker.com"

seta sv_master6 ""

seta sv_master7 ""

seta sv_master8 "clanservers.net"

seta sv_master9 "master0.gamespy.com"



seta sv_maxRate 10000

seta sv_maxclients 10

seta sv_cheats 1

seta sv_pure 1

seta sv_dedicated 2


// Admin Settings:

seta sv_hostname "test"

seta g_motd "test"

//seta rconpassword "xxxxxxxxxx"


// gametypes

// 0 = FFA

// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament



// 7 = SIEGE

// 8 = CTF

set g_gametype 0

set g_inactivity 0


// GamePlay Settings:


seta timelimit 0

seta fraglimit 100

seta capturelimit 10

seta duelfraglimit 20

set g_allowvote 1

set timelimit 20

set capturelimit 20

set g_autoMapCycle 1

set g_weaponDisable 524279

set g_saberDamageScale 3

set g_forcePowerDisable 163837

set g_duelWeaponDisable 65531

set g_forceRegenTime 1

set bot_enable 1

set bot_minplayers 4

set g_privateDuel 1



set g_maxForceRank 7

// Team Settings:

seta g_forcebasedteams 0

seta g_teamForceBalance 0



// Load First Map:

map mp/ffa3




ALSO MY SHORTCUT IS: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jampDed.exe" +set net_port 29070 +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg





- pwnageduck

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You can see your server in the Local list because you are hosting it locally (I assume). If anyone outside your LAN cannot see it on the server list then make sure your Firewall isn't blocking it and if your using a router make sure it is properly configured to host a server.

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